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Uninvited (6,7,8) and Invited (1) Preview

Uninvited 6 (Supergirl/Ashley Lane) will be released in the very near future. Here are some previews of the next upcoming films (These intentionally don’t show much): Uninvited 7 Uninvited 8   Invited (Consensual Film)


SHL – Customs with Riley Reyes

Hey everyone, Had a couple people hit me up about customs recently. Going to be making a trip to LA at the end of February. If anyone wanted a custom might be able to...

Message from Lucia Films 1

Message from Lucia Films

Hello everyone, Lucia here! We recently discovered that the mail service we use for our business e-mails became confused after a site update and hasn’t been sending incoming mail our way as intended!...

"Wonder Woman vs Leprechaun Gone Bad" from FHISP 0

“Wonder Woman vs Leprechaun Gone Bad” from FHISP

Wonder Woman vs Leprechaun Gone Bad (explicit content) Starring Jennifer White as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince with Charlie Comet as Mr. O’Hanlon “The Leprechaun” Fetishes Season One Wonder Woman suit, Wonder Woman blue...

Q+A with Damien Woods 59

Consentual Film?

Lately I’ve been playing around with the idea of making a film that isn’t peril based and doesn’t involve beating and forced scenarios. Would anyone out there be interested in something like that? Ideas...

“Kickass Crossing” from Kick Ass Kandy

SIENNA SMASHES IT! This hot deadly female has been sent to smash a counterfeit booze ring… alone! She’s the judge, jury and executioner. Armed with 3 stunning outfits she uncovers the crime and dishes...