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X Club Wrestling, Episode 24[Adults only] The new episode of X Club Wrestling is available, and it features the debut appearance of the long-awaited Ocean Patrol facing off against the dreaded Team Evil. The all-star cast includes Alaina Fox, Angela Sommers, Annie Cruz, Ashley Rose, Christie Stevens, Paris Kennedy, Rifferus, Sinn Sage, and Vicki Chase.









X Club Wrestling Episode 24!

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At DIVAPOCALYPSE, the undefeated Christie Stevens was brutally and viciously attacked in the locker room by The Marquise, Nina Kwan, and Cadence. Is she ready to return to the ring after such a hellacious and humiliating savaging? Christie is ready to find out in a match against XCW’s perennial underdog, Vicki Chase! Unfortunately for Vicki, Annie Gunn is doing an interview segment when Vicki walks out to the ring, and Annie does NOT like being interrupted! Annie attacks Vicki and leaves her destroyed–and then she attacks Christie when she walks out too! Soon both fan favorites are completely helpless, and that’s when Annie brings out the strapon!! She fucks Vicki’s perfect ass with it, and is about to ravish Christie too when suddenly the country girl, Sinn, comes out and the Annie/Sinn feud is back on!! But can either Christie or Vicki live down this humiliation??

Then, in our main event, we have the debut of The Ocean Patrol, as these two amazingly sexy lifeguards square off against XCW veterans, Team Evil! The Ocean Patrol is just brimming with energy and spunk, but they soon find themselves woefully outmatched by the vicious heels! The good girls are ravaged, savaged, and humiliated in multiple ways–the bad girls even go so far as to shove one of the lifeguards’ face into the other’s crotch, forcing her to orgasm against her will! This is a complete and utter one-sided SQUASH!

Included in this thrilling match:

Brawling, wrestling, stripping, groping, low blows, belly punches, breast attacks, spankings, choking, wedgies, GTS, carries, camel clutch, two-on-one, rag dolling, squash match, bondage, forced orgasm, strapon ravishing (softcore), false pin (head pulled up before 3 count), stacked pin, head slammed into partner’s booty, and much more!!

Starring: Alaina Fox, Angela Sommers, Annie Cruz, Ashley Rose, Christie Stevens, Paris Kennedy, Rifferus, Sinn Sage, and Vicki Chase!

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