Zen Pictures’ “Super Heroine Violence – Science Team Bird Soldier White”

Super Heroine Violence – Science Team Bird Soldier White from Zen Pictures (Akiba-Heroine) doesn’t waste any time getting started.  The very first scene involves the heroine, played by Maya Sakita, tied up in an arms-over-head position, wearing nothing more than a skimpy bikini, being tortured by the bad guys with electric shocks.  This scene goes on for a long time, and includes the bad guys torturing her with a vice (that seems to be heated, causing burning sounds when applied to the heroine’s skin).  This is a very good scene that takes almost 1/4 of the film’s running time.  Fortunately, that’s not all this heroine film has to offer. 

The heroine escapes from this situation when the lights suddenly go out.  On her way out, she’s forced to fight several bad guys and is eventually defeated by them.  This Zen Pictures film features a lot more suffering for our heroine than the typical heroine peril film.  Most movies of this genre involve an unstoppable heroine who is finally defeated by the bad guys after several battles.  This film, however, features an already-tortured heroine who’s just trying to escape.  She finally defeats the bad guys in several hand-to-hand combat scenes, and makes her way back to the villains’ lair to retrieve her kidnapped friend.

She encounters a female villain who is just about hot enough to star in her own heroine movie.  Our heroine fights off several henchmen until the female villainess summons a huge, slimy, humanoid monster to take down the heroine.  They fight for a while, but the monster is too powerful for our heroine, defeating her as the villainess watches approvingly.

The villainess throws some poison feather-like devices at the heroine, weakening her.  The heroine loses consciousness, setting up the next torture scene.  Like I said, this film has already featured a very good extended torture scene involving electric shocks.  But now our heroine finds herself tied up against a metal pole, with her back to the villainess.  The villainess whips her back for several minutes.  I loved Sakita’s reactions in this scene, which are much more understated than the typical “wild screaming” the you’ll normally find in this type of scene.  The villain turns the heroine around and continues whipping her, this time on the front of her body.  This makes two excellent torture scenes in one heroine movie, which is pretty rare.

But there’s more to come… In the next scene, the heroine lays on her back on the ground with several wires (or tentacles?) attached to her body.  The green monster extends a large tentacle towards the heroine, causing her to writhe in agony, anticipating the worst, I suppose.  (This scene is undoubtedly why Zen chose to go with the “Over-15” rating for this video.)  The scene never ventures into hard-core territory (that would be Giga’s job), but features a lot of sexy writhing around by Sakita, and some suggestive, tentacle-related imagery.

The heroine breaks free and defeats the monster after an extended battle, although the film ends with the villainess getting the upper hand and delivering one final feather to our heroine, causing her either to die or lose consciousness.  (If I understood Japanese, I would probably know which of these is the case).

Super Heroine Violence – Science Team Bird Soldier White features some excellent AOH torture scenes, including a very long electroshock scene that ranks among the best I’ve seen (though I feel that Zen’s Space Heroine Mary and Sailor Ninja [Last Part] have a slight edge over this film).  It also features a good whipping scene of the heroine.

Some slight drawbacks are: the heroine’s outfit (aside from the bikini in the opening scene) doesn’t really do much for me.  It especially hinders an otherwise very good whipping scene.  Also, Maya Sakita isn’t quite as lovely (in my humble opinion) as some other Zen Pictures heroines, like Kanami Okamoto and Sayoko Oohashi.  Still, she looks great, and her performance is very good.

This Zen film should be very enjoyable for fans who want lots and lots of torture with a minimum of plot and fighting scenes.  The movie doesn’t explain why the heroine has been captured or why she’s being tortured.  It just starts out immediately with torture, which should please fans who just want to get right to the point (as they see it).  Personally, I like a little more context for these torture scenes, and I also enjoy fighting scenes.

This is definitely an above-average heroine film, and reveals the typically high production values Zen Pictures puts into their films.  I give it an A-.

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Science Team Bird Soldier White
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