3 New Videos from Sleeperkid

New videos include Fight Bots: Part Eight, Atemi 13, and Sentry Girls: Session 81.

Fight Bots: Part Eight

Amazon Annie is on the phone discussing the latest fem bots she’s assembled (Serena and Miriya). After hanging up, she circles the beautiful bots slowly, playing with their frozen limbs and hair. Seemingly satisfied, Annie states, “Fem Bots: Activate”!

Annie asks the bots if they’ll suffer through her lethal finishers and fight to the death for her, to which they reply with “Yes Master”. Annie initiates the count down, and the fun begins…

Serena and Miriya spin around quickly, but the blonde bot gets the upper hand with a solid hammerlock. Miriya is not having it, as her training is just as precise. Serena takes a huge head butt and releases the hammerlock. Miriya delivers a stunning belly kick followed up with crippling belly punches against the wall. When Serena is weakened, she collapses to her knees. Miriya bends down and neck snaps her, winning this round of the fight to the death and setting the brutal tone of the training. Annie checks the pulse of Serena before neck snapping Miriya as well, leaving the two bots done for on the mats.

Annie’s two bots are calculated and vicious in this newest fem bot release. Serena and Miriya battle evenly throughout, fully encompassing their bot personas and nailing each hold and strike.

After several rounds, Annie is rushed by both bots, her hands seized in a crushing grip. To her surprise, she is not only sent to the ground but dazed as well. The powerful Amazon gets to her feet only to be on the receiving end of a monkey in the middle style face punch-a-thon. The fem bots inform Annie that they’ve been sent to assassinate her. Annie, still in a state of confusion from her fall, mumbles ‘no, no, no..!’ but the bots are already moving into a sleeper position. Once applied, the two bots work together to inflict a devastating neck snap finisher to Annie before deactivating themselves and expiring on top of her.

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Atemi 13

We fade in to Sumiko standing in a high cut, sexy and shiny one piece suit. Nicole sneaks up on her and applies a hand over mouth smother. Sumiko’s eyes roll and her head lolls as she succumbs to the smother. When Sumiko is completely out, Nicole lifts her into an over the shoulder carry and carries her off screen.

Following suit with previous Atemi clips, Sumiko and Nicole do several scenes in which there are quick attacks followed by a knockout and removal from the screen (over the shoulder carry, body dragging, etc). A few of the scenes are a treat as they end with the ladies perfect backsides on display.

The final scene has Nicole and Sumiko inflicting a double hand over mouth smother to one another. They’re just about out on their feet when they then simultaneously deliver the finishing solar plexus shot. The clip ends with both Asian beauties KO’d with their faces down and their booty’s up.

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Sentry Girls: Session 81

Tracy Jordan, Stephanie, Jessica Nova, Rose, and Malloy are in this latest sentries release. This sentry edition begins with 3 of the sentries standing stoically, only to be snuck up on and put out one at a time with a long, drawn out, eye rolling sleeper hold. Each sentry eventually drops and is down for the count due to the sleeper, not noticing what’s happening behind them as they are lined up like toy soldiers.

This clip is a fantastic multi-sentry knock out extravaganza, with each lady taking her turn as the dominant factor. Knock outs are doled out left and right, and at times, a final tactic has to be used to KEEP the sentry out.

The final scene has the sentries taken out one by one with sleepy gas, a sleepy gun, head bonk knockout and a taser knock out. Those methods aren’t enough to seal the deal completely, however, so one last round of sleepers is passed around to keep everything ‘quiet’.

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