“Your Ass Is MINE!!” from Superheroine World

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  1. Punishered says:

    Also to add to my story idea I posted down below, developing a story where the Dominator conquers GI Jewell, takes her title, and enslaves her. Christie confronts Dominator & Jewell helps by lowblowing the Dominator… Jewell could use Christie’s outrageous ego against her by pretending to be her submissive all the while encouraging Christie to take on Dominator with her help only to reveal in the end that she was playing the two of them.

    I would also enjoy seeing an attempted Masked Angela title shot in there somewhere, one that completely fails and whoever is champion: Dominator or Christie … weakens, defeats, dominates, and unmasks Angela Sommers.

  2. Legion says:

    When xcw returns hope to see at least a trilogy of matches between Christie vs dominator with current champ Jewell caught between who to side with. A tag match to start with jewell made to partner with christie vs the dominator and melissa who win easily. Followed by a one on one between christie and dominator. Have wanted to see Christie on the receiving end of a sexual beatdown for a while. Imagine Jewell finally getting revenge on her with help of the dominator and Melissa. Christie thinks Jewell is too weak to fight back and wont team up with any heel but is wrong and pays ultimate price. Christie is taken with a strap on by the dominator then Melissa with Jewell finishing her off. Jewell mocks her only for the dominator and Melissa to beat her up with dominator becoming the new champ. Angela sommers would be the next challenger while Christie recovers her confidence. Finally ends with triple threat match dominator vs Angela vs Christie. All that being said if the dominator is the one on the receiving end of sexual humiliation that would be awesome too.

  3. JimH says:

    any news on the next video alex?

  4. Supramax says:

    I think this is my new favorite video by Alex. I lean towards XCW exclusively but revisiting the catalog in Superheroine world. May purchase others.. Excellent work here.
    I hope to see Christina Carter get some payback in XCW

    • Punishered says:

      Had an idea that CC makes Jewell quit in a title match for the win using the breast smother and continues to dominate her into submission after.

      Next episode she comes out to celebrate with her title and Jewell on a leash… Christie interupts and says you have something of mine and as Dominator gets ready to punish her Jewell hits Dom with a low blow creating an alliance between the two… Jewell and Christie pummel Dominator and when its over and Christie has humiliated the Champ Jewell looks to take her leave as Christie catches the end of the leesh and brings her back into the ring. Jewell looks like she’s comfortable to have her true dominator holding onto her by the other end.

      • Punishered says:

        Then seeing Dominator’s frustration after getting up from a beating while Christie laughs from the entrance with Jewell looking like a drone.

        Aftermath could involve a tag match with Christie + Jewell taking on Dominator + Ice Cold. After the beating Dominator finds Stokely drinking and commands her to stand up, stares her down, and then snatches her beer before throwing it back. Stokely goes “hell yea” and Dominator grabs her throat and tells her she’s teaming with her and askes her if she understands that losing is not an option. When they begin Stokely gets overzealous and tags herself in, Christie starts beating her ass and Dominator enters to intervene she punches Christie into the ropes and whips her off for a smother… Dom gets her but before the lights go out she gets low blowed again by Jewell. The two beat her down while Stokely watches in agony from her beating.

        With Dominator reduced Christie gets a strap on… to give to Stokely for the ultimate shame. Christie whispers to Jewell who gets close to the Dominator and says, “Christie wants me to tell you that the American Mean Girl is going to take back the XCW Championship… and that your humilation has only just begun”. Jewell pulls Stokely out of CC and Christie hits Dom with a Mean Girl Drop and proudly stands over her as Jewell and Stokely look on in awe.

  5. Laundry says:

    3 of the best asses in the biz and they didn’t disappoint! The camera work and acting is stellar and the dialogue is pretty funny lol. Wondering if you could get Kelly divine or Brie Bella for an episode of sleep mistress. And oh yeah Francesca Le would be perfect too.

  6. Punishered says:

    Is it possible for a group to come together on an idea and pitch a custom? Just wondering if it has been done and what the best practice might be.

    I just assumed the money is gathered and sent or just individually everyone puts their $$ down.

    Also curious to hear who might be interested in that either for an XCW or SleepMistress/Devil Girl Saga episode.

  7. Ztc says:

    Whats the latest on he part 3 you wanted to do where its iron girl and imprvia in their ravished costumes against devil girl and sleep mistress

  8. dkm says:


    Alex, is Venssa Veracruz coming back to reprise her role in this series?

  9. Secrets says:

    Man. With all the build of the Sleep Mistress, there needs to be a scene where someone tricks her into using her spell on herself in a mirror.

  10. Bigcat says:

    Glad to see everyone back. What Episode 65 Lacked in wedgies this site made up for it.

  11. Don says:

    Where can i purchase this?

  12. uhzoomzip says:

    Charlotte’s such a cute little cream puff. She’s born to sub with that massive wagon of hers.

  13. George says:

    Part 4? wheres part 1-3 ? lol

  14. Dexter Jackson says:

    Was looking forward to the return, but this is a very lazy effort IMO. Its basically an XCW video with kinda, sorta super heroine outfits but with zero elements of a super heroine video. Its just a porn video really. Wish you could re-capture the old days….

    • For what it’s worth, this is a custom video, as was the last Prostyle Fantasies vid, as will be the next few releases too. I have a list of customs to get through before any new scripted videos of my own. But I found this one very hot! 🙂

      • Dexter Jacksson says:

        Ah ok, that explains a bit then. Would really like to see some throwbacks to the style of super heroine videos with Cali Logan, Paris and Diana.

        • RM says:

          and Francesca and Nicole Oring!

          Let’s try to get the old pros together one more time before they all retire!

          • Heroineburgh says:

            Seems that old pros reunion vibe was done recently with Sisterhood of Superheroines as well (“Sisterhood Act Parts 1-5”). Imagine if Alex and George Perez could team up in a production!! Well, one can dream.

            Anyway, good to see Superheroine World back up and running, it was a big influence on us and so was the previous Hawk Heroines.

            Was just watching Angela Sommers today in a Jim Weathers video – she really is amazing. We’re sorry we missed the opportunity to see her at the club Blush when she came through earlier this year, but we won’t make that mistake again!


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