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“20% Off” Holiday Sale from SHF

From now till the end of the year SHF is having a holiday sale on every single one of their movies! 20% off everything!

Only on SHG-Media.com

23 Responses

  1. Ron says:

    Will there be more Shadow Cat sequels?

  2. Dave says:

    Can we get more videos with mercedes?

  3. Imagineer says:

    Looking forward to seeing Rae’s joie de vivre through this character.

  4. Mr. Hero says:

    Lol I couldn’t help myself and put preview pics of the next couple months releases. Rae as the new marvel girl will be coming out next month. And Ashley Lane as the very sexy scarlet fox will be after that

  5. CondorianMan says:

    Jesus Christ where can I find the video of the one all the way to the left?!?!

    • Ztc says:

      Far left is something not out yet as well as the second one to the far right

      • bbsucks says:

        Oh good. I thought so, too, but wasn’t sure if I was missing something (which would be disappointing because I’m pretty sure I bought all of these as they came out).

        Very much looking forward to the far left one.

  6. Rover says:

    Probably my favorite producer going right now! Anything with Halsey is an insta-buy.

  7. theVoice says:

    are those potential teaser pics of Hasley and Ashley or have a missed a couple of releases? 😛

    • Ztc says:

      Yh they’re new new stuff coming I guess

    • Ztc says:

      Kinda still want a sequel to depowered with she ra trying to escape and fighting the tentacle monster but gives in half way didn’t know I would find that tentacle stuff hot before hey maybe skeleton made a skimpy outfit for her after her original one got destroyed. That would be awesome to see in the next couple years

  8. georyang says:

    I assume the preview image is of an upcoming release? Girl on the left and Ashley Lane in that black suit look amazing!

    • solitary unraveling says:

      Yeah I loved that movie. I only wish Mercedes had done a few more before going off to playboy.

      • Imagineer says:

        I thought she did her Playboy pictorial in 2012 and her SHL work after that.

        • solitary unraveling says:

          I’m under the impression that she has been working for Playboy Plus but now that I actually look at her bio on there you are correct she only did work for them in 2012