Shadowgirl Welcome to Earth 2 1 175x96 Shadowgirl: Welcome to Earth   Part 2Torture, peril, fighting, and Tiffany Chase not wearing a heck of a lot of clothing. What more can a Cross the Line Entertainment fan ask for? Here’s my review of Shadowgirl: Welcome to Earth Part 2. [Read more…]


Knights of Gotham Fembot Invasion 175x98 Fembot Invasion (A Batgirl Story) from Knights of GothamEvangeline von Winter and Diana Knight star in a new video from Knights of Gotham. Fembot Invasion (A Batgirl Story) involves Batgirl (von Winter) against a small legion of fembots, finally culminating in a confrontation with Diana Knight as Wonder Woman (or perhaps an impostor?). [Read more…]


TBFE Marvel 1 175x98 Marvel from The Battle for Earth[Adults only] The Battle for Earth, the company behind such fare as Redwing, Widow, and several other superheroine peril films, have announced the upcoming release of a new film called Marvel. Check out more information below, including several preview images and a trailer. [Read more…]


Rye Coco Spectre Outnumbered Preview 6 175x98 Ryes The Spectre: Outnumbered (Coming Soon)[Adults only] Rye has teamed up with the actress from The Battle for Earth’s Redwing for a new superheroine film called The Spectre: Outnumbered. The title kind of says it all, I would imagine, but check out Rye’s statement below, along with several exclusive images! [Read more…]


Punished Heroines Gigi Allens 13 175x98 Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor   Now AvailableUPDATED: Now available! Gigi Allens, currently starring as Superia in The Parolee 2 (now available at SHG-Media) returns in Rye’s new video, Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor. Check out more information below, including a trailer and lots of new images!  [Read more…]


Crisis 6 175x98 UPDATED! Lee Carls Crisis   Coming SoonUPDATED with new images! [Adults only] Who’s Lee Carl, you ask? He’s the writer of the recent superheroine peril film Redwing and the co-writer and co-producer of Punished Heroines’ The Lexxx Files. He’s launching his very own video soon, so check out more info below. [Read more…]


Heroine Legends YSIM4 1 175x98  Heroine Legends Your Soul is Mine 4Here’s a look at a new video from The Superheroine which takes place in the Heroine Legends universe. Your Soul is Mine 4 features Tiffany Chase as Trinity in a battle against Joseph C White II as Amoeba. (Previous installments are featured here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) [Read more…]


KAF Game of Femmes Preview 1 175x98 Game of Femmes from Kick Ass FemmesKickAssFemmes returns with Game of Femmes, the third episode in what has become to me and my brother from another mother, Jade Owl, the greatest web site ever created. That’s not hyperbole. I really believe that. Anyway, let’s discuss. [Read more…]


Gigi Allens Omega Girl 1 175x98 Gigi Allens in Chris Styles Omega Girl (Coming Soon)[Adults only] Here’s a message from Punished Heroines’ Chris Styles concerning a new superheroine peril video starring Gigi Allens (from The Rye’s Wonderous Girl vs. Zandor and The Parolee 2). Omega Girl should be available soon—check out a few images and more info below!  [Read more…]


Super vs Evil Studying the Prey 1 175x98 Super vs. Evil   Episode 7: Studying the PreyThe whole Super vs Evil storyline continues to get more and more intriguing to me, and the seventh episode in the series, Studying the Prey, is now available, starring Shannon Reynosa and Marilinda Rivera. Enjoy the review. [Read more…]


NGC FSS Shadowstar Taken 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters: Shadowstar Taken from NGCWhen we last checked in with the Fail-Safe Sisters, Lucy Zillion was fighting to buy time for her sister Shadowstar. So, what has Shadowstar been up to? Let’s find out with a review of Fail-Safe Sisters, Episode 16: Shadowstar Taken, starring Merissa Porter and Elana Miller. [Read more…]


Miss Pacman Preview 2 175x98 UPDATED! Miss Pacman Custom VideoUPDATE: Now available! It’s pretty rare nowadays to see something totally different in the “superheroine” genre, but I’d have to say this certainly qualifies. decendingskulls has kindly offered the following write-up for his new custom video, which evolved into a group project with Alex David and bpd. [Read more…]


00Angels Femme Fatale 1 175x98 The Superheroines 00Angels: Femme Fatale & HL: Doomsday PlanCross the Line Films has introduced a new series called 00Angels. Here’s a look at the first episode, titled Femme Fatale. It’s a “girl power” video featuring a heroine who dominates her male opponent. (Also, check out my Doomsday Plan review below). [Read more…]