“Cold as Frost” and More New Videos from Sleeperkid

Three new videos are available from Sleeperkid: Cold as Frost, Galas vs. The Sentries, and The Complete Belly Destruction of Luna and Anne-Marie.

Cold as Frost


We fade in on the evil Serena Frost, taking a phone call and discussing plans to attack and destroy Supergirl (played by the stunning Becca). We fade in on Becca using her super-speed to enter Miss Frost’s lair…only to take a kryptonite-laced pellet to her derriere! Super-Becca feels pain for the first time, stunned as Serena nails a low blow from behind! The pain alone causes Super-Becca to black out and collapse, leaving Serena Frost smiling…and able to completely destroy Super-Becca with multiple KOs and a hypnosis-based set of finishing tactics!

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Galas vs. The Sentries


TWO AMAZING SENTRY KO CLIPS…with the always-stunning GALAS as the VICTOR!!!

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The Complete Belly Destruction of Luna and Anne-Marie


In both of these custom clips, a lovely secret agent takes one hell of a belly beating!! Part one features Luna in a rematch against the evil MACHINE, with the masked one taking her down with extended belly punishment and some brutal belly blow KOs!!! Part two features Anne-Marie as Luna’s foe, with BOTH ladies taking turns as they attack and suffer repeated belly blows…and knockouts!

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