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Hey, folks. It’s time for another FEARGIRL.COM update, and this week I’m releasing two smaller-scale videos, both of them heavy with KO/sleepy content, both of them more about mood and sexiness and less about action.



This is the original proof-of-concept AMAZON ARROW video, released as a perk to those who supported the FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW IndieGoGo project. (Be on the lookout for our NEXT Amazon Arrow IndieGoGo campaign, starting soon.) This video features FEARGIRL (Cyanna) full nude, completely cocooned in spiderweb, sometimes unconscious, sometimes semi-conscious and semi-responsive, groped and stimulated by a hazmat-suited attendant (Nixi) until Amazon Arrow (SELENE) comes along. Amazon Arrow puts an arrow into the attendant, but then she must deal with the stealthy cyborg SPIDER, who ultimately smothers her out and gropes her… This video focuses on full nudity, heavy groping, stimulation, and gobs of web peril!

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A moody episode (somewhat reminiscent of my early video SLEEP CHAMBER) featuring the elusive character HALO, played by guest French actress ELISA (REVENGE: TRAINING DAY link). Halo finds herself in a sealed chamber, filled with medical instruments and anesthetic gas, with what seems to be an unconscious figure or body under a white sheet. Before she can uncover it, she is attacked by a gasmasked attendant and choked out. For the rest of the video, Halo is either unconscious or struggling groggily against the anesthetic gas in the chamber. She is examined, ragdolled, partially stripped, and ends up wrapped in plastic, and finally the figure under the white sheet is HER. This episode features sleepy/KO peril, ragdolling, 2 chokeouts, and 1 gasmask KO.

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There’s a NEW FearGirl Comic on the site as well.

I hope you’ll check it out!

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5 Responses

  1. Mr.Bleh says:

    Selene Drake is absolutely SMOKIN’ hot in that outfit! Would definitely like to see much more of her in that costume. 😀

  2. SGFan says:

    I picked up Halo the Sacrifice and I got to say for a vid with no speaking, I was thoroughly captivated by it. Elisa was great as Halo, I loved how she conveyed being so weak and sleepy. She’s such an expressive actress, which is a big part of what I think makes the difference between a great SHIP actress and a good one.

    I’d say if I had one item I’d want to have in the film that’s not there, a good chloro scene. With so much of a sleepy focus, feel like we should had at least one scene, but that’s personal preference.

    It’s a great sleepy vid and Elisa is a lovely and excellent actress. Great purchase for any sleepy fan.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank you for your review. I feel the same about the actress and the part where should have been a good chloro but still indeed a great sleepy film!

    • Jacques says:

      Elisa stars in a number of films produced by Damien Wagner. Yes, I agree that she does great work. She sells awesome peril. She will be costarring in my next custom which will be shooting shortly in Tokyo.

  3. Jeff says:

    Awesome! Although I am sad there is less action in these two I am very glad about the heavy sleepy content! Thank you!!