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Uninvited (6,7,8) and Invited (1) Preview

Uninvited 6 (Supergirl/Ashley Lane) will be released in the very near future. Here are some previews of the next upcoming films (These intentionally don’t show much): Uninvited 7 Uninvited 8   Invited (Consensual Film)

Message from Lucia Films

Message from Lucia Films

Hello everyone, Lucia here! We recently discovered that the mail service we use for our business e-mails became confused after a site update and hasn’t been sending incoming mail our way as intended!...

Q+A with Damien Woods

Consentual Film?

Lately I’ve been playing around with the idea of making a film that isn’t peril based and doesn’t involve beating and forced scenarios. Would anyone out there be interested in something like that? Ideas...