X Club Wrestling 29 + New Boxing Fantasies

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  1. dkm says:


    Misty getting bitch slapped and spanked is one of the best things I’ve seen all Summer! Can’t wait to pick this up next month.

  2. Lake says:

    Can someone who has purchased this give me an idea of the time ratio between fighting and fondling? I often find the trailers make you think there is more combat than there actually is.

  3. tree says:

    Sorry Alex, a male destroying(without the help of female” villains”)super heroines doesn’t do it for me. Good production quality as always.

  4. OKAY! “Beaten By The Billionaire!” starring 2014 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Lexi Belle, AVN-award-winner Misty Stone, and the incomparable Tommy Pistol, is now available!!


    SPECIAL OPENING WEEK PRICE! For the first week only, “Beaten By the Billionaire” will be priced at $19.95, so that all our loyal repeat customers can get it at a discounted rate! Grab it before the price goes up!

    Included in this thrilling episode:

    Back and forth fighting, face punches, bitch slapping, low blows, crotch claws, lots of spanking, one heroine’s face shoves into her partner’s crotch, bondage, stripping, groping, choking, headbutt, bondage, one heroine forced to suck on the villain’s bionic cock, massive ejaculate spattering on both heroines, ravishing, humiliation, KO, and much much more!! Check out the free trailer at the site or else here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb3Q117AHXA&feature=youtu.be

    Starring Lexi Belle, Misty Stone, Tommy Pistol; 18.5 minutes; MP4. Only $19.95 for the first week only!!

  5. MCarvalh says:

    Loved the mansion….Can’t wait for the video. I am sure it will be great as always…

  6. I just uploaded the trailer to Youtube as an unlisted vid–lets see how long it lasts! Check it out!!


  7. Ah! Trailer deemed too hot for Daily Motion!!!

    Will post it on the site asap!

  8. Hey everyone–here’s the trailer for “Beaten By The Billionaire” starring Lexi Belle, Misty Stone, and Tommy Pistol! The video is done, just waiting on the billing company. With luck it will be available tonight!


  9. Harden says:

    Gotta commend you Alex for including a black actress in your film. There’s a serious lack of colored talent in the genre and your film looks like a breath of fresh air honestly. Big up, I’ll be picking this one up when it’s released.

  10. All great ideas! Unfortunately most of these I didn’t see until after we shot last weekend, BUT I will keep them on our list!

    Angel and Demon Hawk are coming very soon! Should be available by tomorrow morning! Starring the 2014 Penthouse Pet of the YEAR, Lexi Belle as Demon Hawk, and the mega superstar AVN-winning Misty Stone as Angel Hawk! With the incomparable Tommy Pistol as the evil billionaire, Randall Blake!

    “Beaten By The Billionaire!” coming tomorrow (or maybe even today)!

    Here are some sneak peeks:


  11. Kaizar says:

    The seperate weaknesses per heroine sounds like a good idea.

  12. Joe says:

    What about a duo with separate weaknesses. For example one vulnerable to a ray that takes her powers away and another that a ancient jar or device can take and hold her powers, could transform her back to her human form of a schoolgirl which would result in fondling, orgasms and submission. I’m looking for something other then the usual kryptonite weakening.

  13. RackAttack says:

    AOH bondage and wet look mentioned previously. Costume destruction. Visible damage from fighting to the hero. One AOH while other fights villain and can’t help. Possibly some whipping. It’s not a custom video for me so here are some ideas I hope you use a couple.

  14. Kaizar says:

    For a billionaire villainess, I guess I would suggest that she has all sorts of traps and other high-tech stuff to go head to head withthe Superheroines.

    Some sort of gas or gas chamber (effects of whatever kind)


    Something at the end to more equalize the playing field for the villainess.

    A double dildo strap-on; that goes into both the pussy & ass at the same time, which is why there’s 2 on one strap-on.

    A device to extract one of the superheroine’s (the sidekick) breast milk. (for the purpose of gaining the same powers, to become a unstoppable Supervillainess)

    And an injection needle that is used the head Superheroine to make her breast lactate to just squeeze the breast milk out. (for the purpose of gaining the same powers, to become a unstoppable Supervillainess)

    Off the top of my head for the Superheroines VS. billionaire video.

  15. RackAttack says:

    AOH bondage and the wet look always a winner in my book.

  16. George says:

    Will this be a wrestling match? What about some bearhugs and ragdoll moments. Also be good to have some foot fetish and some defeatist dialogue from the heroines.

  17. Hey everyone–so we WERE going to shoot with August Ames this past Sunday, but she got injured on her previous shoot so we had to postpone to Friday, and recast the part. The new girl we’ve hired is a VERY popular star, and I’m sure you will love both her AND her sexy partner.

    Superheroine duo fighting a super-powered billionaire. Still open for suggestions!

  18. Kaizar says:

    I like KE5612 idea, quote:

    Just saw Emily Addison’s new look on your Twitter. I know it can’t happen, but ultimate dream tag team: Christie Stevens in her new pink getup and Emily Addison with her new pink hair. The new bad girl dream team!

    End quote.

  19. KE5612 says:


    Any truth to the rumors that you are currently working on part 2 of Raquel III? Love that vid!

  20. Kevlar says:

    low blows and frontal wedgies in cute panties please! damn i hope staci is featuring again, but look forward to the duo whoever they may be 😀

  21. Laundry says:

    Yeah now this was on point. Sinn Sage face down and k.o.d with that ass out is what I want to see more of. I think some crotch shots from the back would be better than spanking sometimes. The second vid was hot too. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dominator get jobbed out by the Warrior or by 2 other heels on some betrayal shit.

    For the new one you should have a female henchman for the Billionaire to help him do his dirty work.

  22. MyNameisURL says:

    If I have more money than God and I’m wanting to nail/control a couple of superheroines Im using technology that only someone like me can afford. Either something that gives me superior strength or weakens them. Personally like stronger than them scenario. Gradual hard beatdown that shocks arrogant superheroines before beating them to submission. Outfits torn to tatters, nearly naked, same superior strength gives superior sexual prowess. Completely dominates both simultaneously, force climaxes to exhaustion, worn out bodies piled on top of each other, control device implanted for future “use” by billionaire.

  23. Scando says:

    Hey Alex, sounds awesome! Finally. Any estimated release date?
    As far as the storyline is concerned, I always wish for three things: bondage, spanking and sex (even if simulated…it is important).

    Looking forward to seeing some sneak preview pics

  24. tree says:

    X-Club 29 had the usual high standard production but I too would prefer less clothing more anatomy. Staci looks like someone with good jobber potential but I still feel Kym(GI Jenny) has no equal. For me your early videos like 3, 4 5 and 11 cannot be rivaled for intensity of suffering.

  25. uhzoomzip says:

    Once word, Alex: pussy. PLEASE include some delicious pussy shots.

    The all-time greatest portion of any clip you ever shot for me was in the first Battle Babes video when Nicole has torn Francesca’s pantyhose and she’s poking her finger in and out of her pussy and the camera is just all up in there. Amazing close-up. https://www.battlebabes2020.com/episode1/t-bb02.jpg

  26. MCarvalh says:

    If the duo you are talking about is the one I think, There will be no unmasking, but I would love to see one.

    It would be great if one of the secret powers of the millionaire was to induce uncontrollable lust. As a result the superheroines would start touching themselves. It would be nice to see first the look on their faces when they realize something is wrong. Then they would start fighting the urge to touch themselves and eventually they would succumb. Then they would end up touching each other. I like the idea that their humiliation would be broadcast. In fact it could all be some kind of trap to humiliate them. They arrive at the den of the millionaire all confident and end up totally humiliated in front of millions of viewers.

    Just my 2 cents…

  27. dkm says:


    It’d be kind of cool if one of the superheroines had huge debt, and the billionaire knew this and decided to use that information as leverage to cause her to just kick the crap out of her partner and follow his orders.

  28. HorseWithNoName says:

    That sounds cool!

    Since I could only guess which heroines you are talking about 🙂 here are my usual requests: unmasking and humiliation in front of a video camera with the results getting posted “online”. Less fighting, more humiliation would be nice, but that might not be what others want 🙂

    If you were to do that unmasking thing: “play it slow, Sam” 🙂

  29. OKAY! So next up will be a very hot new superheroine video. Old school Hawk Heroine fans might remember the heroine duo we’ll be reintroducing–I’m really looking forward to it! The characters will be played by new models to the genre–in fact, I don’t think either of these performers have ever done anything in the superheroine genre before, so it will be very cool!

    This superheroine duo will be facing off against a mysterious male billionaire who, unbeknownst to them, has some super powers of his own.

    There will be fighting, bondage, sexual humiliation, etc. I’m open to suggestions for the action!

  30. Ryan Sanford says:

    Staci was amazing. I would love to see her in more of these videos.

  31. Bob says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but hey when the ideas start flowing they come in bunches and there is no edit option unfortunately here.

    So one more idea for your matches, and I don’t know if you have the technology or software or whatever to do this but what if you made h a “choose your own ending” type match. Man that would be cool, like just shoot a couple different ending sequences so there would be a spot or a couple spots during the video where you get a choice to pick “see good girl win via submission” or “see heel win via pin”, etc.

    Not sure if that’s possible, but would be AWESOME.


  32. Bob says:

    Juts thought of an idea while pondering which jobber team I’d like to see lose the most… What if you shit the same match twice, one with the team as schoolgirl cheerleaderccombo and once with them as ocean patrol. Might be a stretch but that way folks could have the option of which one they wanted to purchase most, some like myself would probably buy both 😉

    Like literally just shoot the exact same script twice Jan row with different jobber tag team or same girls just wearing different outfits. Genius or stupidity?

  33. Bob says:

    Alex, PLEASE do what you replies to GMan with about re-doing tag match multi fall heels winning 10-0. Holy crap that would be so perfect. I personally would prefer it the schoolgirl and cheerleader job team, but if you do it with ocean patrol that could work too.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shoot that for next episode!

  34. KE5612 says:


    Just saw Emily Addison’s new look on your Twitter. I know it can’t happen, but ultimate dream tag team: Christie Stevens in her new pink getup and Emily Addison with her new pink hair. The new bad girl dream team!

  35. Kevlar says:

    BTW anyone else notice the Christina nip-slip slight continuity error? 😛

  36. Kevlar says:

    A great follow up to the XCW Rumble!

    I love Christie’s new “American MEAN Girl” persona, it’s nice to see the contrast when good girls go bad (and slightly crazy) and damn she plays a bad girl so well! I like that she shows she’s no longer a goodie by humiliating Sinn, pulling down her shorts for the whipping. The wedgie during the scissors was also a nice touch of adding insult to injury and I would like to see a similar move with a frontal wedgie, or more frontal wedgies in general.

    Sinn was solid as ever and it’ll be interesting to see what happens between her and the “new” masked wrestler. I would however have preferred if Sinn could react to the low blows she received from Christie although she was dazed, as reactions are a big part of the appeal of low blow.

    I can’t wait to see the Warrior in action, I love Melissa Jacobs, she was truly incredible in The Gatecrasher. I like her character too, she appears morally “good” but like Sinn is a bit of a badass (almost anti-hero like) and is by no means a walkover. Enough with the teasers, get her in a full match!

    Finally, the best part of this release is definitely the introduction of Staci Carr! She reminds me a little of Danielle Trixie, what an adorable hottie! Her facial expressions are great both before and during the match, and she was very convincing in the ring and during her speaking parts (the bit where she reveals her costume inspiration is hilarious!).
    And wow… what a costume! I love the knotted blouse with matching plaid skirt and bra, I even loved the kneepads with the red tags, but the addition of lacy panties underneath (which i think should be regulation wrestling attire) was hot perfection!

    The final scene was awesome too, Christina’s hands-on stimulation of Staci was great. It looked a lot more realistic (compared to front of the mound rubbing that’s too high up, or the crotch grab/hand twitch combo) as Christina alternated between fingers/thumbs, switching hand positions from above to from below targeting specific areas. I think the close-ups, and that Staci was only in a small pair of panties helped, but it was hot to see Christina’s fingers actually rubbing and moving the skin beneath Staci’s thong. The only thing missing was the close up from behind when Christina turns Staci around, or perhaps a scene where Christina get’s behind Staci and reaches between her legs to stimulate her from behind!

    Back on track… I think Staci is great as she is, but could make a good pairing with Idelsy and I quite like the “School Spirit” idea mentioned above. I don’t see any point in replacing Alaina with Staci in the Ocean Patrol as I think Alaina is good in her role alongside Angela, and Staci wouldn’t offer too much different.
    Alternatively if Alaina is definitely out, then I think Angela is the best candidate to go it alone.

  37. Kaizar says:

    I like Super Jim’s idea.

  38. Super Jim says:

    Hey Alex, do you think anytime in the future we’ll have a scene where Lady Amazon is ravished from behind with a strap on? I think a perfect one would be with Lady Amazon bent over the ropes like Cali was in “The Scheme Part 1” while getting the strap on from behind. A similar one was done in XCW episode 10 with Emily, but her arms was over the top rope, but with Lady Amazon she can be in the ropes like Cali was.

  39. Kaizar says:

    It’s great to hear that the Superheroine vids never really stop intentionally, and that their still going to go strong.

    Luckily Christina Carter release another one of those very hot Wonder Woman VS. dark Wonder Woman videos to hold me over.

    And for non-porn videos there’s Hercules 3D & Guardians of the Galaxy 3D & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D.

    This is becoming a great next several weeks for me. It’s just to bad I still have to wait several more months for certain AAA Nintendo 3DS games like Yo-Kai Watch 1 & Rodea: the Sky Soldier & King of Pirates 1 & Super Smash Bros. 3D & YuGiOh 3D & so fort, especially since I’ve been waiting 4 years for 4 of these games, LOL but true.

  40. CaptainCrude says:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond Alex!

    “You couldn’t stop me from spitting in your face before.” (spits on face) “And you won’t now either.” I would love it if Christie said that after hitting the American Dream (a move, to my knowledge, that no one has been able to kick out of).

    But after a good spit shine it would be really sexy to see her pull out a bright red strap on and rub it all over their face and into their mouth to get it wet before completely ravishing them.

    In the past Christie has smiled while shaking her head yes when making an opponent climax. It makes her look like she’s telling them to give in to her, which I think is incredibly sexy that she’s so cocky. Another really If you could write/direct for her to continue with that I would appreciate it!

  41. GManLovesJobbers says:

    In regard to August Ames , don’t now why , I think she would make a great heroine partner for Lady Amazon ( Goldie ) , yes , it’s another tag team thing but 2 are better than one

  42. laz316 says:

    First, I LOVE that you compared Sinn to Tommy Rich. Granted, I see her more in the Barry Windham type role, but that idea that she is a talented wrestler that isn’t in title contention due to her temper is pretty much the same with either wrestler.I also thank you for responding as quickly as you did in regards to my comment about Ashley. I still believe that Ashley and Alyssa “Ravisher” Reece still have some unsettled business to attend too, as well as Nina Kwan’s former manager(her name escapes me at the moment) since the manager humilated Ashely during Divapocalypse. I know these are old issues, but it would be cool to see a special “flashback” episode where we get “found footage” of a backstage assault by either one or both of the heels mentioned attacking Ashley so they can replace her with the evil ref Jessica.
    I also would love to see a handicap match where the Marquise, Roxy, and The Dominator go against Lady Amazon. Maybe Amazon can demand either a title shot or a match against the Dominator from JJ, she could even physically humiliate him in the process. Of course he gives her the match she wants, as long as she wins her next match. This sets up the handicap match, which could have a “strap on a pole” or “total humilation” stipulation. This would of course be the end of Lady Amazon for a bit, but she is saved at the very end by whomever you want your top face to be, she clears the ring and is standing tall until she is jumped from behind by Christie. Now both faces are destroyed and left laying with the heels laughing over them.
    These are just ideas of course, and I hope others like them enough to keep them alive.

  43. Tim Caine says:


    I have to say I totally agree with you. I’d love to see Staci as Angela’s partner in the Ocean Patrol. I know it messes with peoples continuity thing, but I don’t care. I think it would be awesome.

  44. Louis says:

    While the Tigress’s Gauntlet is the event I’m most looking forward to, I can wait until things come together properly. It also gives us time to chip in our thoughts on who exactly she’d be facing. The Dominator is expected to end the challenge but who else and placed where?

    Jessica Ryan looks as good a wrestler as a referee, and Tigress laid the hurt on her last time she oversaw a match. Maybe she could be first, followed by Alyssa “Ravisher” Reece who Tigress faced in her introduction. “Anime” Akira Lane could be great as the third who really brings the pain/humiliation or, as she already did that in their last match, maybe someone new like the seasoned Roxy Blade. The penultimate foe could be The Marquise since she’s never faced Tigress but has beaten down her allies Jewel and Karlie.

    Maybe even have Cadence present as “just a manager” for most of the ordeal. Those are my thoughts though I realize scheduling and availability could lead to a very different but still thoroughly entertaining event.

  45. Franklin says:

    @Alex Bettinger Thanks for responding and considering my request!

    I see August as a Face who is constantly sexually humiliated throughout a match. I’ve seen her hardcore scenes and I love the way she moans. She is perfect for a strap-on submission match!

  46. dkm says:

    @Alex: One more casting suggestion for you, how about Billie? She’s appeared in a couple of Hit The Mat videos and a few DT videos and she can sell the shit out of a beating. To the point you almost feel bad for her and then you’re like, “What am I doing, that’s why I bought this?”

    I’d love to see Billie and Misty on a jobber team with the running joke that the GM put them together as a team because he’s kind of racist and not because they’re just terrible jobbers. And then they can go and challenge people way out of their league in terms of ability and get their asses kicked for doing so.

    Thought that’d be fun. 🙂

  47. Thanks to everyone who has gotten this one–I figured after the craziness of the X Club Rumble a couple of good ol squash matches would be just the thing. Still kicking around ideas for the Warrior/Dominator match coming up…I wonder if it’s maybe too early for a decisive victory either way…so I’m thinking maybe at some point the Warrior is doing well but then The Marquise or someone interferes….and they start putting the beatdown on Warrior, until some good girl comes to help… Then maybe JJ comes out and declares it a tag team match.

    Still working on getting the Tigress back into the studio! Hopefully for the next episode!

    @Uhzoomzip: I am a huge fan of both Ginger and Sinn too! I’m not sure what kind of role I could give Ginger in XCW yet…I’ll have to think about it.

    @Gman: You know, it might be kinda fun to have a multi-fall tag team match…like, 10 falls no matter what, whoever has the most at the end wins…and the bad girls of course win every fall, winning 10 to 0… As for where to put Staci…I haven’t made any final decisions yet. The school girl/cheerleader team with Idelsy was my first idea, but replacing Alaina with Staci would work too. Maybe that could be Staci’s gimmick, in fact–she keeps trying on different “personas”, hoping each time that it will help her in the ring, but of course each time she is brutally destroyed… Angela and Staci would be a fun team for sure.

    @WP: Well, we’ve only had one showing of the Warrior so far, and she was a bad ass. I think if we destroy her immediately that would take the fun out of the character. I think The Warrior should be a really tough good girl until finally she is ganged up on by like 3 or 4 bad girls, who put her completely out of commission for a while. Something like that, at least, is what I’ve got tentatively planned for her.

    @Kaizar: Fear not, I’ll be making more superheroine videos very soon! It really just was a coincidence that I haven’t made any since March. I made The House of Humiliation and Horror just before WrestleMania, then when I got back from that I was really focused on the two matches for the X Club Rumble, which took a long time to produce and schedule (so many models!). Then I took a nice break, and when I came back to work I wanted to do another XCW episode right away, since XCW is an ongoing storyline that’s been going for almost 4 years now, and so I wanted to keep that one very much alive. I’ll probably do a superheroine vid next!

    @KE5612: Yeah, these were definitely “squash” matches! Lots of reasons for it–first I do get a lot of requests for them; but also it’s WAY hot in the gym in July and August, so a very busy back and forth grueling match is almost out of the question at the moment. Of course, we just had an absolutely gorgeous and cool weekend here, so maybe it’s just a matter of scheduling with the forecast in mind.

    Regarding the Warrior, I do think I’m going to keep her bad-ass-ness going for a while–I think she should get all the way to the top and get a shot at the title, but then be put down HARD by a gang of cheating heels. Or something like that.

    Staci is very green, to be sure–she’s only been in the business for like a month! But she was great to work with, and super cute, so I’ll probably bring her back a few more times–I think it’s just a matter of finding her the right gimmick.

    A Tigress gauntlet match is definitely what I would LIKE to shoot–but scheduling will be difficult. I will try though.

    As far as Christie playing a bad girl goes, I think she’s AMAZING at it. And don’t worry, she’ll still get her ass kicked plenty–I see her as sort of a Ric Flair type…will receive plenty of beatings, but learns how to play dirty, anything to keep her title.

    @Chris: Staci Carr IS damn hot!

    @Falcon: Don’t worry, more superheroine videos on the way! I just took a lot of time to make the XCR, and then took some time off, so it’s been a while–but I’ll be back to it asap!

    @Franklin: YES. August Ames is VERY high on my list of models to work with. In fact I’ve already spoken with her agent and she is down to work for us. What sort of character do you see her as?

    @Rye: Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!

    @Stee: The episode is split pretty much in half, between the Sinn match and the Staci beatdown. So each part runs about 17 minutes. 34 minutes total. I totally understand if Sinn isn’t your cup of tea–as it happens NO girl is everyone’s favorite. Sinn is like our Tommy Rich…a wrestler with some talent but who never really gets into title contention because she’s a hothead and always getting embroiled in brutal violent feuds. For now she’ll have her hands full with this strange masked wrestler–who on earth could it be?? Let me know what you think of Staci!!

    @CaptainCrude: Yeah, I’m glad you saw the logic in putting Sinn in Christie’s first match. Sinn is a well-established character, and by beating her down so decisively (even with the mysterious masked wrestler’s help), it really helps to solidify Christie as the new champ, as someone who will really have to be reckoned with.

    I like your idea for the Warrior/Dominator match…but I do think it might be too early for a decisive victory either way. I think we can built it up some more. Which is why I think their first match gets interrupted, and then turned into a tag match. We’ll build up to some sort of number 1 contender’s match with them…maybe even a 4 way dance like they just had at WWE Battleground…I thought that match worked really well and I got a lot of ideas from it.

    I’m not opposed to some spitting in these matches–ultimately it’s totally up to the girls. I’ll run it by them.

    @Gman: That’s a good idea on the costumes for a Staci/Idelsy team. That might work. I like the name, too: “School Spirit”

    @SenorDescartes: No, sales have been great at SuperheroineWorld, it’s just that these past few months I spent a bunch of time working on the Rumble, and then took some time off, and then when I came back I wanted to do another XCW episode right away. More superheroines coming soon!!

    Glad you enjoy our fight scenes! Did you see the table fight in the first Gatecrasher vid? I was very pleased with that scene. Yeah, I think I could be up for a “darker” toned video. I would just need to come up with the right character. Feel free to make a suggestion for a character type. Though I probably wouldn’t do any obviously copyright-protected characters like Batgirl…I just prefer to make up my own, even if they’re sometimes derivative, lol.

    @CaptainCrude: Nova Woman and Crimson Hawk AND Flare all taking on the Red Queen in the House of Humiliation and Horror would definitely be a fun ride. I’ll have to see about Randy’s schedule though–she’s got her hands full these days!

    @Trooper22222: Definitely just a coincidence about Paris’s boobs! I’ll be sure to have her stripped down in her next part! 🙂 I’m sure we’ll do a topless boxing vid at some point–Paris is taking the reins on that project, so I’ll let her know!

    As for Misty–I am DYING to get her back into the studio. She is a fantastic performer and super hot. I think I am going to bring her into XCW next. Stay tuned!

    @djarte: Not sure what I’m going to do with the Ocean Patrol–I might just have Staci take over as Angela’s partner, but we’ll see. I’m crazy about Ginger Sparks too, but I just don’t know exactly what role to put her in. She’s still rather new to this kind of thing, and doesn’t naturally “over-act” the way we like for the wrestling show. She’s a great performer and takes direction very well, but I still feel we’d need to figure out a role that’s perfect for her. OR I could be persuaded to do a custom video with her. If you or anyone else is interested, email me.

    Glad you enjoyed the episode!!

  48. Kaizar says:

    Yeah, I would also like to see Ashley be a part of more of the action going down.

    And I can see that many other people besides me, want a lot more Superheroine World.

  49. djarte says:

    Amazing video as always!

    I really enjoyed both destructions! Especially Sinn’s one since i enjoy more watching juicy ladies act as jobbers! That’s why i would love to see Sparks an a creampuff as mentioned already above by another fan!

    Please do not replace Alaina as the tag-team girl, she is so adorable and sexy! I liked also Stacy and how helpless she was but as i said before i prefer booty girls with a bit more skin to receive a huge beating without being able to offer any kind of offense..

    I vote for Angela Sparks act as a helpless Jobber destroyed by any of the Bad girls and especially Dominator!

    Thanks and keep up with Squash Matches!


  50. trooper22222 says:

    I have noticed a recent trend: Paris is not going topless in her combatfetish.com videos. Is there a reason for this? She has certainly done so (and more) in the past. Also, will we ever see a topless vs. topless match from boxingfantasies.com? Hit The Mat has Misty Stone vs. Luck O’Shea topless. This looks like a dream come true, but I know you guys can do a better quality version.

  51. CaptainCrude says:

    Personally, I really like the direction Alex has taken with his Superheroine series as well as XCW.

    Continuity is really important to me in a series, especially getting behind characters. Other series include some continuity, but no one does it like Alex. Other directors/writers seem to have continuing stories for the sake of continuing a story, and other’s don’t have any continuity at all. One confrontation to the next. I don’t think any one will get exactly what they want in an entire movie, but I like getting glimpses of what I want and then seeing other things develop as well.

    In the next superheroineworld release, I would love to see Crimson Hawk enter the RQ’s lair to save the beaten heroines of the last episode. Marvel Hawk no where to be seen. Idelsy changing from the Violet Dove, to just Violet and becoming a mystical plant mistress who controls plant life and is immune to toxin now sets her eyes on Crimson Hawk. Filming Crimson Hawk’s as she receives a telepathic message from Nova Woman concerning the whereabouts of Marvel’s escape from Violet, and including it in the following episode would be brilliant. This could lead to a superhero team up with Nova & Crimson Hawk vs the Red Queen… who is alone until she reveals a machine she was hiding and her captive Marvel Hawk who is completely naked! Attached to the machine is non-other than the Dominator who has tubes running into her veins and a breathing apparatus over her mouth and nose. The machine is feeding Marvel Hawk’s power into the Dominator who rips free from the tubes and pulls the mask off her face… now the odds back in the Red Queen’s favor, and the Dominator more powerful than ever before setting her eyes on the most powerful heroines in the galaxy with Marvel Hawk forced to watch helplessly in a glass box with nothing but breathing holes!

  52. Señor Descartes says:

    Alex, I’m desperately missing the glory days of superheroine world. Is there a reason you don’t generate as much content anymore? Did sales drop off ?

    Your superheroine stuff always looked and sounded the best and had the best fight choreography around– plus outstanding talent in the form of Paris and Nicole Oring– Black Falcon 1 & 2 are still my favorite superheroine peril films you ever produced,

    If you’re going to do another, I’d suggest moving the tone away from the campier direction of recent releases and give us a dark, sexy, PSYCHOLOGICAL peril movie with a defiant heroine’s will slowly being broken (a la Redwing 2 or the harder Giga stuff.)

    You’re an exceptionally talented filmmaker and I’d love to see your next level heroine effort in the face of the new producers raising the bar.

    Also, will someone please make a Bathirl peril film with the classic purple costume? Dying to see that.

  53. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @Alex – just a few more thoughts
    (1) There are many different x-club fans here , some like the squashes & some want close matches , some want the heels to win & some, the good girls , so I know it is hard to balance the tastes of your loyal followers , KE5612 from his comments would rather see close matches while STEE , like myself , love the squashes , which is a rarity in mainstream women’s wrestling today where size , strength , & experience mean SQUAT , they will let a 5’2 / 105 lb cute coed in her 4th match still basically a wrestling student , defeat a 58 / 175 lb 10 year veteran although the cute coed knows only a few basic moves & holds , clearly has no power to make ANY offense look convincing , cannot be irish whipped off the ropes since she is not yet at that part of her training , cannot execute a simple bodyslam & when the match ends with a LAME ASS ROLLUP from behind our cute coed clearly has no power at all to hold the bigger heel down , it is the heel kicking at air as she pins herself as the coed tried o make it look like she can hold on & this result is for 1 reason , the coed is the precious good girl , so much for paying your dues . When POWW started , I saw what I can say was the 1st SQUASH I saw as GLOW was more comedy then POWW , but when I saw Queen Kong SQUASH Shannon O’Brien , I was hooked on the heel squashing good girl scenario & that is why I will always favor the Squash Matches you have , which is the best place for it , your Pro Style Fantasies site .
    (2) Like Kaizar , I also would love to see another Superheroine episode like The Exhibition , loved that one , the only drawback was that Scarlet Dove did not have her shoulders on the mat for the double pin , but Goldie as Lady Amazon with maybe Angela as her other Heroine partner getting it from some heels would be nice to see .
    (3) Lastly with the new hottie , Staci , as I said , I do believe she’d make a great Ocean Patrol partner for Angela , but that it I believe a moot point on a closed discussion , but as far as the idea of having Staci team with Idelsey as a cheerleader / schoolgirl team , last night I struck on a great idea , instead of 1 wearing a cheerleader outfit & the other a schoolgirl outfit , they can both wear matching schoolgirl outfits 1 match & then matching cheerleader outfits in another & have their tag team be known simply as ” SCHOOL SPIRIT ” the popular schoolgirls who are also on the schools cheerleading team .

  54. CaptainCrude says:

    Wow, CC the Dominator… someone might lose their soul if they stare into those baby blues for too long! Beautiful.


    This looks like a great episode, can’t wait to watch it. The fact that my two favorite bad girls are enforcing their will on Sinn who is a great first choice to have lose to Christie, and Staci the new girl… having to confront the Dominator in her first appearance… not a lucky girl.

    It doesn’t seem like the Dominator and Stacy compete. I am anticipating the Warrior vs the Dominator. I don’t think the Warrior should compete with anyone until then. If anything maybe she could make a save on another helpless Dominator victim.

    I would really like to see her debut singles match involve her being, well, Dominated. Preferably the scenario would include the two ladies going back and forth evenly matched, shoulder tackle for shoulder tackle. Punch for punch. Clothesline for clothesline until the Dominator finds a way to take advantage of opportunities. The Warrior should somehow evade what would be dirty tactics by the Dominator.

    A great ending would involve the Dominator going for a sleeper hold and locking it in. The ref raises the Warrior’s hand 2 times and it falls each time…then the third… no wait… what’s this… she seems to be hulking up… the Dominator looks worried!

    The Warrior escapes! She seems impervious to pain as she walks to the ropes and begins shaking the top rope… whats this? The Dominator looks worried for a second then looks down at her chest, smirks, and begins is unzipping her wardrobe. The Warrior turns around…and the Dominator pulls her in and traps her in her patented breast smother. The Warrior is flails her arms around desperately but appears to be helpless until finally she becomes powerless and her arms are just loosely hanging. Then the ref raises her arm. 1. again. 2. again. 3! The Ref goes to ring the bell, but The Dominator demands that she raises the Warrior’s arm again… the ref knows what would happen if she didn’t so she does and she does it 7 more times until the ref who is frantically worried finally begs her to stop being so cruel.

    I also like the idea of GI Jewell coming back and daring a slightly worried Christie to try and make an example out of her… until finally Christie does. I don’t know how opposed you are Alex, or anyone else doing this series would be to including a spitting fetish in an episode. But Christie Stevens taunting an opponent by spitting on their face before a match and then running outside the ring to get away and then climbing back in and stomping on her opponent would be great! After she wins the match with the American Dream, she could sit on up on her opponent after the pin and spit on her opponents face a few times and then rub her hand in their face to really let the humiliation sink in.

    I don’t know if you’d consider that Dominator/Warrior ending for their first confrontation (or any), but I would love that to be an ending. Just a little twist on the classic old school Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior finishes. Plus I’ve been dying to see someone lose to the Dominator that way. I couldn’t think of a better opponent.

  55. No, nothing really with Ashley in this episode but a head slam/KO. I promise I’ll bring Ashley into the action more next time!!

  56. laz316 says:

    I haven’t bought this one yet, on the sole grounds that I don’t think anything happens to Ashley Rose again. It is my belief that if you have her in the cast, then she needs to be part of the action, especially since she is the “good” ref. The heels should dominate her whenever she decides they lost a match, or when she doesn’t listen. Now, if anyone knows if something does happen to her, please let me know.

  57. Stee says:

    I don’t care much for the Sinn match but I REALLY want to see that new blonde get destroyed! How much of the video is the blonde beatdown?

    I agree with Gman. I don’t care for Sinn’s type as the face that’s taking the beating. I MUCH prefer the two HOT new blondes. Since the video depends on the face, then the face should be as hot and glamorous as possible! I would like to see Sinn as a heel.

  58. Rye says:

    Loved it Alex! The school girl outfit was amazing and she did a great job with all the punishment Christina dished out. Highly recommend!

  59. Franklin says:

    Alex, can you add August Ames to X Club Wrestling? I just watch her take a strap-on and go completely fall in love with it. I would love to see her violated at XCW.

  60. Falcon says:

    Desperately miss superheroine world, it’s like Alex totally gave up with it to do wresting full time..

  61. Chris says:

    Stacy Carr seems pretty damn hot.

  62. KE5612 says:

    Hello Alex! Another fun couple episodes! I purchased both and really enjoyed the boxing video. I’ve said in the past I like a little back and forth. It’s more fun to see someone squashed when they have some pride, self respect, and fight in them, just to see it drained from them. That’s why so many of us like the whole superheroine genre or the fights with Jewel or Karlie. The boxing video had that. We got to see Paris on the edge of being defeated and then her cheat sealed her victory.

    With both of the XCW matches, there was no fight. We could have watched Christie and Christina go to work on punching bags, sexy, sexy punching bags, and it would be the same. This is one reason I am looking forward to some of the potential upcoming matches. Warrior vs Dominator could be one of the all time greats. Dominator is an unstoppable force, but you have alluded in the past to her having a weakness. With all this smack talk from Warrior, uhzoomzip has a good idea in that it would be funny for her to lose. If it’s to be a squash, then she should mount many offenses and all are ineffectual. With each try, she gets countered and hurt, only to use her speed and get away and try a new offense only to be stopped. Being worn down slowly. And then it turns into a brutal squash, warrior being picked up by her hair, throwing limp armed punches to the Dominator, only to be swatted down again. A awesome twist would be for in her last ditch effort, she finds this weakness you have alluded to, and we finally see worry on the Dominator’s face. On another note, this is what could make a Tigress Gauntlet match great.

    As far as Staci goes, I’m just not sure where she fits in. Another person to squash with no resistance? We already have the beach patrol, Lady Amazon, Vicki Chase, Ashley Rose, and Ella Darling. I didn’t get a lot of personality from Staci, and cheerleader is just too generic. She is adorable, but she needs a place and a personality.

    For Christie, I’m not used to seeing her on the giving end. I’m sure I’ll get used to that. I can’t wait to see the walls start closing in on her now that she has no allies.

    All great stuff Alex!

  63. Kaizar says:

    Love these buys.

    I look forward to the day these videos start being recorded in 3D, to add a 3D purchase option to the current 2D only option.


    Quick question:

    When will we see more Superheroine videos?

    Are you taking your time writing up a Superheroine video per Superheroine video, so you can make them a lot more better then ever before, since you don’t make Superheroine videos that often?

    And if not, then you might as well, since you don’t make them that often anymore.

  64. WP says:

    I like uhzoomzip’s idea for the Warrior/Dominator match about her debut being a humiliating defeat.

  65. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Wanted to buy as soon as I saw the 1st promo picture of Staci with that smile of hers with Rifferus , as soon as I got home from work & saw it was ready , I ordered without a second thought .

    When it comes to Sinn & Staci , I have a completely different stance on the two then uhzoomzip as I know Sinn is a lovely lady who is extremely popular , but I would have to say she is not my type I like to see in the loser role , Staci 110% is someone I loves I said to start , as soon as I saw her , I wanted to order but of course it was a few days later before it would be available , I love my sexy helpless jobbers .

    Staci in her schoolgirl outfit would indeed make a nice schoolgirl / cheerleader jobber team with Idelsey , time for an Ironteam match filled with plenty of pins of the schoolgirl / cheerleader duo if it goes that way , but watching Staci in action in this match , I just could not help but think again on a dead issue , she would make an AWESOME OCEAN PATROL partner for Angela as I still feel that Alaina is miscast in that role although other opions do not think the same way as myself , but demolish & pin sexy helpless jobbers & I am happy , would be fun to see Rifferus tell The Dominator & The Warrior ” NOT YET ” & make them team up to demolish the Staci / Idelsey ( Schoolgirl / Cheerleader ) or Staci / Angela ( Ocean Patrol ) sorry Alaina , I think she would be awesome as Sinn’s country cousin .

    As far as this episode goes , I am not the biggest Sinn person , but as I said , she still is a lovely lady & outside the eyesore nose stud thing , I actually enjoyed the one-sided match , most are of course with some comebacks being had from the good girls ( GO HEELS !!! ) & for Staci’s match , I loved how helpless she was from the getgo & if you were ever going to let the Ocean Patrol ( Angela / Alaina ) have their win , the new creampuff torch would & could be passed onto Staci / Idelsey as opponents in a good girl vs good girl tag match which I don’t know if it will work , but the end of the Staci match , as no surprise , I would of liked to see The Dominator cover Staci in the middle of the ring , demand a mic & have whoever brought it out to her , count a long pin on the hapless schoolgirl when she rambled on about facing The Warrior .

    Overall when it comes to this episode to finish this off , 3 out of 4 stars in my opinion

  66. uhzoomzip says:

    Man, first and most importantly, I love Ginger Sparks, she’s so adorable! You have GOT to get her into some sort of two-piece at some point, she’s got an AMAZING belly. She would make a great creampuff to be squashed by the more athletic XCW girls. She is a literal creampuff, with that milky white skin. Yowza. <3

    And wow, Sinn Sage just delivers every time, doesn't she? Whenever that booty comes onscreen I just immediately stop breathing and am transfixed in a state of reverent admiration.

    Staci Carr is a cutie, but not my type. She kind of reminds me of WWE's Alexa Bliss, which is very cool. Also loved the hilarious promo with Rifferus– "But, you made me wear this.."

    Loved the Warrior promo. Melissa Jacobs is an absolute bombshell and it's going to be a joy seeing her take on Christina. Either she somehow successfully takes out the biggest, baddest heel in the XCW or her hyped up debut is a humiliating bust and she falls flat in an embarrassing and sexy way. Either outcome would be immensely satisfying.

  67. Wow, thanks to everyone who has gotten this already!

    I’m especially interested in hearing what you guys think about Staci Carr–should we do a lot more with her? I was thinking about putting her in a tag team with Idelsy Spirit, so that we’d have a cheerleader and a schoolgirl on the same tag team…