“Shot Out Of Luck” from Jacquelyn Velvets

Caroline Pierce and Sleeperkid star in Shot Out Of Luck from Jacquelyn Velvets.

Starring Caroline Pierce and Sleeperkid

Agent SK has been sent into a top-secret lair to liquidate a small army of clones…all of them carrying the DNA of the evil Caroline Pierce. Using only his handgun, SK makes his way through clone after beautiful clone…each one clad in a golden bikini and offering defiance when he takes them down. Shots fly and slice into copied flesh, the clones grabbing their bellies and/or backs in pain. Then the finishing coupe de graces arrive. Mostly to the head and chest. Simple and effective. SK carries/drags their limp and lifeless bodies off until he finally makes his way to the ORIGINAL agent Pierce. She attempts a takedown but his skill is polished and deadly. A final set of shots on a bed end it all for agent Pierce, moments before her adversary carries her off while dreaming of a massive and long overdue promotion at the agency…

This movie contains pistol shot deaths, head shots, belly shots, overkill shots, writhing, pleading, pulse checks, death stares, over the shoulder carries, dragging, limp limb manipulation

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