“Feargirl: Experiments” from Steve Noir

In an effort to broaden exposure for my favorite creation, I am releasing the new FearGirl video exclusively through my store at SHG Media. FEARGIRL: EXPERIMENTS will be previewed and promoted at FEARGIRL.COM like all previous FG videos, but the Buy button will be at SHG. So I hope you’ll give it, and all the videos at my SHG store a look when you’ve got a chance!

In FEARGIRL: EXPERIMENTS, FearGirl (Cyanna) wakes apparently in the midst of a series of sleep and drug experiments conducted by a sexy but not very sympathetic techician (XLCR MOON). The good news is that FearGirl cannot remember any of the previous experiments. The bad news is that the experiments are not over…

FearGirl is chloroformed, gassed, injected, stripped and groped. Heavy sleepy content, heavy girl/girl stimulation and arousal. A longer than usual video, 42 min, and a very sexy performance from FearGirl Cyanna.


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Steve Noir

Steve Noir

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5 Comments on "“Feargirl: Experiments” from Steve Noir"

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I am definitely going to pick this one up. I love this erotic kinky sleepy stuff … Cyanna is gorgeous!

Looks like it could be Steve’s best production!


I love these videos, such a different vibe compared to most other heroine videos.
I’m sold by that low blow knee in the trailer it looks awesome! Love the continued theme of pussy rubbing over panties too! Please continue Steve!
Question though, are the iconic crimson colored panties no more?

steve noir
steve noir

You called them ICONIC! Bless you… They just didn’t look right with that particular (smoking) outfit. They’ll be back. But thank you for missing them!

Dr Mabuse
Dr Mabuse

I love the Feargirl videos! Very sensual, intriguingly disorienting, creative and original. Lots to like.


This looks incredible, wow!!! Great work!