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Custom clip request

Actress: Lora

Character name: Varinka

Costume: Seather pants (like’Kissing Lora’s biceps’).

Black Boots.

Attitude/personality: Confident and merciless when she fights. She has emotion when she destroys her opponents.

Combat skills: Secret agent.

Continuing on from part 1. Varinka was left hanging…..


Varinka is left hanging. She wakes up in shock trying to catch her breath after being electricuted.

She looks up trying to break free from her ropes desperately. She manages to break free from her bonds. She tries to sneak away, 1 of the men catches her she fights him but not before she is overpowered by the remaining 2. Due to her beating previously she is easily overpowered and beaten. 2 men hold her up while the other guy walks up to her, he stares at her for last look before punching her.

Throughout this scene she maintains her toughness even when ppl hit her. Camera angle showing Varinka from birds eye view strapped to a large table.

Varinka is tied to a large table. Both arms tied outstretched, both feet tied, barefeet. A strap around her chest & strap across between her legs. Lora here is stripped of her clothes and the strap is to show that. The men talking amongst themselves, laughing, drinking, playing cards, smoking. 1 of the men looks at his watch ‘its time’. The men walk up to her body.

They circle around, the other man suggests ‘he has an idea’. Grabs his syringe & injects it into Lora. She awakens in shock. 1 of the men slaps her in the face really hard to wake her.

‘Wake up, come on wake up?!”This is round 2. Are you going to tell us your motive? Who are you working for? You cost us the delivery & therefore you will pay!’. Varinka spits to the man. The man wipes off his face. ‘Ok’. He grabs a bottle & forces it down the throat of Lora. As she is drinking he punches her in the stomach. He continues pouring the alcohol into her mouth then punch her in the stomach. Each men takes turn at punching Lora and grabbing her by the face in anger and then letting her go. 1 of the men grabs his bat and smacks her in the stomach to which she awakes in shock. Varinka makes a smart ass comment to the men. The men grab a cloth & put it in her mouth leaving her gagged. 1 of the men with his bat, he does a little dance before the next hit, at times stopping halfway just as Varinka is tensing, (shot of her feet tensing) and teasing her so she doesn’t know if the next hit is going to connect or not. Finally he drops the bat, he grabs Lora’s face and up close he tells her he wants to give a slow & painful punishment. The men all crack their knuckles and each member deliver punches to her for the last time.

Camera shows pan down her from her head to her feet. Wide camera shot of Lora, out cold.


Varinka is in the backseat of the car lying with both hands tied behind, both feet tied, her mouth gagged. The men discuss what to do with her. They close the door of the car. Her tied up body is dumped somewhere in a quiet place. Left n the lurch.


Time passes as Varinka’s body is lying. She cracks her toe back into place. Heals her wounds with the plants & finds basic shelter as her body slowly recovers. Time passes.


The 2 men continue loading their goods. Just like every other day until Varinka appear behind them & gives them the biggest beat down. She demands they tell her where the boss Sergei is. She breaks both of their arms until they confess. ‘I’m Sergei’, ‘we’re all Sergei’. She finishes both men. The last man walks in, he sees both of his men. She sneak attacks him and she beats him. She destroys him with kicks, punches, etc.

In the last minute as she tells him ‘revenge is a bitch’ he tells her ‘there are many of us. And says he isn’t Sergei and tells her ‘did she actually think he was the boss. He tells her he was only the boss of 2 ppl & starts laughing, she finishes him. To be continued…

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Hum? Continue from part1… Where is this part 1 I never heard about….?


Guessing this is an alternate sequel to “Superheroine’s Fighting Stories: The Guests” where Lora was left AOH after being tortured into unconsciousness since she has the same clothing on and some face bruising. This looks good as Lora is amazing at both fighting and peril acting.