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X Club Wrestling, Episode 24 from Pro Style Fantasies

X Club Wrestling, Episode 24[Adults only] The new episode of X Club Wrestling is available, and it features the debut appearance of the long-awaited Ocean Patrol facing off against the dreaded Team Evil. The all-star cast includes Alaina Fox, Angela Sommers, Annie Cruz, Ashley Rose, Christie Stevens, Paris Kennedy, Rifferus, Sinn Sage, and Vicki Chase.









X Club Wrestling Episode 24!

Available in HD!

At DIVAPOCALYPSE, the undefeated Christie Stevens was brutally and viciously attacked in the locker room by The Marquise, Nina Kwan, and Cadence. Is she ready to return to the ring after such a hellacious and humiliating savaging? Christie is ready to find out in a match against XCW’s perennial underdog, Vicki Chase! Unfortunately for Vicki, Annie Gunn is doing an interview segment when Vicki walks out to the ring, and Annie does NOT like being interrupted! Annie attacks Vicki and leaves her destroyed–and then she attacks Christie when she walks out too! Soon both fan favorites are completely helpless, and that’s when Annie brings out the strapon!! She fucks Vicki’s perfect ass with it, and is about to ravish Christie too when suddenly the country girl, Sinn, comes out and the Annie/Sinn feud is back on!! But can either Christie or Vicki live down this humiliation??

Then, in our main event, we have the debut of The Ocean Patrol, as these two amazingly sexy lifeguards square off against XCW veterans, Team Evil! The Ocean Patrol is just brimming with energy and spunk, but they soon find themselves woefully outmatched by the vicious heels! The good girls are ravaged, savaged, and humiliated in multiple ways–the bad girls even go so far as to shove one of the lifeguards’ face into the other’s crotch, forcing her to orgasm against her will! This is a complete and utter one-sided SQUASH!

Included in this thrilling match:

Brawling, wrestling, stripping, groping, low blows, belly punches, breast attacks, spankings, choking, wedgies, GTS, carries, camel clutch, two-on-one, rag dolling, squash match, bondage, forced orgasm, strapon ravishing (softcore), false pin (head pulled up before 3 count), stacked pin, head slammed into partner’s booty, and much more!!

Starring: Alaina Fox, Angela Sommers, Annie Cruz, Ashley Rose, Christie Stevens, Paris Kennedy, Rifferus, Sinn Sage, and Vicki Chase!

Watch in 720 for best quality
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114 Responses

  1. tenken says:

    I enjoyed this episode thanks to a great jobbing effort from ocean patrol (esp angela sommers) as well as Alex for rolling this out for us.

    It will be great if the ocean patrol can be stripped nude or nearly naked during their next fight while their opponents remain clothed to illustrate their superiority. Can we also have ocean patrol irish whipped into each other and end up in a heap of naked, sweaty bodies? That would be damn hot!

  2. god of the porn says:

    nice episode loved the devious ref it was really a nice add , since annie actually won the match and she could name the type of match they are having at the rumble event how about a loser gets shaved match with razorz and everything sinn could really use some weed wackin if you know what I mean & and it would be lovely if angela goes one on one with the sexy ref and gets humilated again

  3. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Thanks on the pin update , looks like I unfortunately am gong to have to wait a whole another month or until the next update comes out , I have NO interest in seeing Sinn pinned instead on Angela , a waste of Angela’s body & beauty on not pinning her , any time Angela is pounded in the ring is a good thing , but if she is not being pinned

  4. Stee says:

    Who the heck has a pin fetish? That’s a new one!

  5. CaptainCrude says:

    She isn’t pinned, but she gets BEAT UP by the REFEREE! No one gets beat up by the referee in wrestling. Not to mention the fondling that happens after that.

  6. No, only Sinn was pinned- this match was more about her and annie. Angela was just there to be humiliated in the process!

  7. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Important question will determine on whether I buy this one , was Angela pinned to end the match after Sinn was put through the table or the ” count her ref ” 1-2-3- audio I heard was them covering Sinn after being put through the table while Angela was out elsewhere


    Starring Sinn Sage, Annie Cruz, Paris Kennedy, Angela Sommers, Jessica Ryan, and Rifferus!

    Check out the free trailer at ProStyleFantasies.com, or at Daily Motion here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x14k98p

    30 minutes; $24.95; MP4

  9. The new xcw ep should be available very late tonight or else tomorrow. No locker room scene, and angela is not pinned in this one, sorry! But Angela is the classic helpless jobber, and Sinn suffers terribly as a result! Sinn is even put through a table! Stay tuned!

  10. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Checked the twitter things someone talked about , looks like Sinn suffered due to her weak link partner , Angela , sure hope the weak link suffered a pin fall loss for her team & when does the new episode come out

  11. djarte says:

    Hi Alex,

    any news on the upcoming XCW episode? I just saw some pictures on your twitter account and it seems that it is going to be a good episode once more. Unfortunately for me there is no Alaina as a member of the Ocean Patrol and also there is no Monster Heel. I would love to see Alaina and Angela destroyed by the Monster Heel but i still hope for the next time. In any case i will definitely buy this new episode as long as the good girls are destroyed once more….

  12. CaptainCrude says:

    Hey Alex,

    Any chance we can get an update on when the next episode is being shot?

  13. CaptainCrude says:

    She has been a great victim in the past, but she’s also just been great at being larger than life in general and thats what a monster calls for. She got the look that lights up in her eyes and the body to fit and I could see her being a character who hardly needs to speak and just crushes her victims while enjoying herself. As long as the monster does that, then she’s a good monster – no matter who it is.

    But does anyone remember her in the Slayer Paris series? She was a total monster, completely frighteningly sexy.

  14. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @Jordan & Alex , please don’t let the good girls go on a winning streak , winning good girls equals “ill pass on this one , why should I pay $25 to see the good girls win when I can see it for free EVERY week on Raw , Smackdown , & Impact Wrestling or go on youtube where finding a match where the heel wins is a pleasant surprise , people here LOVING Angela as a helpless jobber is all my argument I need to make to continue the good girls getting annihilated & defeated , like always , I don’t want to see the bad girls win all the matches , but in the X Club , it’s about sexy babes getting it in the ring & I just don’t believe that after getting dominated for 13 to 16 mins , an out of nowhere comeback is in order . Christie can win & become champ until the monster heel comes along , not sure wether I like Christina Carter in that role as she has made an awesome victim for a long time , if Goldie is going to be used as a beatdown betty despite her experience so should Christina I think , but everyone is welcome to their opinion but I personally LOVE to see heels win via total squash & pinfall ending

  15. JordanD says:

    Hello Alex,

    I really enjoy your movies and I just wanted to chime in really quickly.

    Please bring back Nicole Oring! She is GREAT at both the ravaging heel and also as a face. (I base this off of her super heroine world performances) Let her be the face in a feud with the Marquise who turned on her.

    I have a suggestion for the MONSTER HEEL storyline.

    In order for the MONSTER HEEL storyline to really work, the faces need to start winning. Maybe even have a few faces “snap” after so many matches of being ravaged and sink to the “heel’s level.” Vicki Chase or Karlie Montana (who was great in Nova Girl 2 as a baddie) would be a good candidate for that.

    Christie Stevens shouldn’t lose a match! Let her win straight up or by DQ and eventually win the belt without being defeated. Then you could introduce the MONSTER HEEL, having her tear through the Ocean Patrol followed by Randy’s character then G.I. Jewell and finally setting up a XCW title match with Christie Stevens. Even have her destroy Team Evil or Marquise to show that she fears neither faces or heels. Christina Carter is a great choice CaptainCrude.

    Anyhow, keep up the great work

  16. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Do anything & everything to Angela as long as she is just Jobbing it up & PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with sugar on top , please pin Angela no doubt this time & also speaking of gorgeous blondes , the next on my wish list is Jenny Poussin , any chance on getting her ?

  17. CaptainCrude says:

    I could easily see the monster heel being Christina Carter with her height, leg length, poke-you-in-the-eyes bust, long dark colored hair, and beautiful face.

    She has it all. A totally over the top – larger than life physique. She has the best presence as either a super heroine or super villain that I’ve ever seen in the fetish industry (Also why I would love to see a Catwoman vs Nova Woman crossover event – JC vs CC).

    Whoever the monster heel is though, I would like to see her rest the Ocean Patrol members heads between her thighs while she swings her legs together and snaps her thighs over each of their necks repeatedly until they look dazed, and then finally have her squeeze their head and neck in a scissors until they are practically knocked out.

  18. djarte says:

    I also wait with big excitement the Monster Heel match vs the Ocean Patrols! I hope it will be a one side destruction from start to finish! Please Alex involve Alaina more time in this match. I am a huge fan of her! She looks amazing as she is being ragdolled and manipulated all over the ring…. 😉

    I would like to see a scene also where the heel grabs both jobbers from their head and smash their heads one against the other. Also a spanking scene where one jobber is hanging over the corner side and the other one is forced to spank her juicy butt or maybe even kiss it. To be honest i am not a huge fan of sexual scenes so the level of nudity on the first match for me is ideal!

    Bring on the Monster Heel and destroy these poor jobbers once and for all!

  19. GManLovesJobbers says:

    This thread has gone stone cold dead so see if we can’t get it revived — but any current updates on next shooting & this time , after keep looking at the last & 1st Ocean Patrol match , please let Angela receive a no doubt about it pin as even though it is a stacked pin to end their debut match , Alaina’s shoulders are clearly down of course while Angela seems to have 1 shoulder that is not completely touching the mat while at the same time , not much of her is being covered by Roxie & Annie .

    Also , have you been able to find that monster heel yet ?

  20. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Don’t let Angela win anything , let her get to Jobber status beyond Vickie Chase & Ashley Rose , any hope on maybe getting Jenny Poussin in to be a Jobber also , she is #1 on my list now that Angela is a Jobber

  21. god of the porn says:

    alex I’m looking forward for the divas rumble and I really hope cali logan would be involved but it’ll be super sweet if angela sommers win the rumble and have a shot at the title which should change hands before that keep the good Idias coming

  22. @Gmanlovesjobbers: Well, for the next couple of months we’ll be building up to our second HUGE wrestling event of the year, the XCR! (X Club Rumble). That match will have a Royal Rumble style match, and also a huge, feud-ending match between “Nasty” Annie Gunn and the country girl, Sinn! Next up there will be a tag team match, with Sinn on one side and Annie on the other; whoever’s team wins the match gets to choose the stipulations for their big match at the XCR!

    Thanks, @Valugi, for drawing up that list of matches where the good girls lose! I really appreciate that, and it helps me keep things in perspective. 🙂

    @Destard: Yes, I love Alaina’s look too; I figured with Angela Sommers as the hotter-than-life, blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson type, the only way we could really go would be to find some very sweet, innocent, girl-next-door type as her partner–like, the complete opposite. I’m very pleased with the team.

    @djarte and @GmanLovesJobbers: I would LOVE to find a nice “ebony” tag team like the funkadactyls–I watch them every week on Total Divas, ha ha, and am crazy about them. Alas, I’m not sure I know anyone in the fetish industry today who really fits the bill. But let me know if you know of some! On the Southern Belles idea, I suppose I *could*–but since we already have a country girl (Sinn), I think I might not resort to that just yet.

    On the panty hose issue–actually it is true that most girls you see on wrestling programs DO wear hose or tights of some kind. Often they are flesh colored so you don’t always notice. The Beach Patrol in WOW I’m pretty sure wore hose. Anyway, I will never revert to an always-use-hose policy, but I definitely WILL from time to time put some of the characters in hose. GIJ has wrestled in hose at times, and so will Sinn and the Ocean Patrol. Unfortunately, this is one of those issues where no matter what you do, some of the fans will be displeased.

    @CaptainCrude: That could work, though ultimately I think it has to depend on the team, what they look like–if the ebony team looks sweet and cute and sexy, then I’ll probably make them jobbers. If they look big and mean, I’ll probably make them heels. If they look beautiful and are really athletic, I’ll make them a successful good girl team. Etc.

    @Enigma: I don’t have any immediate plans for good girl vs good girl, BUT at the XCR there will surely be some moments where two good girls are pitted against each other…

  23. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Any clue on what’s up next for the X-Club ( matches )

  24. enigma says:

    I would really like to see a good girl vs good girl match. it could either be tag team or not. that would be a great change of pace…

  25. CaptainCrude says:

    Woah, I’m totally down for the ebony girls.

    Except! I would prefer they were heels and also would directly feud with the Ocean Patrol. That would be infinitely sexy. I would love to see ocean patrol and an ebony team fight for the tag titles.

    The ebony girls could do some stereotypical butt bopping and hip dancing all over the poor jobbers.

  26. Joey says:

    Unfortunately, you don’t try and fix what is not broken.
    The Ocean Patrol are perfect as they are!
    Don’t change a thing Alex.

  27. Joey says:

    Unfortunately, if it’s not broken you don’t try and fix it.
    The Ocean Patrol are perfect with bare legs!
    Don’t change a thing Alex.

  28. Kevlar says:

    I like that the girls have bare legs. How often do you see Mainstream wrestlers in pantyhose these days? It wouldn’t look right or convincing.
    Alex also has characters such as The Marquise, Lady Amazon and Tigress who have tights as part of their costume.
    Even in this episode Paris is in tights for the match, and Annie is in fishnet stockings for the first part of the video.
    But lets not start another pantyhose war!

  29. I would be much more interested in this site if the wrestlers more pantyhose or tights more often. If The Ocean Patrol wore tights like The Beach Patrol from WOW then this would be an automatic purchase for me, but without them I’m not interested.

  30. god of the porn says:

    nice matches I liked the Idea of good girl vs. Good girl but too bad it got interrupted maybe next match christie goes against vicki

  31. djarte says:

    I really love the idea of some sexy ebony jobbers!

  32. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @ Alex – Hate to keep bombarding you with ideas & don’t mean for this to be crazy with tag teams galore , but to go along with the now Jobberific Ocean Patrol , wonder if a Southern Belles doormat team is still in play & now , watching the WWE , for a little change of pace , if maybe perhaps their are 2 drop dead sexy ebony babes you can find , preferably with no tattoos , that can be a tag team like the FunkaDactyls who don’t fare so well in the x-club ring that have as miserable debut as Angela & Alaina , a double pin ending again also , LOVE PINS – Pinning Good Girls = sales

  33. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @Destard – I’ve waited a LONG LONG LONG TIME to see Angela get into wrestling & be a wrestling JOBBER , for the love of anything that is good in wrestling , PLEASE don’t EVER make Angela a heel , SQUASH ANGELA FOREVER

  34. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Thanks Kingles – looks like Amy will be my next download

  35. Destard says:

    Alaina Fox is not getting a lot of love here but I have to say I love her look. She has that innocent, good girl vibe going. Personally, I’d love to she her booked as the more talented member of the Ocean Patrol then see Angela turn on her and go heel.

  36. kingles says:

    @GManLovesJobbers: Amy Americana loses by pinfall. Vicky and Ashley lose by submission.

  37. valugi says:


    I know because I have this movie, Ashley and Vickie lost to Nina Kwan and Marquise, I also want to continue seeing angela as jobber, only showed that it is not true that the good character always wins

    and also think that the strong good characters (Christie Stevens, Gi Jewell, Karlie Montana and Randy moore) have to win as well, not always, but even suffering in the hands of villains to win in the end

  38. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Thanks Valugi – due to the computers I have had where I was using dial up , an ice cube had a better chance in hell than me downloading these , my new computer has seen me move on & since I have wanted to see Angela as a jobber for such a long time , I took a chance on attempting a download & I can & will do another the next payday but I have a question for you , since you know who won & lost these events or maybe someone else who got them would know , was Amy Americana defeated & pinned in her match & how was the tag team of Ashley Rose & Vickie Chase defeated in their match ?

  39. Valugi says:

    Just to show in the XCW’s World the vilains wins too

    In Episodes “Three Falls”, “The Scheme, part 1”, XCW episode 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 19, DIVAPOCALYPSE, 24

    In these episodes had at least one victory villainous character, and equivalent to at least more than half of the episodes released

    I think I hit all, unless someone can correct me

  40. Yes, so Randy has been defeated in episode 1, and is now being tortured along with her partner Candle. Their torture is a vast majority of the episode!

    The new episode is there, just hit refresh if you don’t see it!!!

  41. Stee says:

    Is Randy Moore continued from the first one? What do I need to know about the Randy Moore universe?

  42. kingles says:

    @lazxmw: It’s there. I believe in the past when this has come up with other videos, Alex said to just refresh the screen and it should show up.

  43. lazxmw says:

    Am I the only person who can’t find Randy Moore 2 on superheroineworld now? The first link is Nova Woman 2. Did it get taken down since this morning?

  44. Aldous says:

    Bravo! Thank you @kingles – looking forward to this Randy Moore part 2!

  45. kingles says:

    @Aldous: Yes, it’s a one off payment. The way it works is that basically you purchase like a 2 week subscription to a website that contains only the video you purchased. I’m pretty sure it’s 2 weeks…I always just download the video right away.

  46. Aldous says:

    forgive a dumb question from one new to this companies payment system – its a one off payment, right? I’m not subscribing to anything?

  47. GManLovesJobbers says:

    I like it when the villain dominates almost the entire fight and in the end the good character and win as often happens in wrestling, THATS WHY HERE WE NEED THE VILLIAN TO COMPLETE THE MASSACRE SO IT’S NOT THE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT IN THE END cause it’s the good girl winning like 89 out of every 100 matches is why women’s pro wrestling is STILL a special attraction & not taking the next step

  48. valugi says:

    I love Randy Star 2 congratulation Alex for the great jobber, i love your movies, you are Superheroine a film producer that I most like, I have almost all your videos.

    talking more specifically about the XCW World had some suggestions feuds for the most important characters, I’m not forcing him or speaking that do not have these rivalries that will be horrible as some people here speak.

    speaking of the first major title to be in possession of Karlie who by the way has no challenger at the moment, I think it would be interesting to have a feud with nina Kwan, nina can start with attacking karlie cowardly in some backstage segment and later on we have the title fight, I put it because it also seems to lack a rivalry and for being a very convincing villain

    with the return of Team Evil can have new tournament to decide the new tag team champions, before announcing the tournament the team evil can ataccar Sinn Sage in the ring that would be saved by his new partner and maybe a new character that would combine to believe Sinn duo would JC Marie (with a character Cowgirl, she would not Jobber) or Lady Amazon, the tournament we could have 4 tags First fight Sinn Sage and JC Marie vs Akira Anime and Alyssa “the ravisher” Reece and we could have another fight with Evil Team vs. Ocean Patrol or Vicky Chase and Ashley Rose, if you do not want to repeat the fight in the final’d have Sinn and Jc vs. Team Evil, if it gets too complicated to make the tournament think the fight could only be between Team Evil vs. Sinn and JC, this only what is proposed could do with rivalry tags

    Another possible rivalry that would like to see is what I saw alex commenting that would happen, between Tigress vs Marquise, would be very interesting to see the two in a feud, as they are two of my favorite actresses, randy is a character face very well and is the Marquise (Dianna) best villain of this branch, at least in my opinion, I think it would be a feud that would generate a very interesting fight.

    And do not think I forget Gi Jewell and Christie Stevens as Alex said he’d have a “monster” that would be brought by Marquise to end the characters faces and that it would be the first to defeat Christia Stevens, as we are talking Monster would debut against Ocean patrol, making them lose so dominant after that Christie could challenge her, Jewell was involved in the feud be careful talking to Christie, the “Monster” Christie defeat and could have a feud with Gi Jewell, or who know even with the two in a handicap Match. at the request of Marquise Cadence can also be the manager of the Monster

    I am also pleased with the arrival of this new team Jobbers, but I think now Qure be good, since we have several characters in this style (Ocean Patrol, Vickie Chase, Ashley Rose and others that have appeared in XCW) Particularly I like it when the villain dominates almost the entire fight and in the end the good character and win as often happens in wrestling, but also understand that the villains have to make some important struggles to become more credible. I think Alex is doing a good job in this series, we had moments of complete dominance by villains and are currently the characters faces with the advantage, I am eager to see the new steps

    Thanks for listening and I hope alex reead the Small text kkkk


  49. OKAY! Randy Star 2 is now available! 40 minutes of Randy Moore and Candle Boxxx being dominated and tortured and sexually humiliated!

    Threw a quick trailer up there; I’m on my way out the door to Fetishcon–will send stills to Heroine Movies when I get back next week! Enjoy!!


  50. Bob says:

    I say no way to the panty hose… I like seeing legs. Also, what about Afrika as the heel? She is used to making more adult orientated wrestling films.

  51. Kaizar says:

    I’m curious enough to want to see at least 1 video with ocean patrol were they wear panty hose.

  52. Ryan says:

    Never seen a Lifeguard wear pantyhose so I say no to that idea as Ocean Patrol are supposed to be lifeguards. Plus Female Wrestlers in the 80’s pretty much wore once piece bathing suits with pantyhouse so they would look too much like an 80’s wrestler and not a lifeguard.

    As for Emily Addison, as much as we would love to see her in one of Alex’s videos again she has an exclusive contract so she’s out of the question for a while yet.

  53. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Hey Alex , don’t wait a month , have a special $10 download , Angela vs Cadence & let Cadence SLAUGHTER Angela & get a 25 countpin with Angela spread eagle on the mat to end the SLAUGHTER , call them tonight & shoot it tomorrow

  54. Bob says:


    I say great job with this episode! This is what I’ve been looking forfrom you for forever ! I have to say I think Alaina is the perfect jobber tag partner here. She gives that young jobber vibe PLUS, I think she sells it GREAT. I love how she sells and how she just let’s her arms dangle while getting thrown and pulled around by her hair like a total wimp. I think you nailed it with this combo. Sucks u still don’t have a monster heel. What about some of the “amazon’s ” in the adult industry?

  55. Tim Caine says:

    I agree with the comments above. I would love to see the panty-hose on the Ocean Patrol as well. But either way, more Ocean Patrol jobbing, please.

    How about Angela in a singles match? I would love to see her show up for a singles match only to be double or triple teamed.

  56. Enigma says:

    Hose would be a great addition.

  57. GManLovesJobbers says:

    I remember when Alex was 1st talking about Alaina & when I looked her up & saw some pics of her , I was all for her being used as an X-Club Jobber & when I saw her team with Angela , as much as I liked it , there was something lacking , yes , Angela being super hot has a bit to do with it , but I checked for pics of Alaina again & I know what it is , the pic that really made me love Alaina is a pic of her in a red lingerie lace type bra & her hair is while not blonde , is more medium at most blonde & I believe that for the Ocean Patrol’s next beatdown , JUST SHOOT ANOTHER ONE NOW ALEX , DON’T WAIT A MONTH OR MORE , if Alaina would make her hair a lighter blonde color like the one in her picture , then perhaps she would get more love in this Angela / Alaina partnership , but no matter what hair color she has , a lighter blonde shade is what I prefer from her , but no matter what color it is , SQUASH THE OCEAN PATROL & SQUASH THEM GOOD WITH MORE DOUBLE PINS & MAYBE A 10 COUNT THIS TIME BY THE MONSTER

  58. Darius III says:

    This video looks freaking awesome!
    Am I the only one who’d like to see the Ocean Patrol with panty-hoes? That way they’d be even more like the Bleach Patrol, who they are emulating?

    Maybe it’s me, but it sure would add some accuracy to my fantasy.

  59. MyNameisURL says:

    I for one love the current Ocean Patrol duo and hope to continue seeing them be destroyed for awhile, costumes and all! I also like Alaina as the ultimate “toy” baddies can not only whip up on, but use to their own nefarious ends against her partner, like in this one.

  60. lazxmw says:

    This is going to be a really stupid question, but I just wanted to make sure. Is Randy Star 2 coming out this Tues or Wed, or next week?

  61. Kaizar says:

    I agree with “I love XCW” on his statement:

    we want to see goldie blair and emily addison with paris”

    Now that kind of cast is what I call HOT HOT HOT.

  62. Well, the whole concept of The Ocean Patrol is that it is a parody of The Beach Patrol and Baywatch, so the one-piece red suits are here to stay. But yes, they will be ripped up, torn off, pulled down, etc., in every match, so fear not. The Ocean Patrol’s bodies will be well exposed!

    Randy Star 2 I have actually finished editing; I will put it online some time next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Randy Star 2 is almost ALL just a long sexual and beatdown torture scene of Randy and Candle–not much fighting, not much plot, really just a long extended sequence of sexual and physical humiliation. But it’s way hot. Randy Moore and Candle Boxxx are both just amazingly hot.

    Stay tuned!


  63. ME2013 says:

    So Alex, when can we expect Randy Star 2? =p Any time soon?

  64. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Angela is a model I have been seeing for numerous years , I am known as LoveSexyJobbers on another site & for those familiar with the stories I do , I use pics as visuals for the wrestlers I use & I have plenty of Angela pics & she has been a dream jobber of mine for a long time just from those pics , believe I have seen her in a few lesbian pics , but have always dreamed of her jobbing , next on my list is Jenny Poussin , that body is crying out to be dominated & humiliated .

    I actually like the red one pieces , they are the Ocean Patrol , Baywatch Babes so to say & Baywatch Babes are not Baywatch Babes without those iconic red one pieces & as URL said , it’ll be aalot of fun removing them from their bodies .

    Please use & abuse Angela every chance possible

  65. Stee says:

    I have a question for all the people that have been recommending Angela. Where have you seen her before? Has she been in other peril-type videos or just lame-stream porn?

    Ditch the partner (or better yet give Angela a hotter partner, whats-her-name is invisible next to Angela) and give them bikinis, those one-pieces are the biggest thing in the world.

    And pleeeeeease put Angela in the next locker room scene!!

  66. GManLovesJobbers says:

    What URL said

  67. MyNameisURL says:

    Prefer to keep the present one-piece outfits. Of course, to get more skin, you’ll just have to peel those things off! LOL

  68. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Also wondering if to go along with the Ocean Patrol , if a Southern Belles tag team is in the works so we can have 2 VERY SUPER JOBBERIFIC teams to enjoy & the Belles could be any number of hotties like Ahmo , Cindy , JC , or another hot blonde

  69. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @kingles – I have no problem with Alaina being Angela’s partner , it’s just that some previous comments by others said that maybe she may not be the right partner & if Alex was going to change , this would be the only time to do it , I Love Alaina , not as much as Angela as I will say it again , I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SEE ANGELA AS A WRESTLING JOBBER FOR A LONG LONG LONG TIME .

    As far as my other suggestions go , who wouldn’t want to see Ahmo hight , Cindy Pucci , Jc Marie , or even a Jenny Poussin , ravished , dominated , violated , & defeated in the x-club ring

  70. Greg S says:

    Wow, both members of the beach patrol are awesome! Their normal outfits being the red one-piece makes sense, but I’d love to see one episode where they switch to tiny red bikinis, those girls are just too hot to not show more skin!!!

    I have to echo the sentiments about seeing Angela in a SHW production, sounds like a no-brainer. I also think Alaina’s girl-next-door innocence would make a perfect naive rookie superheroine. We need more of those ladies!

  71. kingles says:

    This was awesome! Best episode yet!

  72. kingles says:

    @GManLovesJobbers: Alaina is SO cute…She’s a perfect tag team partner for Angela!

  73. GManLovesJobbers says:

    did buy the download today & loved seeing Angela beat down , as I stated numerous times , I’ve waited a long time to see her be the jobber , one trivial negative if you want to call it one , would of loved to see flat on her back with Alaina draped over her during the pin .

    As far as Alaina goes , some don’t think she is cast right as Angela’s partner & some love her , for me , i’m ok with her as Angela’s partner & if a few Ocean Patrol matches down the road if she is still getting dominated with Angela , i’ll still be loving it , but I can’t help but thing seeing Sinn Sage in her country girl outfit she was wearing that Alaina does actually seem more compatable with her & if a change is made as far as a tag partner for Angela , it must be before the next match where perhaps a Ahmo Hight , Cindy Pucci , or JC Marie could become the new Ocean Patrol member & Angela’s partner , they changed Beach Patrol members on Women of Wrestling , after the 1st show I believe people will accept it , after that , it’s Alaina & Angela , all this of course depends on wether or not there is even thought of of doing so , if it’s Angela with Ahmo , Cindy , or JC jobbing or Angela & Alaina , it’s a-ok with me

  74. Steve says:

    I find that supergirl has been done to death, it is getting tiresome.

  75. RJ123 says:

    Angela Sommers is absolutely stunning, need to have her in the classic Helen Slater Supergirl costume and be weakened by kryptonite, that would be amazing!!!

  76. I love xcw says:

    we want to see goldie blair and emily addison with paris

  77. Steve says:

    would be good to see more mixed action, perhaps with Ocean Patrol or Angela against a guy. As a superheroine, she has the look for a Valkyrie type heroine, or perhaps a Shanna the She Devil character lol.

  78. Kaizar says:

    Any chance of getting JC, Christie Stevens and Angela together in a superherione or spy video?

    Someone else asked this, but I want to know too.

    And I would also like to see Christina Carter, as well as Jewell Marceau do wrestling videos too.

    And I would also like to see a milf team in XCW too.

    And yes, I want to see more Angela Sommers & Christie Stevens, including in Superheroine videos. Well you probably been doing that with Christie Stevens, but you still should do more with videos with Angela Sommers.


    There is only one mixed wrestling match from prostylefantasies.com

  79. Hey guys, Paris here! Glad you like the episode, I love getting to be mean to all these babes. >:D I especially like to torture the newbies, muahahahaha.

    I also have to say that Angela Sommers is literally the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen in real life, and she is also one of the nicest, genuinely sweet girls in the business, up there with JC Marie! AND a total trooper for her first time in our ring!

    I agree with what a couple people said, Alex we NEED to get that girl on Superheroine World ASAP!!!!

    Enjoy the video!


  80. CaptainCrude says:

    Great work Alex, and everyone involved. Both of the girls in Ocean Patrol are very sexy. I like that there is a more voluptuous team member, and it would be fun to see her explain how the two need to approach their enemies only for her go-getter, plan maker personality get completely wrecked in monster squashes.

    Speaking of monster heel (or just a heel in general) I would love to see a girl wearing boxing gloves for part of her match and after she’s dominated her opponent(s) take them off and use her hands to finish her work. It would be especially sexy if JC, Christina Carter, or Jewell Marceau played such a character. Someone who could play with the gloves and bounce their own breasts around freely, taunting and pushing them together as a strike by trapping a girls face in a smother and then boxing her breasts together and knocking her opponents over.

    Anyways, great work – I look forward to seeing how the Christie Stevens, Vicki Chase, Annie Gunn situation plays out.

  81. Gorleser says:

    Wow. This video was incredible– *loved* the Ocean Patrol, especially how they ended up in an unconscious heap, but also loved Vickie Chase selling the knockout and strapon. Kudos to the costume designers.

  82. FemFightFan says:

    MyNameisURL I like that idea (MILF TAGTEAM) but I would prefer they be heels and dominate. Not as good looking as the model good girls, they are just meaner and brutal.

    Alex (or anyone) can this videos be purchased and downloaded direct to iPads?

  83. MyNameisURL says:

    I’d like to see a hot MILF tag team at some point. Two upscale, bored trophies thinking they’ll get some excitement into their bored lives by doing a little underground wrestling, but receiving far more than they thought, getting totally beaten and fucked. And, of course, they could never say anything about it, because why were they there in the first place?

    Mixed wrestling…there’s so many sites that do that already. Unless you’re talking about males dominating females, not as many of those. Just doesn’t seem to be XCW style.

  84. Steve says:

    Does XCW normally not do mixed wrestling matches?

  85. Glad you guys are enjoying the episode! And don’t worry, The Ocean Patrol will job every time they wrestle–I just can imagine a match or two down the road where by some stroke of luck they manage to win, which of course would only infuriate their opponents who would completely massacre them in the rematch, etc.

    I am still not sure who the monster character will be, but yes, she will decimate the Ocean Patrol single-handedly in her debut match!

    I love locker room attacks–but I don’t think putting the Ocean Patrol in that position works very well, after all, they are two of the weakest wrestlers in XCW, why would anyone go to the trouble of sneak attacking them in the locker room? Christie Stevens or the Tigress or GI Jewell would all be better candidates for that, especially at the XCR (X Club Rumble).

    BUT…I CAN see Angela or Alaina being one of the two FIRST wrestlers in the XCR…I like the idea that, say, Angela is in the XCR almost for the entire duration of the match, just being completely pummeled the whole time…

    I agree with MyNameIsURL–I think the bouncy enthusiasm attitude is important…which is not to say that they can’t look scared when their opponents come out, etc., but if they come out already scared it kind of gets weird….like, why are they doing this? Why not just quit? I like the idea that they have an upbeat, energetic, never-say-die positivity (kind of like GIJ)…one which is just brutally smacked down every match…

    Randy Star 2 coming up next! Already shot, just editing it now.

    Then I’m in Tampa for Fetishcon, then after that we are shooting a new superheroine video starring Christie Stevens–which will be kind of an old-timey news-reporter-is-secretly-a-superheroine story. Christie as a patriotic heroine, Wonder Dame. Some fighting, some sexual humiliation, a forced BJ (actually a couple)…will be hot!

  86. MyNameisURL says:

    I don’t know. I kind of like the “enthusiasm” approach, as if they’re totally oblivious to what’s about to happen to them. In fact, I’ve always thought that should be a back-story…how two innocent, straight babes are convinced by the lure of a lot of money to wrestle in a match, without having any clue as to what they’re about to get themselves into.

    It makes their destruction even more absolute and awesome when it happens!

    Of course, if you want them to return to get squashed again, you have to think up a new storyline…incredibly dumb, suckered in by money, something.

    Whatever works.

  87. GManLovesJobbers says:

    SEE 🙂

  88. djarte says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Now that some time has passed i would like to comment also on the latest episode.

    First of all, as i said also in my previous comment, this episode was AWESOME!

    Alex you managed to fulfill most of my wrestling fantasies by putting these two Jobbers destroyed and humiliated by the heels!

    Despite most of the comments i have read here i myst admit that i am becoming a huge fan of JObber Alaina. She looks so sweet and innocent when receiving the punishment. I love her soft booty also. My favourite scene is where she is spanked and receiving a wedgie by Paris (which by the way plays remarkable her role as a bad girl). I would like to see her (along of course with her partner Angela) in lot more SQUASHING matches. Perhaps the next episode will introduce the Monster heel which hopefully is going to SQUASH in a 2-1 contest the Lovely JObbers!

    The costumes were also great! They truly remind me the days of WOWE where Beach Patrols were wearing more or less the same outfit.

    On the cons now (are there really any cons???) i must say that i would prefer the entrance scene a little bit different. For example i would prefer the Jobbers to look terrified as the know already the upcoming destruction they are going to face. This reaction before the match is common to most of the jobber wrestlers. 😉

    Bottom line, the best by far episode i have bought for XCW! If you continue like this i will sure become a huge fan of the series.



  89. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Told you people want more than 3 squashes , just SQUASH AWAY ALEX

  90. Tim Caine says:

    Love the SQUASH! LOVE IT!
    The Ocean Patrol getting beaten and humiliated. I love it. Alex climbed into my head and read my dreams.
    More Ocean Patrol destruction, please! Especially Angela!
    Thank you for the one sided squash.

    The Ocean Patrol humiliation was freaking awesome!

  91. GManLovesJobbers says:

    As to what Jack Puncher said , it seems to me that if that locker room attack does happen , even though she had been beatdown in the dressing room before , Christie Stevens , who has yet to lose ( bummer ) & who would seem to be the #1 good girl seems like the perfect recipient of another beatdown in the dressing room , if not , Randy Moore would be the next candidate , hopefully in a sexier cat like costume , but whoever it is , you can have her fight the good fight , but in the end , she should not be winning , that will make her a super & makes the dressing room attack pointless.

    Alex — Since there are more squashes coming Angela’s way , can’t you just shoot them all at once , waited a long time to see her venture into wrestling , now want to see her become top jobber EVER

  92. Jack Puncher says:

    The comments by “Stee” above regarding a Locker Room beating/ravaging have created an enticing thought. A contestent in the Royal Rumble is sneek attacked and ravaged just prior to their number being called to enter the Rumble Match. She does not want to forfeit her place in the match so we see her barely concious and in great distress from the beating/ravaging somehow pulling her ring attire back on and staggering/crawling to the ring all the time holding her abused crotch area. She knows wrestlers already in the ring will see her weakened state and will regard her as easy prey for low blow punishment. How long she can survive in the match will be a testiment to her courage and fortitude.

  93. Stee says:

    Just when I was trying to cut back on the number of videos I’ve been buying, you bring out this impossibly hot Angela Sommers and force me to spend more money! Heck with her partner, just give us more Angela Sommers!!

    And please tell me you are going to have another locker room ravaging soon, probably at the Royal Rumble. I was really hoping it would be JC Marie getting destroyed (the bad girls would beat/rape her and then say ‘welcome to the XCW’, that would be great to have a girl’s introduction to the league like that), but now I just want Angela getting demolished in the locker room!!

    Any chance of getting JC, Christie Stevens and Angela together in a superherione or spy video?

  94. Jack Puncher says:

    Great addition to X Club’s library of matches. Well done to all the talent involved both on and off screen. I like matches where good girls have to endure sneek attacks, double teamimg, use of illegal foreign objects and generally underhand activities by the heel wrestlers. After taking a beating, and hopefully the loss of at least part of their ring attire, if the good girls can somehow pull a win out of the box that is a reward for their fortitude and endurance. Although non of the good girls can be said to emerge victorious on this occasion I like the direction X Club is going in it’s matches.

    Ocean Patrol is a great addition to the wrestling charactors and hopefully they will return to face further humiliations and punishments.

    I like Ashley Rose’s referee charactor and have been a fan of Ashley’s since I first became aware of her on other websites. She always puts in a good performance and I hope if she is available it is possable to develope her involvement in the action. Maybe heel wrestlers could seek to intimidate her in the locker room or maybe instead of just being knocked out accidently in the ring heels could deliberatly take action against the referee because she is not making what they consider the right calls.I have an open mind and my only wish is to see more of Ashley in those matches she is involved in.

    Some time ago mention was made of a possable project around an X Club Royal Rumble type event and I wonder if this is still planned for the future.

  95. GB says:

    Omg I love Angela. Best jobber ever! Please feature her in more movies. I will buy every one

  96. LordSnot says:

    The destruction of Ocean Patrol looks like good stuff.

  97. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Yes everybody , the hot blonde of the Ocean Patrol is Angela Sommers & I CAN NEVER & WILL NEVER GET ENOUGH OF HER JOBBING

  98. Kaizar says:


    Also, I would definitely like to see Angela in more videos including Superheroine videos, if she is the blonde ocean patrol in this video.

    Keep up the good work.

    And Happy Year of 3D !

  99. GManLovesJobbers says:


  100. Jerry says:


    Absolutely loved it!!

    The taller Ocean Patrol member (is it Angela?) Watching her get destroyed is a gorgeous sight. I loved the way they did “go to sleep” on her and held her for a prolonged wedgie.

    One suggestion and I am just trying to be constructive…
    the Ocean Patrol were very peppy for the entrance…perhaps a little too peppy and losing some realism in the process. In the next match, can you replace some of the jumping around with femininity (ex.. big smiles, adjusting the hair, then adjusting their kneepads and suits, carefully placing their life preservers on the ring post, holding each other’s hands and building each other up before the match) …Those little mannerisms make the moment more real before they get squashed. That is what made the original Beach Patrol so dreamy. Remember, they are the Ocean Patrol not the cheerleaders.

    That is just a suggestion. I know this was the first time out for these ladies and they did a GREAT job. Again the taller Ocean Patrol member is a goddess!!

    Thank you for the recreating this great tag team. Can’t wait for their next match!!

  101. Agent E-45 says:

    Did I see correctly in the preview of a chick getting a double-axe handle to her ass crack??

    I am so extremely buying this video now….

  102. Steve says:

    Great stuff! Angela Sommers as a heroine sounds good to me. XClub wrestling do amazing stuff, would be good to see more mixed matches.

  103. Mister S says:

    Downloaded this (quickly, I might add), and loved it. Angela Sommers may be the most gorgeous girl alive. PLEASE use her in more movies (preferably superhero or action ones).

  104. Faylen says:

    Hey Alex! Two questions for ya!

    1. What’s the deal with the Christie Stevens superheroine movie? We haven’t seen a SHW release in a while!

    2. Will you ever feature Angela Sommers as a superheroine? She really looks like someone who would be able to pull that look off well!

  105. Hey Bob, sure that would be great–I don’t have your email, can you email me at videobydallas@hotmail.com?

    In the meantime, I’m uploading the HD version of the episode split up into two parts, for easier downloading. Should be online in a few hours (I have to run some errands for now).

    Anyway, most users seem to be experience the normal download speeds; but if you’re experiencing slower than usual speeds, then maybe just try again in a day or two. This may or may not have anything to do with it, but a LOT of people are buying and downloading this one, so it might just be a very high usage. I might just have to increase my bandwidth limits with my host–will look into it.


  106. Bob says:


    Ironically I work in the internet download space… Pretty funny because my company actually helps companies having this problem and yes many adult companies well. I can even explain exactly why some users are having fast downloads and some aren’t. It has everything to do with your hosting company and nothing to do with the users. Email if you want, I can def help you get this fixed. I’ll really need to talk to yourhhosting company contact. I can give u more details via email.

  107. djarte says:

    Hi Alex,

    I also experience slow download speeds. Usually it takes more than 50 minutes to download one XCW episode. Today it took around 43 minutes for 1,3GB. And I also have a high speed line (32mbits/s) downstream. 😉

    Take into account though that I live in Germany so I believe the server is a bit far away from my ISP.

  108. Hey Scando–seems to be downloading very fast over here (1MB/sec). Anyone else having unusually slow download speeds?

  109. Scando says:

    Looks very good Alex. Hoping to see some superheroine-action soon.
    One thing though, not sure if the problem is only on my side but I am experiencing extremely low bandwidth when downloading the clips I’ve purchased. With a high speed (100MB) internet connection it should not take 9 hours to download 800 mbs…

  110. Ryan says:

    looks great

  111. MyNameisURL says:

    Great look for the losing squad! Making one partner go down on the other to force her to orgasm was a great touch too! Been wanting to see something like that occasionally. Maybe in future matches, have the beaten ones forced to go down on their victors might be nice too.

  112. djarte says:


    comments later….

  113. GManLovesJobbers says: