“Easy Money VI” from FightGirlz2000

FightGirlz2000 has released a new video: Easy Money VI, starring the ever-popular Carmen Porta.

In this sixth release of our popular series, Carmen Porta runs an add offering $500 to anyone who can knock her out. To her surprise, FightGirlz newcomer Yenny Polanco takes her up on the offer. Yenny thinks her boxing experience will lead to an easy victory, and after a brief exchange of words, the battle quickly begins. Both Girlz give as much as they take, as each displays the stamina to take hit after hit and still go on.

Both girls have great talent, speed and flexibilty, making this release one of our most exciting, action-packed videos of this series.

Lots of action in this one, folks, as the Girlz go blow for blow and continually surprise the other with quick counter punches and out-of-nowhere hard hits. Carmen and Yenny are evenly matched in this back and forth affair until one of them takes over and wins decisively.

Starring Carmen Porta and Yenny Polanco.

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Some freakin incredible muscle ❤️