3 New Videos from Pro Style Fantasies and Catfight Fantasies

From Alex Bettinger: “THREE new videos out today! And a special deal just for HeroineMovies readers: all three videos (over an HOUR of intense action) for just $40! Email me at slayerparisproductions [[at]] yahoo [[dot]] com for info!”

B.L.O.W., the Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling from Pro Style Fantasies

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First up, we have our fun GLOW parody, B.L.O.W., the Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling! That’s right, it’s fun sexy brutal women’s wrestling, 80s style! Complete with cheesy rapping, awkward video inserts, and a brutal Soviet heel up against a fun-loving American sexy face in a bikini!

Included in this HOT and exciting video:

Wrestling, brawling, lots of low blows, belly punches, flying splashes, spanking, wedgies, breast groping, sexual humiliation, rag doll, ass-to-face, breast-to-face, camel clutch, clothesline, head slams, bronco buster, humiliation in front of crowd, sleeper hold, half boston crab (combined with crotch groping), stripping, strapon ravishing in mouth and from behind (softcore), and much more!!!

Starring Angela Sommers and Karlie Montana!

32 minutes! Only $25!

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Dreams of Destruction from Catfight Fantasies

Second, we have a HOT double-feature over at CatfightFantasies.com, a sensual video and a brutal one! First we have “Dreams of Destruction,” starring Karlie Montana and Angela Sommers. Karlie keeps fantasizing that Angela will beat her up and dominate her, both physically and sexually! One night at the gym her dream seems to come true! Lots of low blows, spanking, belly and face punches, bitch slapping, stripping, and strapon ravishing!

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Beaten by the Bikers from Catfight Fantasies

Then we have “Beaten by the Bikers,” starring Charlotte Stokely, Goldie Blair, and Christina Carter. Charlotte is a beautiful but hapless secretary who gets accosted by two tough biker chicks, who proceed to PULVERIZE the little blonde with tons of face punches, belly punches, kicks and stomps, breast smothers, stripping, and more! Poor Charlotte is left bloodied!

Get BOTH catfight videos, over a half-hour of action, for just $24.95!

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OR GET ALL THREE VIDEOS, over an hour of action, for the special discounted rate of $40! Email me if you want to take advantage of this discount and I’ll send you the info!

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34 Responses

  1. Ztc says:

    just saying ms. stokely would be awesome in a shw video against villain maybe a associate of devil girls

    • Alex Bettinger says:

      Would definitely love to shoot that! If you want to commission a video like that, I’d surely give you a good deal.

  2. Rouge says:

    When coming out Alex another one?

  3. Tenken says:

    Possible to have Capri Cavanni in BLOW? She will make a great jobber 😀

    • ME92 says:

      To have her in anything would be awesome, but I’d much prefer it to be in the XCW or in a Superheroine flick if it was first meant to happen, haha xP She’s great though ;D

    • Alex Bettinger says:

      Yes, I definitely would hire her again. I’ll put her on my list.

  4. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey everyone–we moved all our sites to a new server over the weekend, so if anyone had any problem accessing any of our sites in the past few days it should all be working fine now. Let me know if you encounter any problems. New Intergender Extreme Wrestling coming in a few weeks!

  5. viv32 says:

    any news alex?

  6. Koukou says:

    Alex Re-integrate paris kennedy and randy moore into the series xwc…plz Alex…

  7. Seta says:

    i just bought the BLOW video and i enjoyed it tremendously…this video would be perfect if Ms Angela Sommers can dial up on the enf aspect in front of her fans and audience (like how the WWE divas tend to overact which is great fun)

    hope there will be more blow videos on faces being humiliated by heels…thank you alex and team

  8. john says:

    any updates alex?

  9. Koukou says:

    Alex go breack Paris Kennedy

  10. Koukou says:

    Alex bettinger go beack Randy Moore in xcw..or superheoineworld ….or catfaightfantasies ..please alex

  11. Kaizar says:

    Will you ever use any muscular actresses like; yuri asada and miu yukinaga from Japan or Brandi Mae from America ?

  12. Chris says:

    Any new videos coming this month?

  13. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey guys, I know Goldie Blair (whose huge breasts have never looked better 🙂 is looking for work this month; if you’re interested in a custom vid with her now would be a great time, since we’d probably be able to cut you a deal. Also appearing soon and potentially available for customs (with Goldie or not), Charlotte Stokely and Gia Paige!

    Hit me up asap if you’re interested!

    slayerparisproductions ((at)) yahoo ((dot)) com


  14. Alex Bettinger says:

    Last day for the special discount–try to hit me up before midnight if you want to take advantage! Three videos, over an hour of action for just $40!

  15. Alex Bettinger says:

    Just another heads up that the discount for the new releases – all three vids, over an hour of action, for just $40 – will be available only til Friday night, so email me if you want to take advantage! Slayerparisproductions ((at)) yahoo ((dot)) com

  16. Enigma says:

    Love BLOW

  17. Alex Bettinger says:

    Just a heads up, I’m going to run the all-three-for-$40 sale until Friday, so if you want to take advantage be sure to email me before then!

  18. Laundry says:

    Wow a triple threat! I’d say the B.L.O.W line has a lot of potential getting to see different wrestlers in new roles. Like Karlie doing a Russian accent lol. But I think angela has really improved since she starting playing the villain role. She seems a little tougher which makes her getting beat more sexy. And Karlie is always the bomb even tho I like her best as a sexy jobber.
    Poor Charlotte in biker beat down. But wow really looking forward to seeing more of her in those seethru tights. Damn!…Maybe there could be an ep where she gets revenge on Goldie and CC. Maybe Jewell or somebody could help her out.

  19. Scraps says:

    BLOW was a ton of fun. Glad there was some back and forth wrestling. Angela looked incredible in a bikini. It seems like a fun way to utilize the same actresses in different characters and roles without breaking XCW continuity. Love all the vids! Keep them coming!

  20. Jack Puncher says:

    Enjoyed BLOW which as Alex says is a fun parody of GLOW and I suspect he had a lot of fun writing the dialogue with its Reaganesque references and with the overall 80’s feel.

    It was good to see new characters and it seems to me there is also a continuation of having a greater variety of wrestling moves.

    Angela Sommers and Karlie Montana delivered these new characters skilfully and in a playful way.

    Valley Doll’s bikini babe look is some thing I would put in a plea for to be carried across to XCW and IEW. Where the “Face” wrestler has less clothing and protection then the “Heels” it makes her appear more femininely vulnerable. Of course one hopes the “Face” will lose her outfit during the match but there is no need to make this a difficult task for the “Heels”. Having lost her outfit not only is the “Face” more defenceless against the punishment and abuse we hope she is enduring but there is also the humiliation of having all her female “goodies” exposed to the rapt gaze of the audience and viewers in PPV land.

  21. Jack Puncher says:

    Have watched Beaten By The Bikers which was very watchable with Charlotte Stokely, Goldie Blair and Christina Carter putting in good performances. Charlotte’s naïve secretary wondering on to territory the two biker babes regard as there own led to the kind of outcome we want. Charlotte took a lot of punishment. More and more it made me wish for her to appear in IEW were her character takes what is coming to her.

    When it comes to punishment I must mention Charlotte’s nipples. They are just so eye catching. If it is within her agreeable limits would love to see them targeted more for abuse and punishment in XCW and IEW.

    Contrasting Goldie Blair and Christina Carter it looked like Christina appeared to always put her body weight behind her blows where as often Goldie appeared to be backing away at the moment of impact. This may be part of why Christina is so good at playing aggressive heels. Of course we all know the blow is pulled at the last minute, as it should be (no one wishes for Charlotte to be really hurt), but Christina does make it look like the blow is landing with force and evil intent. No disrespect to Goldie it is just the way performers play their part.

    Whilst not part of the action I did wish when Charlotte made her entrance she had been wearing her heels. For me there is something about a gorgeous woman with a seriously short micro mini skirt in high heel pumps that is very eye catching. I get that wearing the heels may have reduced Charlotte’s mobility but they could have been taken off as part of the first attack. The high heels would have helped build the image of a helpless damsel going into serious distress.

    • Captain says:

      That explanation of Christina’s punching and heel dominance is exactly why I think she should be the big bad finale of XCW. No one being able to stop her even if she does get double crossed.

      • Kaizar says:

        I think someone muscular like Brandi Mae or that actress that played the queen in Eclipse Merciless Hunter or Venus from Landofvenus.com should play the big bad finale in XCW.