3 New Videos from The Battle for Earth

The Battle for Earth presents three new videos: Slavery, Bastat, and False Idol.

Slavery – Now Available

Contains: Heroine gassed into frozen state, compliance injection, full nudity, all humiliating sexual acts streamed to a live audience, forced pleasuring/orgasm from vibrator and sex in multiple positions, forced BJ with vibrator inserted

Synopsis: Cries for help lure Lady Wonder to a warehouse space. Upon entering, she’s walks through gas which freezes her within a few seconds. The Slave Trader, Dr. Jeffries appears and after making sure she’s frozen, injects her with a serum. We find out it’s a “compliance serum” which forces our heroine to do whatever is requested. Dr. Jeffries, moves frozen Lady Wonder to a sound stage where cameras are setup. Every month, Dr. Jeffries auctions off the sexiest most powerful woman in the world to buyers willing to pay astronomical prices. Lady Wonder is the flavor of the month. Once cameras roll, Dr. Jeffries advertises his special “serum”, suggesting the buyers will need it to keep their slave in compliance. Requests begin arriving from around the world and Dr. Jeffries does his best to comply with them. Most potential customers want to know what Wonder will do and with the possibility of hundreds of thousands of dollars hanging in the balance, Jeffries demonstrates Wonder’s limits or lack there of with pleasure. Find out if Wonder survives the onslaught of sexual debauchery administered by the world.

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Bastat – Now Available

Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, bear hug front and rear, back breakers, multiple low blows, crawling, full nudity, physical beating and forced sexual acts streamed to a live audience, self-induced forced orgasm from energy pulse, demasking, use of knock out gas and arousal inducing gas, depowering from a piece of jewelry, use of restraints in two scenes

Synopsis: Months after Kane was almost killed at Bastat’s hands, the commissioner informs Bastat that Kane is once again operating his business from the docks. She decides it’s time to again pay Kane a visit. On her way, she encounters a man held up at gunpoint. She intervenes but in the process, the victim surprise chloro’s her and she’s carried back to Kane’s hideout. She comes to and to her surprise, Kane apologizes and says he’s decided to turn over a new leaf. He asks her to vouch for him to the media and he promises to pay back everything he’s every stolen. Bastat is speechless as Kane offers her the lost Amulet of Isis as a symbol of his trust. She puts it around her neck and is about to renew her faith in Kane when it begins to glow, removing her strength. Kane has tricked her and begins to spew venom. He’s in a wheelchair because of their last meeting. Suggesting he hates Bastat is an understatement. The need to publicly humiliate and ultimately kill Bastat burns within him. Between the physical beating his henchman administers, and the energy burst he continually shoots at her, there’s no way anyone could survive. Bastat is strong but depowered. Find out how long she makes it as it’s streamed to a live audience…

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False Idol – Now Available

Contains: 1 on 1 male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, low blows, whipping, short beating with hands tied AOH, crawling, topless nudity, forced orgasm from fingering and multiple positions

Synopsis: Ivan has been expecting Miss Wonder and has a trap set. For years, his research in the field of genetics has been second to none with no recognition. After Miss Wonder saves a kitten and gets a front-page spot, he’s had enough. His plan is to expose Wonder for the “false idol” she is and to demonstrate her absolute ineptitude and incompetence. His anger knows no boundaries as he lays into our heroine. Find out how long she survives…

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133 Responses

  1. Ztc says:

    Might get bastard for the weapon similar to the equaliser

  2. SHIP Fan says:

    I must say that the comments on this site are written with such passion and flair that i find myself being more entertained by it than the films being discussed. Especially the recent releases.

  3. fbsol says:

    Is that a LCARS display???

  4. manspider1999 says:

    How long does the chloro scene last in each of the 3 films?

  5. Ztc says:

    What’s the tbfe email for enquires on customs. Where I’m at the WiFi and my mobile data blocks the site

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      Try: info@thebattleforearth.com
      There is no hate, at least not on my part. She is a very attractive model. I got the impression that she is simple not used to acting in a heroine flick, plus the script let her down. So, have at it!

  6. Ztc says:

    Currently drafting a custom just trying to get it right with sofi as miss wonder with spin transformation, power belt and a mix of elements from tbfe’s enslaved and Alex’s shw 11 a time for crime with something from c4s called the trapster don’t worry it shouldnt be porn in costume. What is the the email so I can email for a quote on it and save up the money for it. BTW if it’s here in the next year I will say and it would be my first so yh. I’m gonna try do my best

    • Ztc says:

      Don’t get the hate but ok if it’s to do with trying to get sofi because her acting right now isn’t good is not understandable she needs experience to improve

  7. BOjangles says:

    I’m glad coco is not a stripper in my local area, or I would never have any money

  8. wbg says:

    Sort of a random question, but I’m curious: Is the camera shake that occurs with each hit something that is done in post production, or does the cameraman actually jiggle the camera on set as the hits occur? Partly, the reason I’m asking is that I wonder if it’s possible to have a version released (or at least made available to the person who commissioned the video) WITHOUT the shaking technique. I’m not aware of a ton of people clamoring for the camera shake thing, but nonetheless it seems to be growing in popularity with producers, and appears to be a fixture for some. As someone who finds the shaking distracting (too much to ignore), I keep wishing there were a way to see the same videos but without that one cinematic special effect that just kills it for me. If it’s a post-production thing, I wonder if producers would consider releasing alternative shakeless versions. Might be able to pick up some additional buyers that way, with no additional work. Just saying.

    • BOjangles says:

      Tough to please em all, I’m pro shake, makes the blows seem more impactful

      • Bob says:

        One for anti-shake; for me a lot of the fun is the heroine’s response, which gets lost in the shaking.

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          SMH. All we need now is for someone to resurrect the price wars and we would have debated every major controversy in the SHIP industry in the space of a couple days in one single post.

        • wbg says:

          I appreciate the various opinions. I also happen to be someone, like Bob, who focuses very closely on the reactions, which the shaking makes harder to see. But I recognize that different folks have different strokes on this, as one would expect around here. To each their own.

          But my question was serious, and I’d still like to know the answer, if anyone has it: Is the shaking effect just added in post-production? Or is the camera actually bumped around on set to produce that effect?

  9. Gary says:

    Thank you for finding three beautiful models.

    The whipping scene and AOH beating was exciting. Also enjoyed MM getting it through her ripped open stockings in multiple positions. That was very hot! Normally I detest compliance, but the compliance injection she received made her actions understandable without making her appear slutty.

    That said, I hope the compliance injection is rarely used hence forth. Undoubtedly the hottest Super heroine sex is when the Super heroine is bound and struggling, barely conscious, or, held in place by the penetrators cooperating cohorts. Of course the ultimate is amalgamation of the aforementioned. A barely conscious, bound Super heroine, struggling, as she’s held in place for her delving defiler.

    In response to some previous comments.

    I like sexual peril, but sexual peril should be the climax to a movie not the entire movie. The greatest Super heroine movies contain a vicious beat down, a heap of punishment and torture, and a brazen, bawdy battering of every clenched orifice.

    I say clenched, because for the audiences maximum thrill, Super heroines need to fight tooth and nail in avoidance of being violated. They should never submit, never succumb, every thrust every touch, should be met with resistance. Especially pertaining to oral sex, there should be no blow-jobs. No blow-jobs! It totally kills the mood. No blow-jobs only skullfucking. The only occurrence of a Super heroines head moving back and forth should be when it’s being pushed and pulled by her adversary who’s hands are tangled in her heaving hair.

    The movie in its entirety should decisively display a panoply of power and subjugation.

    • SHIP Fan says:

      Agreed, like Gigi in Parolee 2, defiant till the end, so hot.

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      This is all fine and dandy, but when you write and in great detail how “it should go”, this is your fetish. Do not assume everybody wants to see stuff like that, also not within this genre. Fetish fans come with all different kinds of tastes. This might also have to do with in what time you grew up and also keep in mind that some of us come from different countries and very different cultures which have shaped our “likes”. So, a “mandate how things should go and always go” is, in my mind at least, somewhat misplaced and shows a lack of tolerance.

      • Gary says:

        Not assuming, it’s known almost nothing is universal. Which means I would have to preface almost everything I say with, as far as I’m concerned…….

        Rhetorically speaking, do you do that consistently? HorseWithNoName wrote “What a fun vid. No other way to describe it.” Really, no other way? So you’re saying you speak for everyone, even those who have antithetical views. You know, individuals who feel it wasn’t a fun vid.

        The inability to acknowledge opposing views, is, intolerant.

        Intolerant, you know, “a lack of tolerance.” Quote HorseWithNoName.

        • HorseWithNoName says:

          Yes, I do feel it makes sense to preface a post such as yours with something like: “For me personally, this is the best scenario possible”. And a lot of people do that. Also, there is a difference between what I wrote and what you wrote. I posted a review i.e. I talked about an existing vid and as a review it clearly reflects my viewing experience i.e. “no other way to describe it” from my side. If you read the full review you will see that I clearly state why I liked it and why I feel others *might* not like it. Do I poke a little fun at those whose tastes are different than mine? Sure. That’s called teasing. But I do clearly acknowledge that other tastes exist, and I have stated in this forum many times, that to me, this is totally alright. Fetishes come in all shapes and forms. What you describe is boring for me. Others, yourself included (I would think), enjoy this type of story greatly. Again: perfectly alright. I do not see how I am intolerante. You put forth a scenario, not only for a vid you would like to see, but how vids should play out in general with some clearly defined rules e.g. no BJ, etc. Had you prefaced it by writing: “Man, in an ideal world, for me, all vids should be like this…” that would have been perfectly fine.

          • Jacques says:

            Teasing can often be misconstrued as an insult or criticism from someone who does not know you. For me personally, I have seen enough of your posts so that I understand where you are coming from.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            Point taken!

          • Gary says:

            Excellent that you acknowledge other tastes exist. Just don’t dismiss those tastes, and perpetually attempt to eradicate what others desire. That inculcates intolerance.

            As an example. Three movies come out, in two movies the Super heroine is wearing a mask, in one movie she isn’t.

            If your tastes include a Super heroine with a mask, be content you have two movies that sate your predilections. Complaining about the third, illuminates your intolerance.

            I’m not fond of Super heroines with capes, but I don’t complain because I know there are those who like capes. That’s tolerance.

            In addition, I know some movies will have Super heroines with capes, some movies will have Super heroines without capes. That’s good that’s the way it should be, that way both sides get something they want.

            It’s not only intolerant but obnoxious when an individual continuously attempts to eliminate another persons fetish with rancorously repetitive, negative commentary.

            Getting 100 percent of what you want leaves others with zero.

        • Imagineer says:

          Yeah, “a lack of tolerance” is overboard, but “for the audiences maximum thrill” is pretty explicitly all-inclusive, which then colors your whole post. Even if you put “In my opinion” in front of that phrase it’s still explicitly what other people want, not implicitly just you. But I get it, you feel really strongly about what a heroine’s conscious and autonomic responses would and would not be.

          • Gary says:

            As I’ve stated, almost nothing is universal.

            However, as far as I know, movies in this forum are primarily, not exclusively, but primarily, for fans of Super heroine “peril”, not Super heroine “consensual sex”.

            I was merely elucidating what I perceived would be most stimulating to fans of Super heroine peril.

          • Imagineer says:

            You don’t know far enough. Putting words in quotes to beg meaning is a dead giveaway that you’re mislabeling and drawing false distinctions. It ain’t consensual, it’s as much peril as what you call sexual peril, and going multi-syllabic doesn’t change the fact that you just doubled down on explicitly stating what other people do and do not want and threw in a No True Scotsman for good measure. I am a fan of super heroine peril every bit as much as you are, and my interests differ from yours. You do not speak for me, and you do not get to claim sole ownership of what is or is not super heroine peril.

          • Gary says:

            Unless you’re omniscient, you have no idea, regarding knowledge, and to claim you’re every bit as much of a fan, wow!

            How do you know? Maybe you’re more of a fan, maybe you’re less, you have no idea. Stating hollow facts is delusional.

            Also when you say, putting words in quotes to beg meaning is a dead giveaway that you’re mislabeling and drawing false distinctions. You’re incorrect. I’m not mislabeling, and guess what, there is an immense distinction between consensual sex and peril sex, and to say consensual sex ain’t consensual sex is inane.

            Yes, I’m explicitly stating what other people want. What you’re failing to comprehend though it has been stated more than once, I’m not claiming to speak for everyone. I’ll say it again just for you, almost nothing is universal. Therefore knowing that I would not attempt to speak for everyone. You do understand the difference between speaking for some people and speaking for all people, right?

            If you want to challenge my ability to speak for some people, you’ll lose. I have empirical evidence. SHIP Fan, in regards to my post wrote “Agreed, like Gigi in Parolee 2, defiant till the end, so hot.” And please don’t retort with, one person,
            that would be insulting to his importance, and as you know where there’s one there’s many. Many, I’ve spoken to, and interacted with on other forums. So I’m positive there are others with identical views. Some people with identical views some people with opposite views. The word is, some.

            Btw, I never claimed to speak for you and I never claimed sole ownership on what is or is not Super heroine peril.

            That said, a fact is a fact, consensual sex is not peril, it is in fact the opposite of peril. Up is not down, left is not right.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            “A fact is a fact”.

            “A is A”, Mr A said.
            You know, the very conservative leaning Steve Ditko character he based on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Ojectivism? Didn’t go over to well at the time with the comic readers of, shall we say, less one-sided views.
            Or one could start by deconstructing the word “consensual” or even the word “fact”. Might not mean the same to everybody 🙂

          • Imagineer says:

            The irony runs thick. Or maybe it’s just hypocrisy.
            What’s portrayed in TBFE flicks is not consensual. Get educated or get therapy.

          • Gary says:

            I’m speaking in regards to visuals. The compliance injection makes the sex appear consensual. To myself and some others it’s more exciting visually if there’s fervent, fiery resistance from the soon to be deflowered Super heroine.

  10. HorseWithNoName says:

    So about False Idol. What a fun vid. No other way to describe it. It starts with an unfortunately very brief synth piano that put me in the mood for an 80s John Carpenter movie (after that it is back to the usual uninteresting score so many of these vids have, more John Carpenter style music next time please). And some of the fighting that happens throughout the vid did remind me of “Escape from New York.” So there is that. The other thing: I was wrong, the heroine does not wear a pantyhose or tights, just bare leg. A plus for me. And then there is my new favorite bad guy, Jackson Gory, who we all have seen in a ton of these vids by now. I already thought that he was great in Bastat, but here he is alround fun in the best way possible. So, practice makes perfect I guess. Rock is there as well doing what he seems to be doing best: fucking a heroine, well sim fucking. And here I believe we see the downside of what some have been talking about in this thread: Sofi Ryan’s acting (for a lack of a better word) in the first half is… well, all over the place. This might be some of the worst heroine portrayal I have seen in a long time. And the writing (for her) does not help this any. Even though she is very, very nice to look at, in the first part of the vid I found our man Jackson much more interesting. Once we get into the sexual stuff (which is well done) Sofi shines big time, which gives the whole movie a grindhouse feel with the exploitation aspects done in capital letters, or something reminiscent of some of Carpenter’s later works. “They Live” comes to mind which is built around one big one on one fight scene which last about 17 min. (yeah, I know there is more to “They Live”, but that is what most people remember it for) So, here the fuck scene is really good in parts and they put a fence to very good use, ha! So if you are looking for heroine who is strong, cocky and pure and who hates the kinky stuff (replete with the classic line “WHAT is he doing?) this might not be for you. If you do not mind seeing the heroine more on the bimbo side of things and being good at being fucked, well this is for you. Since I rather see the latter than the former, this is very much in my wheelhouse. Add to this that they even show her bare behind to make the sim sex more believable and that they build on the “the internet is watching thing” a little bit more, plus that there is some real tension introduced by Rock as “Creature” in a will he (or it) kill her or not type of deal, I did find this video very enjoyable. It clocks in at the right time and Sofi is very easy on the eyes. And one last tought: oddly enough her rather stiff movements did remind me a lot of the very early Wonder Woman comics by H.G. Peter in which the character was posed rather rigid, Sofia is even wearing very similar boots like in the very early WW comics. How to rate this one? Ah, man! 3.5 of 5. Have at it 🙂
    PS: there is NO interior monologue, thank you very much 🙂

  11. jimbob says:

    Any inner dialogue in false idol?
    And if so, where does it appear?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Eagle says:

    Hi folks, any chloro in False Idol?

  13. HorseWithNoName says:

    Hi Allen, dropped you an email.

  14. shfyd says:

    Just bought and watched Bastat and I have to say, it is OUTSTANDING

    Coco is beautiful and has a perfect body. But besides that puts in a STELLAR performance. She plays the defiant heroine magnificently. She gets trapped, defeated, gassed, knocked out, unmasked, bound stripped (topless), and fondled, but battles on like a true heroine.

    There is an alternative ending, which I liked too.

    All in all money very well spent. Thank you TBFE and thank you Coco!

  15. The Battle For Earth says:

    Launching “False Idol” late tonight.


  16. Darklord says:

    I’ve been buying SHIP videos for over 2 decades so i certainly remember the old times. But thats irrelevant, and for the record, SHC videos are still rewatchable to this day.

    Anyways, I think a little world building would be helpful. For example, NGC has an on going story that adds the depth and “character” that some of us have referred to. Now, I’m not suggesting something quite that intricate, but perhaps a mini series spanning over 3-4 videos? Start with the young side kick who is captured. Then main heroine tries to save her, but side kick has been warped to evil, etc. – basically some continuation and continuity would help avoid the same old formula. Heroines of sword tried this – it was pretty cool, but not executed/produces as well as TBFE is now a days.

    Another option is using different props. Check out the Steve noir video just put up with the girl trapped in webbing. Christina carter has done a few videos with her in a nylon cocoon too, or a net, etc. so keep the formula the same, but throw in a few wrinkles here and there thats all. I guess since most of the vids are customs maybe that is a pipe dream.

    My complaint is it just seems most producers are on auto-pilot. And thats a shame b/c all of the other aspects to the videos/genre has definitely improved.

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      See, this proves again how different tastes are. While I love innovation (which comes in all shapes and sizes and often shows in little details) the world building stuff is something I am not too on being expanded on too much. A while ago, Rye felt the need to tie all (or some) of his videos together e.g. Doomsday or the type of vids he put out more recently. I personally found that boring. I don’t like to see vid 1 and vid 2 and 3 with the same heroine. Also I found both, the sequel(s) to Redwing and Spectre lacking. I am not in this genre for a long story. This is, to me, not the latest series by Tom King (if you follow his Batman stuff you know what I mean, or Scott Snyder for that matter). World building galore! I have recently re-watched Phantom Dame. Short, to the point, all things said. What more is needed? I have recently watched the movie IT. Even when you take out the story about the adults (as the did with this movie which is Chapter One), the book goes into many, many more details. However, the movie with its running time of around 2 hours feels very taut, not one wasted scene, not one scene too long, right about perfect. Is there a need to get to know every detail about the world of Derry? Nope. We get it fairly quickly, the world is established well enough. I feel you can very well compare this to the first Redwing movie or the first Spectre movie (and Spectre even connects to other Rye movies). The more I have been thinking about it, I feel that a running time of around 30 min. seems to be right for a peril movie. But again: all a matter of taste. Your point about “auto-piloting”. I think this comes from the need to make a couple of these vids in a months to see a good financial return. You could argue that this genre is at a point in time that you could compare to network and standard cable TV. Per season you will have around 22 episodes. I cannot recall any show with such a schedule that hit it out of the park with each episode. Even the arguably best season of Lost, season 3, had a few less than stellar episodes. I cannot recall one season of shows like Arrow with no epside that didn’t feel phoned in. Even Daredevil had a few auto-pilot episodes. This is why I feel streaming TV is as great as it can get with around 10 episodes (look no further than Narcos). In this genre, this is a vid with 30 min. But again, your mileage may vary.

      • Sugarcoater says:

        @ Horse
        Apologies for a brief off topic point, but what is happening in Batman that makes it interesting? Haven’t read much in a while but always interested in new stuff.

        And to add something to this thread, I think it’s awesome that we get three videos dropped in short succession. Nicely done!
        Hoping to see more of Coco as Redwing again too.

        • HorseWithNoName says:

          What makes it interesting is Tom King. Who would have thought that a guy who previously worked as an analyst for the CIA is now the hottest new “thing” in comics. He has just started a new Mister Miracle series which everybody is raving about which starts with an suicide attempt of the main character since death is a trap he wants to escape. Suicide is also a large theme in his Batman run.
          His Batman is a good mix of hard hitting action and very deep psychological stuff yet less cerebral than Scott Snyder’s run on Batman. Also when paired with either Mitch Gerads (his artist on Mister Miracle) or the utterly amazing Mikel Janin you have pure magic. I’d suggest that you check out issues 9 to 15 of the new series which started in 2016 (Rebirth), they should be in trade or you can find them on Comixology. Even though these issues tie into a larger story, you can enjoy them without the other issues which are weaker. In any case, I know this is a spoiler: it all comes done to this: Batman has asked Catwoman to marry him. And in the current issues, also with art by Janin, he is telling her his darkest secret. This is all very adult leaning stuff (not in sexual sense of things, though these guys do have sex) but subject-wise. The issues are narrated by both Batman and Catwoman and the way King writes it (and very sparsely so and to the point) you get a great inside into these characters that have been around forever without the old tired “everything you thought about this character is wrong”, rather it feels very true to who these two characters are and have always been (even in the 60s TV show) and yet it comes from an earnest and adult place. And man, does Janin draw one sexy looking and sexily moving Catwoman, yet she feels like a well rounded and strong character. A fetish fan’s dream come true 🙂 And I have seen some critcism of fans regarding his Batman run, which is a good sign too. Not everybody wants to see their beloved characters in such a adult context and such dark themes explored. Gone are the days of the somewhat tragic Bat-God of Morrison’s run (which suffered due to his rampant meta-fiction approach). This Batman is half a person, and he needs Catwoman to be complete, and it can only be her. It took Tom King to figure this out.

          • sugarcoater says:

            Sorry, I meant to post this earlier, but thank you very much for the info about the title. Definitely intrigued. As always, I appreciate your insight and thoughtful analysis. Thanks again Horse!

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            You are welcome. And thanks.

  17. HorseWithNoName says:

    Just got the Bastat vid with Coco, thanks to a little assists from Allen.
    Great stuff. Yes, she is on the receiving end of things throughout the entire vid, but for me this vid strikes a good balance between the beat down stuff and the sexual content, which is done (to her by herself) to further humiliate her. I do like the live streaming aspect of it. The unmasking is also (fairly) well done. The acting is great all around (also from the main bad guy, the wheelchair is nice touch). Also, there is an alternative ending which makes a little less sense in the context of the story, but still you can see the heroine winning if this is your thing. It also seems to me that TBFE have stepped up the image resolution, this, and the sound design are great. The sound of Coco’s boots. Ah, yes. Hit me with questions in case you are on the fence about getting this one. And yes, as far as her outfit is concerend, which is great, some nice Cameltoe and all, they hang a lantern on it so to speak i.e. the main bad guy comments on her overall appearance which is a great way to show that the characters are aware of the fact that she is half naked. Always a sign of good writing. It took the original Warren Vampirella series about 70 issues before characters became aware of how skimpy her outfit is and how utterly ridiculous for a fighter type of heroine character 🙂 Fairly hard to rate this vid. Acctually I would have liked to have seen her getting it on with the guy in the wheelchair (no realistic, but come on 🙂 and for them to play up the internet angle a bit more. Here they fall into the very common trap of tell and not show. It looks like we will have more of this in the next vid they have in the pipeline. Will be getting that one as well, despite the ugly tights 🙂 So my rating of 4.1 of 5.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on the video Horse. As has been said, you are quite articulate and you go into quality detail in making your points. Your review has helped in deciding to go for it and buy this one.

    • Rizo says:

      I love Coco but one of the things I don’t like is a video overtly leaning towards the sexual elements. Sometimes I get a video and watch the beatdown and speed up the fondling/sexual situations. How long is the beatdown in this one?

      • HorseWithNoName says:

        About half of the running time. It is spreat out. However for most of it she does not fight back and the punches are done like in most vids: she gets hit in the face and on her body a lot with no physical signs of impact other than her acting.

  18. Micky says:

    Agreements and disagreements or sex or no sex is all a different story . …
    They are meant to be happen ….
    Bt one thng is sure that the production houses are just thinking and bringing up their videos on the same lines ….
    Be it TBFE , Rye or consider the Bluestones ….
    That needs to be change a lil ….
    And now with high budgets available, they need to go a bit different and innovative …
    That will surely give a rejuvenating touch to this ever famous nd wonderful genre …

  19. Bob says:

    A lot of these complaints are weird to me. I could care less, about story and character. Is that really why you come to this niche ass genre? You’ll never please everyone. I don’t think people remember the early days of this genre. It was…not great. Nowadays the production values, acting, and general quality are so much better and we have such a great selection of actresses to choose from. It’s really never been a better time to be a fan honestly. It’s sort of like Pro Wrestling fans who forget the tape trading days, and now have access to wrestling, from all over the world at their fingertips and still manage to bitch and moan about it.

    I’m grateful, for this period we have. If you don’t like a film that’s cool, but there is so much product coming out nowadays that something you will like is probably right around the corner.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      But I feel like without the story and character, then it’s really just ‘porn in costume’. And hey maybe that works for a lot of people but it just doesn’t get my motor running. I remember the early days of the genre. Not the ancient days of the 90s like some people but the medieval days of the early mid to late 2000s. The R rated scene always had virgin superheroines who would inevitable get beaten down and the main antagonist would take her virginity by force. These films sold me because the heroine never enjoyed the act of being forced to have sex. It was always a painful and humiliating experience. Fast forward a decade now. Production values have gone way up–which is awesome by the way–and we’ve finally gotten rid of that gimmick of having the heroine be a virgin (that got annoying after a while). However at the same time, the whole ‘sex thing’ instead of being the cherry on top all of a sudden became the main course. Now that would be fine however except now the heroine has jumped to the other end of the spectrum. Heroines now seem to be sluts where even after suffering a beating of a lifetime at the hands on their archenemies or villain, they end up enjoying the act of sex. And then the humiliating part seems to be that the heroine actually enjoyed the act. Sorry but I cannot get behind that at all. It completely breaks the moment of immersion for me and is just short of being porn. And hey that’s just me and I understand that these are customs and all but I can’t help feel the way I feel. Like I said before, the spectrum that is sexuality is wide and stretches to infinity in both directions but I feel as though the R rated scene is leaving me behind and short of ordering a custom (which I’d probably do), I’m not sure what to do about it.

      • Bob says:

        Most films these days are customs. The fact that they are trending a certain a way shows this is what people want. There’s definitely a lot more sex now, but I always see people complain, if a film DOESN’T have it in it. If it’s PG I’ll always see the comment of “oh this would’ve been good if it’s “R”. I’ll pass”.

        It’s always been porn, in costume to me. It’s just much more obvious now. The heroine thing, again is just a reflection of what people want.

  20. The Battle For Earth says:

    Late tonight/early morning on “Bastat”. PST


  21. shfyd says:

    Just bought Slavery. There is no fighting, but I knew that. The heroine, Lady Wonder is subdued very early on and then its all humiliation. She gets fondled, strips, and then gets fondled some more. She is then stimulated with a dildo and then force fucked(simulated) by the villain.

    The plus factor is Mia’s great body and her acting. She sells the peril well and moans and climaxes well too. She gets hogtied too, for those who like that. There is full nudity so we get to see all of her.

    I did not like the pantyhose, I mean why wear it when the costume is coming off. But its a custom and this is probably what the customer wanted.

    Anyway, another great video from TBFE. Thank you guys

  22. Kookie says:

    It’s getting hard these days to come up with some new and fresh premise, with the number of movies that are already around. The general premise that everyone’s aiming for is usually:

    A strong heroine, getting overpowered by the villain using “x” method.
    Heroine gets defeated and gets punished in “y” ways (physical, mental, public humiliation, you say it)

    Every time I try to write a script these days, I always run into a problem where the premise has already been done in the past. I usually mix things up with what GIGA does just to see how it’ll look like with TBFE or so but there’s still a limit to that.

    Mind you, this videos are “short”. It averages around 30 mins each, if you put too much intro and story you will sacrifice content. Most people just want to see their preferred actress as a super heroine in peril (therefore, the super heroine in peril genre). Too much sex or not doesn’t matter, non-consensual sex by an enemy will always be considered “peril” #amiright. I personally don’t really care about simulated sex at all, which is why I’d never put it in my customs. I’d rather use the time for other contents.

    TBFE, Rye and other producers has been kind enough to provide their service to us, to maintain and develop the superheroine in peril genre. In the end, you really can’t please everyone at all times. People have different tastes and this market isn’t just aimed for you alone, so don’t be selfish. (or maybe if you have resources, it could be. I guess. But MOST times, it isn’t).

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      And this is an EXCELLENT point that Kookie has made. It is extremely hard coming up with fresh ideas. I’ve written four customs and during the fourth one, it dawned on me that practically all of my customs have followed a fairly predictable pattern: Heroine gets absolutely destroyed by an enemy that is just plain out better than her. And like Kookie said, the situation that really sniffles the creativity for many people who write customs is really cost and time. You can put in more villains if you like but it’ll cost you more money. You can make it longer than 30 minutes but that’ll mean extra days of shooting which instantly doubles the price of the custom. Eventually you realize that you’re not trying to win an oscar here for best screenplay. You realize that what you want is to see your favorite actress, play as your favorite super heroine and have her get destroyed by the method of your choosing so you end up just stacking all your favorite elements into a couple pages, make sure it makes sense to you at least and then send it off. And once that happens. Once you’ve determined that you really just want to see your super heroine in the peril that you’ve described, much of the story stuff and the set up kinda don’t matter.

      • Imagineer says:

        So porn in costume is fine as long as it’s exactly the porn you want.
        OTOH, if your date’s not going to go down on you before his two minute drill at the end of the night, then he better take you to Red Lobster first.

    • Heroibe says:

      People pay for this. They need to get something that is worth their while. The RYE (not Uk), Bluestone (been improving a little lately) and TBFE have stagnated. If another company comes up and starts giving people something novel and worth their time TBFE will have some problems.

      • HorseWithNoName says:

        Why exactly do you feel TBFE has stagnated? They usually put out great stuff. Do I get every release of theirs? No, but I have become rather picky. Do I like every release they put out? No, but the same goes for other producers as well. Also, as Allen has said, they have switched to a customs only model. Fully understandable in a niche market. Also keep in mind that fetish fans tend to wanting to see their fetish over and over. Yes, I have been very vocal around here for asking for something “novel”, but I see producers are really trying. This year alone we have seen some stuff that I personally thought was very novel.

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          I’m going to have to disagree with you completely Heroibe. I may have my issues with the content that’s coming out recently on the R rated side but I can say for certain that TBFE has in no way stagnated. They’re production values are top of line. Literally. With the exception of Rye, I can’t think of any other producer who produces high quality videos like TBFE. The image is real crisp with very little noise. Sound editing, editing, cinematography, dialogue, fight choreography. All top notch and the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, I’ve watched as many other producers have the same quality that they had four years ago so that now I barely glance at their previews on this site anymore.

  23. Darklord says:

    Porn or no porn – and whichever fetish you prefer – I think it’s fair to say that most or TBFE and RYE videos are repetitive.

    I first thought WOW 3 trailers to watch. Didn’t even bother to finish the 3rd one.

    Look the production quality is amazing. The heroines and costumes are hot. But very few videos lately seem to have any “character” to them. It just seems like a simple plug n play formula. There’s very little nuance or depth to the recent releases.

    Also tired of seeing the same 2-4 dudes too. I mean I get that would up the cost but when u see the same male villain in 100 movies, it gets to be a bit much.

    Anyways to be fair, the slavery one actually seems to go at it from a slightly different angle than videos most.

    • Dr Yuya says:

      This is porn/fetish material. I stopped reading at the mention of the word “repetitive” because i dont feel repetitivness has any negative bearing whatsoever on the quality of porn/fetish content…absolutely none.

      In fact…id say in more recent years its directors who are trying to be less repetitive who are harming this industry more

  24. Unmasked05 says:

    If I can offer my perspective after reading these comments. I started in this fetish when it really started back in 1998 when there was only a few producers out there. You had Punished Heroines with Carly as the main actress, Alex Bettinger with Stacy Burke, and then later Paris Kennedy became the awesome big attraction. You also had SHC with their mini movies released each week or close to each week lol. Suffice to say not a lot of content and not a lot of variety in actresses. Fast forward to 2017 and we have now as deep a roster of actresses as this fetish has ever seen. Mia, Alexis, Adrianna, Coco, Olive, Layla, Alex David, Belle Fatale, and Blair to name a few.

    I never thought this little niche fetish would grow to the productions we have today, and while producers have changed their business models they are still pumping out tons of great material and to me TBFE is at the top of the list followed closely by Rye and Primal. Now I get everyone has a valid opinion and movies have gotten repetitive to a degree but there is only so much you can do in this genre and with a limited budget and from where this fetish started to now I’ll take a few repetitive videos.

    All I am saying is lets be thankful that we are still getting our fetish videos created by both producers and actresses who really seem to be giving it there all and not just phoning it in to get a paycheck. I can point to Adriana’s first two videos as great performances by a new actress in this genre. I personally can’t afford a custom video but honestly not sure I would even if I could with all the content out there. Hands of Man and Marvelous Girl have been my 2 favorite videos this year and not sure I could have done a better job myself.

    Anyway sorry for dragging this on in case anyone made it this far. All I am saying is lets be thankful that we are still getting excellent productions and maybe the people that think these videos are getting repetitive can offer some story ideas. Maybe someone creating a custom will like your idea and use it or a producer will see it and use it. Just remember all these videos are done on a limited budget so there is only so much that can change.

    Anyway can’t wait for the other new releases!!! TBFE Allen thank you for the all the hard work and great productions!

    • shfyd says:

      Could not agree more with Unmasked05. I was member of SHC, and loved their work. Was really glad when Alex Bettinger came on and started producing higher level content. Now with Rye and TBFE and Alex David, we have lots of quality and spoilt for choice. I for one am a big superheroine fetish fan and don’t mind the repetitive stories. Keep pushing them out TBFE, Rye and Alex.

    • Heroibe says:

      The rye is fine. Adriana’s video was incredible. But the focus is on TBFE. And stop telling people who pay to be grateful, that is bad business sense. The idea that it is difficult to come up with new idea is also bull, look at steve noir, Gang thang Rookie beatdown, that video is less than 30 mins but it is obvious that that took less than a day to shoot and yet it was really dense in content.

      TBFE and the RYE (not RYE UK) have gotten stale. The idea that we can’t do a better job is irrelevant, you would not buy a shitty computer because you could not build a better one.

  25. Rizo says:

    I understand a lot of the community’s concerns over the “sex in cosplay” stuff. I am picking that Sofi Ryan video though. Beatdown looks solid there.

  26. CondorianFM says:

    Wow Mia is actually great, but the last several TBFE videos she’s been in haven’t allowed her to be a believable heroine at all. So much nudity and sex, the focus really has shifted.

  27. Darkwrath016 says:

    Poor TBFE. They just can’t catch a break. If the community isn’t complaining about the high prices, they lash out at content. I defended TBFE on the price stuff. This time though I find myself siding with the community a bit here.

    I got to admit, it’s probably been over a year since I’ve actually purchased an R rated film from TBFE or RYE. Probably even longer since I’ve enjoyed one. A major portion of the problem for me is that so much of the R rated films seem to be ‘Porn in costume’ (thanks for that phrase Rover) and since I don’t get off on porn, these things too little for me. Now I know that much of these plots and storylines are suppose to be kinda over the top just on principle alone but so much of these R rated videos seem to be about the sex portion. And I’m not saying that the entire film is sex. I’m saying that the main villain/antagonist purpose is to have sex with this super heroine. Everything leading up to the sex seems to be in service to the actual sex that is about to happen. From the words, to the set up to the overall plot. The ‘beatdown’ section just seems to be about softening her up just so they can have sex. And that alone probably wouldn’t be so bad but what really breaks the immersion for me is just how willing some (many) of the heroines in these plots are to go along with it. Here we have this proud noble heroine who’s never lost, get her ass kicked and then when it comes to the sex portion, at the end of it, there’s something in it that gives an indication that the heroine actually liked it. What!?!? You were practically raped and then somewhere along the line you liked it? Somewhere along the line the heroine says, ‘this isn’t so bad’. Now granted this is my opinion but I just can’t get behind that. I really can’t. I’ve tried many times and just knowing that it ends like that immediately dampens my enthusiasm for the entire film. Is that harsh? Probably. But I do have my taste.

    So that being said, I’m not sure how much (if any) of the blame I can lay at TBFE feet. They operate solely on a custom basis need and so their first priority is to service the customer and make sure that the film adheres to the script as possible. So I guess I’m just venting here about what for me, feels like a dearth of great R rated super heroine peril videos as of late.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      And for the record, before anyone says I should order a custom of my own if I feel that way, just know that I did. Four times this year actually though they are all PG13.

    • Imagineer says:

      You make a good point that TBFE flicks tend to serve a specific sexual domination fetish. (And you know it’s a fetish so you’re not really criticizing it for not making sense, because you know fetishes just don’t — that’s just your way of saying it’s not a fetish you can get into or get past.)

      If that’s a fetish that breaks your suspension of disbelief, there’s really nothing else to talk about except looking forward to the next video that doesn’t serve it.

  28. Slapmutsky says:

    FINALLY, Mia as WW. Instant buy.

  29. Micky says:

    Sex is ok .
    But the videos are becoming too repetitive.
    A video should include fight sequences, some good hardcore bondage, torture, whipping and than when the heroine is broken , the sex part should come ….
    Bt at the moment whether its Rye or TBFE , they all are going on the same lines and scripts…..

  30. HorseWithNoName says:

    Well, judging from these comments, the internet is in a bad mood today 🙂 Well, since these vids are apparently customs, they reperesent what *some* people want, myself included, heh!

    Will be getting the one with Coco, for sure. False Idol also looks very interesting.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Hahahaha. The internet seems to always be in a bad mood.

    • Mike Evertone says:

      Agreed- lots of whiners out today- you would think it is a Monday. These folks should buy a custom if they dislike what is out there so much. I am appreciative to these movies- they look great, all with hottest models/porn stars out there.

  31. Rover says:

    I guess porn is selling really well around here.

    • TBob says:

      Well I hope so. That’s the point of this website, to advertise porn movies. We are all here for a reason.

      • Rover says:

        Hmm, yes, – the site is called “Heroine Movies”, not “porn in costume”. 😉

        Really I appreciate TBFE’s quality and that they’re putting out customs. I’m just concerned that the shift towards straight-up porn is coming at the expense of a lot of the elements of a good Heroine In Peril vid. You know, the reason we are all here.

        • TBob says:

          Yes, this website is called http://www.heroinesinperil.com. Gotch ya.

        • Jacques says:


        • HorseWithNoName says:

          The reason why *some* are here. Try not to assume your fetish is my fetish. I understand where you are coming from, but two things: there is plenty of PG-13 heroine stuff out there. Look no further than Rye UK (which to me is “boring”) or TBFE’s own PG label or the next Supergirl episode on TV or Wonder Woman at the movies. I feel that firstly, since these are customs, clearly some folks do enjoy this kind of kind, and secondly, if this gets people into this genre who are usually more into straight up porn, the more the merrier, they say. Also: people look at these vids and say: all the same stuff. How can this be? Some years back these kinds of vids did not exist i.e. the harder type. So which is it? Everything the same or simply, you (plural) do not like this new type of thing? And: with all this heroine stuff in the mainstream now, it must be much harder for producers to differentiate themselves from the mass media stuff. A ticket to see Gal Gadot is what, 10 bucks, a peril vid is 40 bucks. See what I mean?

          • Darkwrath016 says:

            And all valid fair and correct points Horse. I’d just add that I have nothing against R rated films per say. I think it’s the content of those R rated film that myself (and maybe Rover) just aren’t really getting behind of. It seems too much like porn and not like a super heroine film and yes that was pretty vague but that because there’s no way to succinctly describe why i feel that way. It could be taste as you say. The spectrum that is sexuality is infinitely long but I just can’t help feeling a little bit left out on the R rated side of the peril films.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            I completely get where you are coming from. Maybe the crux of the matter is that with more customs these vids get to focussed on just one thing. Could also be that this is just a fad for the time being. While I am not a fan of extensive fight scenes (in my peril vids that is, outside of it, heh, there is Netflix Daredevil) I do agree that there needs to be a mix. I know, I tired old example, but the fight stuff in the first Redwing vid was really great and this was lacking in the second one. So, to your point, a good balance maybe the right way 🙂

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          YES!!! SO TRUE. That phrase ‘porn in costume’ just summarizes everything that’s currently going on in the R rated scene as of late. It just feels like……well porn in costume and since I don’t get off on porn, these videos do very little for me.

      • Jacques says:

        Excuse me TBob, thanks for enlightening me. I would have thought that there are better ways to buy porn.

      • saxman314 says:

        Fetish videos are a subgenre of porn videos. Videos made for you to get off on, no matter your perversions are porn videos. A video of a barefoot chick crushing worms is a barefoot crushing porn video. Absolutely nobody comes to this site to see reviews of mainstream movies and shows, except as they relate to the kink. It’s a porn review/promotion site.

        It amazes me the number of people– consumers and producers alike– who try to act like this isn’t all porn. None of us are watching this stuff because we’re fan-verse/cosplay enthusiasts. It’s a kink. As such, even the “PG” stuff, even the “G” stuff is porn because it’s expressly created to stimulate an erotic response. What exactly elicits that response can be different for everyone, but if you’re watching videos to get off on, they’re porn.

        BTW if you know mainstream porn sites that feature superheroines being dominated, hook a brother up cuz I’m all the way down with that porn! All the mainstream ones I’ve seen have been consensual (boring) or god forbid, femdom.

        • TBob says:

          Exactly Saxman

        • Imagineer says:

          I look at some of the content passing through these virtual halls and think maybe some of it is being consumed as a hobby, the way some people consume professional wrestling.

          When I search Google for fetish vs hobby the top result is a discussion titled “Fetish, hobby, or obsession?” from 2008 on a forum dedicated to fragrances, posted in the Male Fragrance Discussion area. Some people get REALLY into a thing.

          But I think “fetish, hobby, or obsession?” is asking the wrong question — distinctions of social acceptability that come from puritanism, not meaningful differences in whether or not it’s healthy. The right “am I okay” question: is it an addiction? Figure that out for yourself, and let the judgmental stuff go.

          The word “porn” has been stretched in the popular vernacular to cover anything that satisfies a robust enthusiasm, sexual or not. I think this community ought to embrace that idea at the expense of using porn in the stricter sense. I think even as parts of society become more enlightened that pornographic material is not inherently dirty or bad, the term “porn” carries so much moral-judgment baggage and is so imprecise that it’s better to say what you mean without using it.

          The end goal is endorphin release.

  32. Heroibe says:

    This stuff is getting old. I’d wish TBFE tries something new.

    • JBC says:

      To be fair, TBFE is sort of at the mercy of the people that order customs so perhaps it is time for the community to come up with new ideas. On that note, what kinds of things would be welcome so that these things don’t get “old.” Not bashing your opinion, more so looking for constructive criticism of new, feasible ideas/concepts. Would be open to hear it

    • Heroibe says:

      Fair point. I didn’t consider the creative direction for TBFE is from those who order customs.

      • JBC says:

        One other thing I’ll say from the perspective of those that order customs is that they are constricted by time. They may want to include background and story elements, but if that means another day of shooting for TBFE then that means even more costs incurred by the person that ordered it. When deciding between showing peril elements vs story elements, I think we’d all take the peril if it came to that so they may want to show more, but being financially realistic, they cannot afford to.

        • wbg says:

          Yeah, this is one of the frustrations of writing custom videos. Whether explicitly or implicitly, you are paying for the commission by the minute, and the per-minute cost for making a custom video is obviously in another galaxy of expense compared to the per-minute cost of buying a finished video being sold on the producer’s site, which is what the community spends most time debating. In this context, it’s a constant trade-off between spending script time on setup and character development and story elements versus the actual peril sequences. And JBC is right that when push comes to shove, and the price tag is going to be too high to keep EVERYTHING that you’d want to have in the video, you may find yourself erring on the side of preserving the peril pieces at the expense of story. But this doesn’t mean that the custom writer doesn’t care about variety and about good story and characters, it’s just a trade-off made because of limited resources. Additionally, the custom writer has a little bit of advantage in watching the finished product, because they KNOW all of the backstory and character details that they originally concocted for the video, and they can have that context in mind when watching the video, even if not all of those details actually get shown onscreen. There have been times when I have literally just chopped off the first scene or two of my script (which tend to be the setup scenes) because I couldn’t afford to keep them, and have said to myself, “It’s too bad that other viewers won’t fully understand these characters and why they’re behaving as they do, but at least *I* know!” I don’t like having to make those trade-offs, but the costs are just so high for commissioning videos with good production values that you gotta prioritize. And ultimately, you are making that video chiefly for yourself, not for the community. So you try to fit in what will most work for you, and since you already know your own characters and story line in full, those elements may not be so essential to include in the actual video.

    • Heroibe says:

      Sonique is their only release that I have enjoyed. Their stuff is just too sexual and not in a manner that is unique to this genre. I’d like it if they made the heroines feel like actual heroines and not girls just there to be forced to cum, it does not even feel forced, it really take you out of it.

      • Imagineer says:

        Is the issue that the overtly sexual content goes on too long, or that there isn’t enough story, or isn’t enough heroism, or isn’t enough physical defeat? Or is more of an issue of content that actively disinterests you — that there’s an overtly sexual theme, i.e. that sexual contact is a vulnerability; or that the villain’s goals include sex or sexual violence? Or just that it’s too overtly depicted?

        Are stories not being well-told, or are the wrong stories being told? What about Sonique made it the right story well-told?

        • Heroibe says:

          To be fair. i am not the biggest fan of the sexual stuff in this genre (i love Mia Malkova as a pornstar don’t get me wrong). The sex itself is not the problem really, the problem is that I don’t see a heroine getting beaten up or having sex the problem is I just see a pornstar have boring sex. The story is meant to establish she is a different person (which they consistently do with Sonique) but with every other product the story just feels like it’s getting in the way of the low quality sexual content. Another problem I have with most of these vids is the lackluster performance from all the actresses (with Sonique being the exception again), I jsut don’t see Mia Malkova as a heroine (again I love Mia Malkova), a perfomer that sells the beating and sex very well is Ashley Lane.

          • Heroibe says:

            There is too much focus on sex, there are no female villians, the lack of continuity in the story makes it feel cheap and manufactured. The porn feels so cheap and watching it really make me feel like I’m some brain dead zombie that will take whatever crap is dished out to me.

          • Imagineer says:

            Is it possible you love Mia too much in porn to see her as a superheroine? I think back to The Relic. She seemed to act like a super-powerful young alien woman — naive and cocky but caring — who met an alien with deep hatred of her species, then kicked ass and got her ass kicked. What followed was… not normal pornstar sex.

            Serious question: if to you that video is broken, how do you fix it?

  33. Mike Evertone says:

    No words. These movies look phenomenal.
    Especially with a chloro scene with Mia Malkova.