“Swiftstrike” from Alex David

Alex David has released a new video starring Layla Rylan. Check out the trailer and more information below.

(Thanks, Rayman, for the screen shots…)

Eva is a young, super powered, would be heroine, struggling with doubts. When her closest friend is kidnapped she is forced to put on her Swiftstrike mask once more. She is brought face to face with her old nemesis Cobra who is stronger and more devious than ever. Will Swiftstrike save Detective Alex and finally put away Cobra? Or does this roller coaster ride of a sexy super heroine, a police detective, a super soldier pill enhanced Cobra; with belly punching, a bullet proof cape, pill induced mind control, a kidnapping, and a fatal final showdown leave our mighty hero in a darker place than before?

Includes: Belly punching, low blows, bearhug, back breaker, costume removal, de-masking, de-booting.Running time: 29:50

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I bought this awhile ago and finally got around to watching it. Layla was hot. Loved her superheroine outfit as well as her shiny bra and underwear. I thought she acted really well. Yeah I definitely was thinking Jessica Jones when I watched this. I didn’t like the ending as I don’t like death endings but since it said “to be continued” there is always hope she heals and lives to fight another day. Overall, decent video, with good acting all around.


I totally agree Layla is beauriful and talented, I think she did an awesome job for me in this video and I can’t wait to see her in action again.


Layla needs more love and support around here. She’s one of the hottest out there and I always love her performances.


@Mike J
Thank you for being so honest and really no need to feel bad as everything you say is true and we all like different things, also I agree about the cape, it should have been a short one to show off that incredible ass but alas it was just missed during the outfitting.

The stills do not include a short kidnaspping scene featuring Alex in her lingerie and yup! Alex is smoking hot


Tempted to pick this up because of how absolutely fucking hot Alex David looks in that lingerie even if she’s not the main character. http://www.heroinemovies.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Alex-David-Swiftstrike-24.jpg Dat belly. <3

Mike J
Mike J

This video was just alright to me. I feel bad writing this after reading the first post but it was just alright. I guess my main problem was that it was literally eight or nine minutes into the film before the heroine even gets into costume and confronts the villain. Then she gets stripped out of the outfit with about seven or so minutes left, so she’s out of costume for more than half the video.

Now take my review with a grain of salt because I buy videos pretty much to see a heroine in costume in peril, preferably getting KO’d at the end. I’m not really into a lot of exposition about the heroine alternate identity life.

But the actress in smoking hot, so you can never go wrong there. But at the same time, the cape was too long. Woman with a body like that, the cape should stop at the waist.

So I guess your enjoyment of this film will come down to what you look for in these films. Which is the same for every film I guess.


Hey everyone
This is my second custom video with Alex, my first was Liberty Girl v Lady Death.
I cannot thank or recommend Alex enough for her excellent work and attention to detail in this video I think anyone considering a custom order should visit http://www.alexdavidfilms.com and see what she has to offer.
Layla is stunning and really acted her boots off for me in her role of Swiftstrike the whole video and experince of working wit Alex again was just perfect.
The SS costume was a big deal for me as the character has existed for quite some time in my mind and a story/RP world and Alex did all the costume work to make the off the shelf items into the SS costume, in fact Alex and myself spent hours searching for the outfit and Alex finally said “Okay let’s get the basics and I will do the alterations and additions”.
Please check out this video it really is a step up in my opinion in terms of story and dimension over my LG v LD video and other simialr releases and there is a real twist in the tail.

For anyone interested in Swiftstrike here is a smal prelude to where the video kicks off –
Eva aka Swiftstrike is a young “gifted” woman not too dissimilar to Jessica Jones/Matt Murdock in some respects and she took up crime fighting under the watch of a mentor/handler named Hawkeye.
Swiftstrike battled a villain named Cobra and even though she saved many people eof the city some died and things went bad and she blames herself.
Although Cobra seems to have been banished Swiftstrike went into hiding, the city lost it’s hero.
Fast forward a couple of years and Detective Alex, Eva’s best friend is working hard on an important case and she calls in on Eva only to find that she has been drinking and punishing herself again by taking part in illegal activities.

Cue the video.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy!