Batgirl New Costume Featured DC Introduces New Batgirl CostumeAccording to MTV news, DC comics will introduce a brand new costume for Batgirl in “Batgirl #35,” to be released in October. Apparently, the idea is to create a costume which focuses more on practicality and less on sexiness. Writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher discuss the choices in an interview excerpted below. [Read more…]


KAF Catch Me 3 175x98 Catch Me if you Femme from Kick Ass FemmesDISCOUNTED PRICE ENDS SUNDAY! I never really had an appreciation for tight white shirts before. And then I watched Catch Me if You Femme from KickAssFemmes and that all changed very quickly. I hope you enjoy the review, trailer, and photos below. [Read more…]


TribulationOfsupergirl 01 175x98 Tropic City Heroines The Tribulation Of Supergirl[Adults only] The Tribulation Of Supergirl is a brand new video from Tropic City Heroines featuring Supergirl who endures a typically horrid Tropic City-style encounter with a nasty villain. Explicit hijinks ensue, so if this video sounds like your cup of tea, check out numerous preview images below. [Read more…]


KOG ROTG 3 175x98 Return of the Goddess from Knights of Gotham[Adults only] Evangeline von Winter’s Knights of Gotham has released a new video featuring the return of actress Vivian as Wonder Woman. Return of the Goddess appears to feature some bloody content, so if that’s your cup of tea, check out the details below. [Read more…]


NGC FSS LV Origins 2 1 175x98 UPDATED! Lady Victory: Origins   Part 2 from NGCDominika van Santen and Kelly Tucker star in Lady Victory: Origins – Part 2 from Next Global Crisis. And through some really nice story telling we learn a little bit about the origins of a piece of technology that has had a big impact on the FSS world. Enjoy the review. [Read more…]


HK Enigma Scarlet 1 175x98 Heroine Kombat: Enigma v. ScarletHey, it’s another “Heroine Kombat” episode featuring Enigma, a character we’ve seen very little of taking on Scarlet, a character I don’t think we’ve never seen at all before. Enjoy the review, preview, and photos below. [Read more…]


How Much is Too Much?

by Sidekick

HM Money How Much is Too Much?This could get horribly ugly. It’s a topic that comes up from time to time and it has the tendency to bring out some raw emotions in people. And we’re of course talking about money. Or in the case of this genre’s fans, how much is too much to pay/charge for a video? [Read more…]


HK Valor Amethyst 1 175x98 Heroine Kombat: Valor vs. AmethystCross the Line Films has just released another Heroine Kombat episode featuring Kristie Dowe as Valor taking on Tammy Tolene as Amethyst.  We hope you enjoy the trailer, review, and photos below. [Read more…]


HM Whip Compilation 5 175x98 Whipping Scene Compilation   Available Now!NOW AVAILABLE HERE! Available only at Heroine Movies, a compilation of scenes that is sure to please whipping fans. This video compilation consists of four scenes taken from the films Supra Girl 3, Weapon Alpha, Wonderful Girl, and Z-Girl. Check out more information below. [Read more…]


Primal Wonder Star 1 175x98 New Wonder Star and Lone Wolf Films from Primal[Adults only] Two new videos are now available at Primal’s Darkside Superheroine. Wonder Star – Beaten and Broken and Lone Wolf – Ambushed and Taken feature lots of nudity and explicit sexual content, so they’re not for the faint of heart. Check out images and story synopses below. [Read more…]


TBFE Miss Power 1 175x98 UPDATED! Miss Power from The Battle for EarthUPDATE: Now Available! The Battle for Earth has provided a preview and several images from a soon-to-be-released new film called Miss Power. It’s currently scheduled for release around the end of July. Take a look at the trailer below and check back soon for more info. [Read more…]


Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Featured Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanHere is the first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, in full costume. Apparently, this is poster art from this year’s Comic Con, currently underway in San Diego. Although this bit of casting has been quite controversial, I don’t see anything wrong with this image. What do you think?  [Read more…]


FG2000 SG Captured Featured Supergurl VI: Captured from FightGirlz2000FightGirlz2000 has produced and released Supergurl: Captured, the sixth entry in the series and it stars Carmen Porta and Gia Diablo slugging it out in a custom ordered video.  You can check out the trailer and story synopsis below. [Read more…]