WonderWomanMeetsElMacho 9 175x98 Tropic City Heroines Wonder Woman Meets El Macho[Adults only] It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at a Tropic City Heroines film, and now the company has released Wonder Woman Meets El Macho, featuring the usual explicit content that Tropic City Heroines always delivers. Take a look at the images below… [Read more…]


NGC FSS17 1 175x98 UPDATED! Fail Safe Sisters Lady Victory: OriginsUPDATED with review! Dominika van Santen and Rio Cormack star in Lady Victory: Origins. This is part one of a two part mini-series that tells the story of Lady Victory before she actually became Lady Victory. Enjoy the trailer, images, and review below, and join NGC’s Discounts List. [Read more…]


DK Batgirl Double Vision 1 175x98 Diana Knights Batgirl: Double Vision[Adults only] Diana Knight stars as Diana Prince (and an evil character called The Doppelganger) alongside Evangeline von Winter as Batgirl. Content includes: catsuit, boots, rope bondage, struggling, impending doom, female submission, and latex. Check below for more information.  [Read more…]


HL Hawke FIrestar 1 175x98 The Superheroines “Heroine Kombat: Hawke v FirestarShannon Reynosa and Tristin Rupp star in the latest Heroine Kombat episode that features Firestar taking on Hawke.  And after serious consideration and a lot of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that both are still super, super hot.  Enjoy the review, trailer, and photos below. [Read more…]


Message from The Rye: Cassidy was booked for 6 days towards the end of this month, 2 of which were with me. I was recently given 2 more days with her which is great… but it’s simply more time than I need. This will also be Cassidy’s final voyage to SHG-Media so I decided to open her up for some custom scenes.

If you are interested you can send your idea to 007vette@gmail.com. If it’s something that fits my production style I will send you back a quote. If its outside my production style I will at least let you know I can’t do it.

You will have until the 20th to send in your request!


Angels of Rapture 1 175x98 Angels of Rapture Coming Soon from Rapture EntertainmentHere’s a quick look at a new upcoming project from Rapture Entertainment called “Angels of Rapture.” While this project is produced by the people behind Cross the Line Entertainment, it is a separate company which promises to veer more into adult territory. Check out a few preview images below.  [Read more…]


HM WIR 07 13 Heroine Movies “Week in Review” – July 7 13, 2014This was another absolutely tremendous week for the genre as a whole.  We were up to our eyeballs in terrific releases, we got some good looks at some future films, and both HM and I infected the world with our stupid opinions via our first co-editorial.  Here are all the highlights in one post for your enjoyment. [Read more…]


KAF TransFemmers 1 175x98 Transfemmers from KickAssFemmesAnd we kick off our British invasion weekend with another brilliant KickAssFemmes film.  And this time we get some new blood as two Kandygirls make their KAF debuts in a film that’s a complete and utter beatdown.  Check out the trailer, photos, and the review below for Transfemmers. [Read more…]


CTLE Phantom Visions 175x98 UPDATED! Your Soul is Mine 9 & Phantom Visions 3 from CTLECross the Line Entertainment has recently released two four new episodes, each part of an ongoing mini-series: (in no particular order) Hawke vs Firestar 1, Your Soul is Mine 9, Phantom Visions 3, and Lady Wonder vs. Mynx. Check out trailers for each new film below. [Read more…]


What Happened to Zen Pictures?

by HM and Sidekick

Zen Female Assassins Shinobi Vol 2  175x98 What Happened to Zen Pictures?Is there something wrong with Zen Pictures? Have they lost a little off their fastball? Have they forgotten how to make great superheroine videos? Or is Zen still among best superheroine video production companies in the world? It’s a question we have been pondering lately, and we would like to hear your thoughts about it. [Read more…]


Ray Gootz Gag Reel 3 1 175x98 Ray Gootz Gootzaverse Gag ReelHere’s something a little off the beaten path—a gag reel from producer Ray Gootz, whose previous productions include Supergirl’s Last Stand and others (all free!). This gag reel contains a few peril-ish scenes of Supergirl passing out and receiving a boot to the chest.   [Read more…]


Scarlet Fox Promo 175x98 Scarlet Fox from SHL / Damien Woods (Coming Soon)UPDATED: New photo! Here’s a quick look at a brand new film from Damien Woods (previous films here) starring Miss CJ The Model (from Livewire, Batwoman Rises). There’s not a ton of information available at the moment, but a collaboration between Damien Woods and CJ sounds pretty exciting, if you ask me.  [Read more…]


Diana Knight WWFA 1 175x98 Diana Knights Wonder Woman: Frozen Assets[Adults only] It’s always good news when Diana Knight has a new superheroine video available, and that’s the case now with the recent release of Wonder Woman: Frozen Assets. Ms. Knight stars as the titular Wonder Woman, who faces off against Evangeline von Winter. [Read more…]

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