2 New FearGirl Videos + Indiegogo Campaign for “Amazon Arrow”

Hello all, from Steve Noir and FearGirl.com.

I’ve got a couple of announcements. First, there is a new FearGirl model, who will be the face of FearGirl moving forward. As previously mentioned, it is CYANNA, and her first 2 videos, detailed below, are now ON SALE. Secondly, FearGirl is entering the crowd-funding sweepstakes, with a ‘crossover’ project also featuring SELENE DRAKE as the new character AMAZON ARROW.

Here are all the details.




NEW FEARGIRL CYANNA wakes in the cold, echoing stillness of an abandoned institution, on a gurney covered in plastic. She is dressed in a schoolgirl uniform. A short baton has been left for her, and she begins to hear the whisper-like movements of the rogue Panopticon security operative called Mongoose. She picks up the baton…

This video features an extended beatdown of FearGirl by Mongoose and his female accomplice (XLCR Moon), utilizing his armored fists and knees, boots, the brutal tonfa (Asian-style nightstick), plus a reverse bearhug, multiple chokes, and multiple KO’s. Complete belly destruction. The uniform remains intact throughout. It finishes with FearGirl unconscious on the floor, with Mongoose and his accomplice standing over her…

Purchase this video at Heroine Movies





Sold separately, FG: ORAL STIMULATION begins as SCHOOLGIRL VS MONGOOSE ends, with FearGirl unconscious at the feet of Mongoose and his accomplice. The female strips FearGirl down to her underwear, and Mongoose approaches her with a device we’ve not seen yet. He injects her in the breast with a pneumatic syringe at one end of the device, and places the other end forcefully in her mouth. Seemingly overcome by stimulation from the initial injection, a semi-conscious FearGirl finds her mouth drawn up tightly around the device as her body sleepily arches and undulates in chemically-induced pleasure, until the device rewards her with an oral injection of milky sedative…

Purchase this video at Noir Underground










The FIRST FearGirl ‘crossover’ project, a live-action meeting of new FearGirl CYANNA and DeviantArt creator Chryseis’s digital character AMAZON ARROW kicks off as the FIRST FearGirl crowd-sourcing project, now live on Indiegogo. SELENE DRAKE plays AMAZON ARROW opposite FearGirl CYANNA… Among the perks for donators is the lure of a 2-to-3 min”Custom Scene” within the finished video (at the $250 level), so scripting of FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW will commence after the completion of the Indiegogo campaign. But suffice to say that the action will undoubtedly be a mix of the sexy peril elements that have defined the FEARGIRL enterprise from the outset. So check it out!

Visit Indiegogo for more info

Steve Noir

Steve Noir

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