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“X Club Wrestling, Episode 10” from Pro Style Fantasies

"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style FantasiesUpdated with review! [Adult content warning] X Club Wrestling, Episode 10, starring Emily Addison, Kymberly Jane and Paris Kennedy, is now available.  This is another episode with typically high technical quality, but features a surprisingly lengthy segment in which Emily Addison gets to dominate her evil opponents before being taken down.

After a flashback to previous events—presented in the form of scratchy black-and-white film (the guys in charge of film preservation at X Club Wrestling really need some re-training)—the episode begins with Jenny “GI” Jewell pleading to General Manager James Jackson (played by the always awesome Rifferus) for the chance to wrestle Team Evil.  Since no partner seems to be available, Jackson graciously allows Jewell to fight Team Evil in a one-versus-two handicap match, which begins, unbeknownst to Jenny Jewell, immediately.

"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies
The uncouth evildoers beat the crap out of Jenny Jewell for a while, even as Jewell tries valiantly to fight back.  Eventually, Emily Addison comes to the rescue.  Addison is very upset over the events of Episode 8 (and who can blame her?) and takes her revenge on both Roxy Blade (Paris Kennedy) and Annie Gunn (Annie Cruz).

"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies

As I mentioned, this sequence goes on for a surprising amount of time, with Emily Addison getting the better of her opponents and delivering a variety of blows.  Typically, Addison comes across as bubbly and innocent, but here she’s like a female terminator, doling out punishment to her opponents with relish.  (Not the condiment.)

"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies

While Addison is busy beating up Roxy Blade, Annie Gunn takes the opportunity to beat and torture Jenny Jewell some more.  She handcuffs her AOH to a nearby punching bad and then punches and slaps poor Jewell as she’s restrained.  Eventually, Addison interferes and comes to the rescue, but Roxy Blade reawakens and delivers a surprise attack to Addison from behind.

"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies

And from this point on, the video consists of the kind of sexual abuse carnage fans have come to expect from X Club Wrestling as Team Evil gets their revenge on Emily Addison, primarily by sexually abusing her.  The remainder of the video focuses on this sequence and will surely please fans of domination and sexual torment in the wrestling ring.

"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies"X Club Wrestling, Episode 10" from Pro Style Fantasies

Episode 10 is another winner from Pro Style Fantasies, so check it out and feel free to leave your comments below.

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88 Responses

  1. TheLecher says:

    Chalk up another vote in favor of Jenny becoming a slave to Team Evil.

    Whether or not that comes to pass, however, I think it would be cool if, the next time Jenny goes against Team Evil, in the ring or out, she winds up on the receiving end of a strap-on DP.

  2. Patrick68 says:

    Why not to see the losers forced to make love to each other on the ring in front of the winners ?

  3. Matt says:

    I would love to see Goldie lose a spanking match wearing the blue tights, watching an “amazon” receive that type of punishment is always eye catching 🙂

  4. captainCrude says:

    I was thinking about the next XCW, not sure if you have all of the ideas set in stone for the next one Alex but I had an idea today. What if instead of featuring two matches you just feature a 2 out of 3 falls match between the Marquise and GI Jewell? Then have Emily interfere in the end and accidentally strike Jewell down with a foreign object giving Marquise and opportunity to strike Emily down hard and get a quick pin on Jewell for the victory? Then have Paris and Annie come out to celebrate aka humiliate Emily and Jewell? Then next time have Jewell and Emily be forced to work together in a tag title match situation with the Annie and Paris?

  5. Okay, the new Superheroine World video is online! Starring Emily Addison, Paris Kennedy, Rifferus, Tay Puma, Ryan Driller, and Wolf Hudson!

    Check out the free trailer!

  6. steve says:

    I think theres enough boxing gloves going around in the combat fetish scene, superheroineworld should remain superheroine! Paris’ idea sounds good, whats gonna happen with the kung fu site? Do you think theres too many sites? Ive always liked the idea of a sword and sorcery kind of site or perhaps a site that incoporates fantasy and sci fi scenarios together. It could work in a gladiator style pit or something.

  7. swampy170 says:

    @Alex Bettinger – sounds intriging! Would that be a more extreme version of X-club, or perhaps an underground club where captured heroines and other super-people match off against each other?

  8. Alex Bettinger says:

    John: I think Paris is working on a concept for an underground boxing/fight club type of site. Should be awesome!

    Here is another still from the video–I’ll be very surprised if it’s not ready to go by tomorrow morning.


  9. John says:

    Clearly, Paris, Cali, Kymberly and Emily are the hottest things ever to grace the combat fetish scene. I am intrigued by the inclusion of boxing gloves into the superheroinesworld storyline. I think it would be great if the four of them were a part of some sort of nude undeground boxing league where they would face each other and other girls (how about some black females for a change). They have all done stage fighting with boxing gloves for other website and they are the best. Bruising makeup and gore along with oil would be a must.

  10. Jose says:

    I also am not a foot fetishist but do not mind seeing a superheroine’s boots removed every once in awhile. In a way it can be viewed as humiliating for the superheroine because the boots can be viewed as an item of power and strength and being in control. Therefore having the boots removed can greatly symbolize that loss of control and power. Works great with a cape removal too.

  11. Chris says:

    Even though I too do not have a foot fetish, I don’t mind it being in videos. Its something to see the criminals fulfill whatever fetishes they have on the poor beaten heroine after her valiant stand.

  12. Jose says:

    No worries.
    The video will be a day one purchase for me. It gets here when it gets here.

  13. swampy170 says:

    Glad to hear it’s well on the way! Totally understand – editing always takes an unpredictable amount of time. Can’t wait!

  14. SORRY GUYS! I’m still chipping away at it here. The whole weekend ended up being shot work-wise, so I’m trying to make up time. I thought I could get the editing done by Monday, but now it’s actually looking more like Wednesday morning. I won’t make any more predictions though–my predictions are never right anyway, lol.

    Will post the trailer as soon as I finish the movie!

  15. Sym says:

    In fairness to Alex, we don’t know why it didn’t go up last night. It could have been something out of his hands that’s caused the delay, or maybe he just didn’t get around to it for any number of reasons.

    It’s frustrating, o’course, cos we REEEALLY wanna see it, But hey, it’s not like we’ve had to walk all the way to a shop just to find out the video ain’t available yet. 😉

  16. Wondergag says:

    I’m a bit disappointed too, but I don’t mind waiting for this epic release!!

  17. Charles says:

    ^ I also stayed up. Gonna have to crash now though. It would have been nice to let your customers know you weren’t going to meet your intended deadline. Definitely not the first time this happened from you though.

  18. ranger87 says:

    Hey, Alex.

    Just a heads up, I kinda stayed up ’till 3am tonight. Part insomnia, part excitement for your vid. But unfortunately, it didn’t make your Monday night time period.

  19. ME2011 says:

    Looking forward to it Alex.

    Just a question, how does the release-plan for future installments from you look like? A new SHW movie is right around the corner now and then you mentioned a new XCW video coming up. What are your plans after that, if you have made any yet that is?

    And also, when will Nicole’s character’s plotline submerge? I have a feeling that you’re going somewhere with it after episode 9 – Will she join the bad or good side (personally I’m rooting for her joining the good side. Would be good to see her on the losing side in xcw for once) or is she going to create her own group?
    Or maybe you have a completely different vision of what her future involvements in the xcw will be?

    Thanks for any replies.

  20. Steve says:

    well yes the banter is great as it demonstrates the heroines over confidence but also when she surrenders I find some dialogue to be useful there as well instead of constant wailing and screaming which seems to be the case in a majority of superheroine movies.

  21. KKR: No Nicole in this one, sorry! Yeah thursday was looking good but then we got distracted by some immediately pressing issues. Aiming now for tomorrow evening!

    Sugarcoater: Oh yes, the Black Faclon costume will make a reappearance, no doubt about it!

    Josh: You mean in XCW? We’ll have a title match between GI Jewell and the Marquise…not sure what the other match will be…

    Sym: Monday night!

    Ranger87: Actually, the debooting was just a practical necessity; you can’t have boots with pointy heels in the ring. There really isn’t any foot-fetish stuff in this vid, other than that one shot of Emily slumping in the corner. She has boots on most of the time and even when she’s bootless you won’t notice since we don’t focus on the feet.

    Usually, we’ll reserve foot stuff for characters wearing hose.

    Editing now!

  22. ranger87 says:

    As much as I love most of these preview pics, I don’t know if I’m getting it now. Debooting…just puts me off. It completely takes me out of the story and action because it’s just so…unneeded. I’ll save my judgement for the final trailer to see if it’ll put me off too much. But I just don’t understand why a villain would stop what he/she is doing, making their victim suffer and pay, just to deboot the heroine and worship/fondle her feet. Nothing against foot fetish enthusiasts, but I just personally don’t like it mixed in the superheroine genre.

    It has a LOT to do with the fact that I think feet are the single least attractive part of the human body. But to each their own. Anywho, do we have an ETA on this video? I only ask because your previous estimate was Thursday night, and now it’s Sunday.

  23. Sym says:

    Oh, and by ‘this one’, I meant the ShW video o’course. 😉

  24. Sym says:

    Hey Alex. Any ETA on this one? If only to save me from checking the site every five minutes in the hope that it’s gone up! 😀

  25. Josh says:

    sounds awesome so whos goin 2 face who in the next episode cant wait

  26. sugarcoater says:

    And any chance we see Paris in her Black Falcon outfit again? She looks terrific in it! And just an extra thought–how about an eye-mask to go with that outfit? Can’t wait to see more of her in that gear!


  27. KKR says:

    No Nicole Oring in this one?

    Any rough time frame on when we could see this? Thanks.

  28. ranger87: Ryan just might be right 😉

    Steve: Yes, that is something we should do more of–banter *during* the fight! But yeah, Emily kicks ass:


  29. Steve says:

    Looking good, Emily kicks ass! Superheroineworld produces some of the best superheroine movies, I like the way the films dont take themselves too seriously. Only criticism I would say is that it would nice to see more dialogue during fights or more dialogue in general. Its nice to hear the actresses speak.

  30. Ryan says:

    She will be a brainwashed Black Falcon so maybe the baddies changed her costume

  31. ranger87 says:

    I’m sure this will be answered in the vid, but what’s with Paris wearing a red costume if she’s supposed to be Black Falcon?

  32. Jose: The premise is simple: El Diablo is in one of his hideouts, having a meeting with another crime boss, Riffy Bear. Suddenly the superheroine Lumina (special power: the photon punch) arrives on the scene, looking for Black Falcon. A fight ensues, and Lumina appears victorious–until a brainwashed Black Falcon shows up… Things tend to go downhill for Lumina after that!

    lazxmw: After being defeated, the helpless Lumina is stripped of her boots and gloves, is given boxing gloves, and now, for the entertainment of the bad guys, must serve as their drug-enhanced boxer’s punching bag…

    Kevlar: Yeah, I think the upcoming title match between GI Jewell and Marquise will probably be heavy on the low blows…

  33. Kevlar says:

    Thanks for the preview pics Alex, this one looks pretty damn awesome! Looking forward to it coming out!
    Any plans for a low blow heavy match down the line?

  34. lazxmw says:

    Awesome to hear sir. Thanks for the quick answer. I’m very intrigued about the ring, and boxing gloves angle. I’m always looking forward to your next projects, and I still think they have the best dialogue in the industry, and that I love you allow some form of character development. Keep up the good work sir.

  35. Jose says:

    @ Alex Bettinger

    I am dying to buy the this video. Any chance you can give us a quick premise? I am a sucker for a good story and this one looks good. I love the look of all the vllains. Awesome wardrobes by everyone and I have never seen a superheroine video take place within a gym. Great location.

  36. Chris: There will be both in this vid. 🙂

    lazxmw: Paris is ravished in this one! Here is a clue as to why this takes place at the gym:


  37. lazxmw says:

    Wow. This video looks amazing. I hope Paris is one of the women who is ravished. Haven’t seen her in peril in a long time, and she sells the ravishings so very well. I am very curious to see why this is set in the XCW ring. Looking forward to this!

  38. Charles says:

    @Alex, thanks for the quick reply. What you said is good enough for me. Buying as soon as it’s available.

  39. Chris says:

    I prefer Guy vs Girl fights as it enhances the peril element of the movie. With a girl vs girl, usually both girls are hot anyway, so you don’t really see the peril in getting abused by a girl who is super hot anyway.

  40. Gorleser says:

    Good Lord, Emily looks amazing!

  41. Charles: There are a handful of busts which looked really good while we were shooting; a series of knees and also a grinding scene involving a pointy heel.

    It’s not a low blow movie, but there is plenty of combat-oriented abuse of the heroines.

  42. Andy says:

    Instant buy as soon as it is available.

  43. Charles says:

    ^ what he said.

    any busts on this ep?

  44. ranger87 says:

    NO WAY! This Thursday? I understand if it’s not on time, but that would be amazing! I am SUPER excited for this video.

  45. Jose: I think you’ll like this one, heh heh. Paris made sure our costume maker made it a high cut leotard.

    ME2011: There is a cool girl/girl fight/beatdown; a guy/girl beatdown; and two guy/girl ravishings. But this one definitely hits all the bases, as it were. Paris wrote and directed it that way! Stay tuned, aiming for Thursday.

  46. ME2011 says:

    Looks promising Alex, but I think I’ll have to pass on this one. I’m not really into Male Villain(s) vs Superheroine(s), as I’m more the Female vs Female type, if you know what I’m saying:p But who knows, might just give it a go anyways.

  47. Jose says:

    @ Alex Bettinger

    Oh my god!!! That costume on Emily Addison has the exact type of cut that I just love on leotards. Very, very sexy!!! It looks extreme delicious. This is definitely a blind buy for me. Expect me to pick this one up on release date. Thank you. Thank you.

  48. ranger87 says:

    Holy crap, this looks promising, Alex! I can’t wait!

  49. Chris says:

    Awesome, thanks! This one’s looking good.

  50. Here is a sneak preview then, heh heh. More to come!


  51. Mantower says:

    I LOVE the new costume, can’t wait to see what happens in this new video!

  52. Andy says:

    I would settle for some higher res pictures, for now.

  53. Swampy170 says:

    Filming took place literally yesterday, a little early for a trailer methinks!

  54. babca11 says:

    a trailer please!!!

  55. Charles says:

    nice. I realllllllly hope this one is bust heavy… I recall him saying it will be, but we’ll see.

  56. Swampy170 says:

    Yep, was definitely filming happening sunday for ShW. Check out Emily’s costume, hot stuff (as posted on twitter)


  57. Ryan says:

    Don’t know anything for sure but based on Paris’ Twitter page tonight They may have filmed the Superheroine video tonight. Both she and Emily were involved with usual male suspects.

  58. Charles says:

    no updates?

  59. Mik says:

    I sent you something to your email, is it the same email address?! Videobydallas?!

  60. Dave says:

    anyword on anything?

  61. babca11 says:

    hey alex they can have photo of paris and emily in her new costume?

  62. We got side-tracked by a couple other projects, but are back on the superheroine movie now. Costumes are being made, hope to shoot it either this weekend or next.

    Emily Addison and Paris Kennedy are gonna look HOT!

  63. ranger87 says:

    Hey Alex!

    I’m just curious how production is going on this new SHW episode. You gave yourself a window of 2-4 weeks on the 17th, and I haven’t heard anything since then. Is the script even done?

  64. JC says:

    This one was particularly good. You have some of the best actresses to work with but Emily, Paris, and Mina are my favorites. Nice to see two of my favorites show up here and they both performed amazingly.

  65. HM says:

    @ME2011 – Actually, there’s a very boring reason why I omitted Annie Cruz from that first sentence—I was trying to make that paragraph short enough to maintain proper formatting. An additional word or two would push the remaining text down to the next line and would just make the post look kind of weird. (I told you it was boring).

    I could have omitted one of the other actresses instead; I just happened to choose Annie Cruz, which is not to say anything about her performance. She’s great in this video just as she is in every video. (The same goes for Rifferus.)

  66. Brutal_B says:

    When will we see another one of those brutal whipping scenes you are so good at making? I see a lot of good bondage situations in this series that would be a great set up for it.

  67. Mantower says:

    Alex, I enjoyed the latest PSF episode, and I finally got around to buying GCF 2 as well. That was very good. I really like the new model Capri Cavalli, she is stunning and sells the pain well. I particularly enjoyed the upskirt shots during the bearhugs. Paris was splendid as ever, even though the costume wasn’t particularly to my liking. If I were to make any suggestions, I would love to see the girls getting beaten and humiliated wearing high heeled boots, and I would like to see more wrestling submission holds esp back bending/breaking type holds. Do you offer customs on GCF?

  68. ME2011 says:

    Nice to see that you got the review up HM, but I noticed something at the beginning of it; “Updated with review! [Adult content warning] X Club Wrestling, Episode 10, starring Emily Addison, Kymberly Jane and Paris Kennedy, is now available.”
    You’re missing Annie Cruz from this particular part of the review even though she’s mentioned later. Just thought you wanted to know.

  69. There is a sequence where GI Jewell is kicked in the crotch a few times in a row from behind while she is on her knees. I thought it came out pretty well. Then there is the 2×4 grinding into Emily’s crotch.

  70. Yo says:

    I gotta ask, any crotch attacks ( blows)?

  71. Glad you guys enjoyed it! Regarding the slave angle, a talented femfight writer, “the Pac” (you may have seen his work at Seaking’s site), wrote up a cool story about GI Jewell losing to the Marquise and becoming her slave. Here it is, give it a read! It’s awesome.


  72. lazxmw says:

    Hey Alex, this is an awesome video, I can’t wait see what happens in the next episode. I’m excited to hear others are digging the Jenny as Slave idea I brought up a month or so back.
    Uhzoomzip: I would love to help out with the episode guide if you would like any assistance.

  73. enigma says:

    Like storyline and characters. Wish for old outfit for Jenny. I like the idea of two good girls against each other, or two good teams against each other with same action.

  74. Steve says:

    I second the Jenny-as-slave idea, sounds awesome!

  75. MrCreep says:

    Man, I just love Emily and Cali. Anytime they in a video, I come running!

  76. Ranger87: Paris is still writing the script, but I think it’s probably a safe bet that Emily will get ravished in some capacity or other. 🙂 It definitely will NOT take 2-3 months; more like 2-4 weeks.

  77. ranger87 says:

    Clarification on my “2-3 month” comment. It sounds like you haven’t filmed yet, and on top of that, I know you are a perfectionist at editing. That’s why I figured it’d be 2-3 months.

  78. ranger87 says:


    Not be be mean, but are we looking at a 2-3 month wait on Superheroine World? As soon as you said Emily would be in it, I couldn’t wait. All of your girls are great, but she’s my favorite! And if I’m allowed any input, I would REALLY like to see her “forced” the same way she was in this, whether by a female villains strap-on, or by a male villain. Some bondage would kick ass as well.

  79. GOT says:

    Hope to see more of Team Evil triumphing over their helpless victims! However, sooner or later, you’ll probably need to develop a story-arc where a split develops among the Team Evil group, or there’s an “uprising” from their victims which turns the tables. Rifferus could be playing all parties against each other or something.

    Would love to see a match between the two tag teams that Team Evil has destroyed so far, the Rockets and the “pink” team in eps. 6 and 7. Have Team Evil running the show now and forcing the others to do things their way!

  80. CaptainCrude: You’re not the first to suggest a Jenny-becomes-the-slave-to-Team-Evil type of angle. I will definitely consider it.

    GOT: Just Emily gets the strapon treatment in this one. No climax for Jenny this time–but it’s a good idea. Maybe in her match against the Marquise, she could be handcuffed in a similar (or even the same) way and climaxed….

    uhzoomzip: Thanks for the review/comments! Feel free to do the guide, lol. Maybe we can borrow your copy for the XClubWrestling website when it launches.

    Next up–Superheroine World!

  81. GOT says:

    Is Jenny climaxed at the end while chained? Thanks for the previous info.

  82. uhzoomzip says:

    Stray observations…
    -Liked the monochrome effect used in the “previously on” segment.
    -Hilariously awesome delivery by Rifferus on the “RING THE FUCKIN’ BELL!!!” line.
    -Digging the new outfits, especially Kym Jane’s. Annie Cruz’ hair was particularly tempestuous this time around and she looked better than ever as a result.
    -The AOH scene with Kym/Jenny is great and improves upon the similar set piece with Francesca in episode 6 simply because of the upgrade in video quality–also commendable for its ample used its embrace of “plan américain” framing as opposed to long shots, giving us some sweet closer shots of Kym’s torso/upper body as Annie mangles it. I feel like everything I see with this shot is implicitly referencing this painting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rembrandt_Harmensz._van_Rijn_011.jpg, which must be one of the first fully realized “damsel in distress” pieces.
    -Emily’s previous appearance had her getting steamrolled in a 3-on-1 beatdown, but she asserts her ability to kick ass for awhile here. The video does a satisfying job of illustrating that she’s not a complete pushover afterall before promptly tearing her down in a way that manages to be even more satisfying than in episode 8 (I will happily check her pussy for splinters, if need be.)
    -Only Emily is on the receiving end up the strap-on, a scene handled in much the same fashion as the previous entries in the series. I dug this the most in episode 7 when Annie was doing it to Charlie from behind tugging her hair. It was not the highlight of the video by any means, but it’s sufficient and Emily plays it up nicely, looking particularly sumptuous as she slumps over following the ravishing.
    -Brilliant ending close-up of Jenny Jewell’s visage emoting/sobbing hopelessly stuck and abused in her AOH position. Did a lot more for me than the series’ hallmark closing shots of characters laying lifeless.

    Simultaneously pushes the series forward in some key regards without losing sight of what drew people to it in the first place. I feel guilty about continually coming back, but it’s hard to resist something that so persistently presses the right buttons. Maybe I better get to work on an episode guide, since I’m clearly something of a connoisseur?

  83. GOT says:

    As far as the strap on action goes…do both victims get it, or just Emily? How does it rate against numbers 6 and 7?

  84. captainCrude says:

    Emily Addison has such a bubbly body… I love seeing her on the other end of a beating! Good choice to put her there Alex!

    I love how it looks like she goes to town on Annie and Roxy, while Jenny is chained up. It tells a lot about their relationship. It would be great to see some sort of confrontation between Jenny and Emily over their lack of cooperation in the future. I still really want to see Emily take the title from Jenny. I remember someone also suggesting Jenny becoming the slave of Team Evil, I think that would be cool for something after a title change like that:

    ‘the Fall of Gi Jewell’

  85. ME2011 says:

    In addition to XCW 8, I think this one is the best one yet. Loved it Alex. The Women looked gorgeous in this video, excellent acting too, good job:)

  86. Ryan says:

    Good looking stuff, been waiting for the new one

  87. MAV says:

    looks like a nice AOH scene with Kimberly Jane. WWE has done this with their male wrestlers-I wonder hif they’ll ever do this to the new Trish Stratuses…