“Hail Kickass” from Kick Ass Kandy

So, as girl-power releases go, there may be something more than traditional girl power moments for fans who like knockouts in Hail Kickass, the latest film from KickAssKandy. This film features two very well done knockout scenes at the expense of Silver and Twix.

That’s right. “Twix” is not a spelling error. Twix is a new character played by the same actress who plays Hi-Kix, who happens to be her evil twin. And I have to say, I love this. They did it once before with Vixen having a twin sister and it works. Not only did the name “Twix” make me laugh out loud when I first heard it, it allows the actresses who normally play good girls to play bad, one of my favorite things for actress to do in this genre.

The film starts a little differently than most KAK films making me think this was a custom from a fan who enjoys knockouts. Twix sneaks up on two goons and takes them out in a non physical way. In this case, she uses a blowgun and knockout spray to dispatch her foes.

Silver, however, does things the normal way at first. She takes out guards by force but then goes the blowgun and spray route just like Twix. The two girls finally come together and meet their contacts who betray them and knock them both out with spray. It’s a really well done double KO of Twix and Silver if that’s the kind of thing you like to see.

The girls wake up and wiggle out of some ropes they were put in, beat on some bad guys, but get exposed to the spray a second time. Another double KO. And again, it’s well acted, just like the first. The girls wake up in ropes again, wiggle free again, and finally take out the other bad guys.

It’s a great episode in a traditional girl power sense. It is laugh-out-loud funny, but has different elements you don’t often see in a KAK film. Just some nice little deviations from the norm and I have to say I love the white shirt look that both Silver and Twix had going for them. Just crazy sex appeal coming from both of them in this film. And pretty much every moment of their adult lives.

Before we conclude, a couple KAK/KAF/KC related items:

Since their YouTube channel was sabotaged and their forum is being rebuilt, KAK has taken to Twitter to be their primary news source. You can check that out here.

KAF/KAK Custom season is coming. No firm dates yet for the season, but if you’re interested, contact Kandyman.

Kandy Crisis #10 – I have no news or information here, but I really want some. Kandyman, Andrew, feel free to let the world know when that is coming. I imagine it will feature more AJ who has so far been beaten badly by Hit Woman, kidnapped, mind controlled, forced to fight losing battles everyday for six months, beaten again by Hit Woman, (this time with a chain) and she has been kidnapped again. I’m sure the next episode featuring AJ will totally turn everything around for the Kandygirl. It couldn’t get worse for her, could it? Yeah, it could.

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Loving the response to this one! As the great JadeO says, we love to be adaptable whilst maintaining our quality and USP. We also love working with these incredibly hot women in their incredibly tight clothing.


Took a flyer on this one and was surprised how much I liked it. Those are two sexy women. Great job.


That’s the great think about KAK/KAF. The format is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of tastes in the custom videos while still remaining recognizable as itself.

You can have a KO installment like this one or a more meat-and-potatoes video like I would commission that would consist mostly of F/F martial arts fighting in a ring; but both would have Kandyman’s unmistakable fingerprints all over it.


Is this vid a total beatdown by the girls (other than the gas induced knockouts) or is there any back and forth action?


Personally I loved the fourth wall moments there and how much they pointed out Twix was the evil sister of Hi-Kix.

The gas scenes were pretty solid in my book and the comedy was really cool.