“Karina vs Lora: 2nd Round” from Heels4Kicks

Lesley Fox has released Who is the Best? Karina vs Lora: 2nd Round at her online store, Heels4Kicks. Check out more info below.

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Lesley deleted all the female vs female fighting from all of her sites including clips4sale. Not sure why… Doe’s anyone know where to get
karina vs lora 2?


I just found out all the Lora videos are gone. Luckily, after thinking about whether or not to buy it for about a year, I just got “My pony is tired, I need a new one” starring Lora just last month before they took them all down; but now I can’t find anymore of hers. By the way, that’s a great flick.

I sure hope they bring them all back, especially Lora.


That is one of the best F/F videos I have ever seen.

I wholeheartedly recommend it!!! The fight choreography is on a level that is seldom seen.


Anything with Lora has awesome action. She is amazing at dishing it out and faking getting hit in fight choreography, plus she’s a looker