“Agent Carter and the Alien Encounter” from Anastasia Pierce

Anastasia Pierce has released Agent Carter and the Alien Encounter, which co-stars Jewell Marceau.

Agent Carter and the Alien Encounter

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Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Alien Zora and Jewell Marceau as Agent Peggy Carter

Summary: Agent Carter is safely home after a dangerous mission and goes to sleep for a restful night. A bright light wakes her up. At her surprise, a female Alien has sneaked into her bedroom.

Agent Carter is unable to defend herself or move. The Alien creature uses a strange powers and light coming from her body to keep Peggy Carter fully frozen and paralyzed while fully awake and aware of what is happening to her…
The Encounter with Alien is unexpected and so is her examination. Poking, inspecting, probing and tying up Agent Carter, the alien treats her like a lab rat and shows no respect for the Heroine!

After the Alien disappearance. Agent Carter will struggling nude in the hogtie before going on a journey of revenge. With the help of the governmanet, Agent Carter will locate the Alien Spaceship and make her way inside into the Energy Room. But will it be Revenge for Agent Carter or… ?

Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Alien Zora, Jewell Marceau as Agent Peggy Carter, Super Heroine, Super Villain, Cosplay, Alien vs Human, Special FX, Sci-fi, Catfight, Fighting, Lots of Belly Punching, Strap-on, Frozen, Revenge, Bondage, Hogtie, Humiliation, Costume, Lingerie, Stockings, Nude, Girl – Girl, Damsel in Distress, No Escape, Freeze, Helpless, Peril.

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Anastasia, please, please, please, do a movie with jewell as the villainness (wearing black latex catsuit :-)) and yourself as wonder woman!


Gorgeous girls…but that English accents is right out of the Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins playbook!


Oh my goodness. It’s like I’m back on superheroines.com. Just fabulous.


Very sexy