“Daughters of Kryston” – A Luciafilms Custom

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  1. David John says:

    Pls upload more new custom videos of Supergirl in sexy tight outfits

  2. mjr84 says:

    Just tried to purchase but going through netcode it seems theres no instant payment option which is disappointing. can anyone help on this please

  3. Don says:

    Hey Lucia anything in the works?

  4. Brad777 says:

    Supragirl really looks as though she might be in over her head, against this evil lady! Two gorgeous babes battling it out, fantastic!

  5. rayman says:

    Really good video I would have said great if a couple of things didn’t bug me. The bad girl should have been dressed a bit sexier she is gorgeous and for god’s sake sort the lighting out!
    Still worth buying though 🙂

  6. David John says:

    This Supergirl actress is really awesome I loved her so much what’s the name o that actress….

  7. shbeater says:

    From the trailer this looks quite heavy on wrestling moves. Can anyone tell me if there is much in the way of fisticuffs especially to the face? I’m tempted but but sitting on the fence with this one a bit.

  8. MDJ07 says:

    I’ve paid and got the link but when I try to download is does not work, I’ve emailed a screenshot of what comes up. Hope you can help as this looks awesome!

  9. Shzam says:

    How’s the sexual content on this one? see groping and breast squeezing in the list but is it prevalent?

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      There are two forced rubbing scenes, and a forced kiss, but they are on the brief side. Lots of little gropes and touching here and there between. If this does well enough to warrant a sequel we will probably give it the Oni treatment and ramp up the sexuality in the continuation, as this one does admittedly focus on the combat foremost.

  10. Daniel O'Brian says:

    Who is saying you can’t sell what now? That’s news to me. Unless it’s pedophile or bestiality stuff I don’t think there’s a limit. Hasn’t been for me… -DanO..

  11. Don says:

    We’ve been DUPED!!

  12. Phillip Lee says:

    Looks awesome! Instant buy!

  13. Jaghi says:

    Debooting would be nice too js

  14. LordSnot says:

    Why are the last set of pics so dark?? Can barely see what’s going on.

  15. Bert says:

    Intergalactic politics…Hahaha!

  16. SlawDiesel says:

    Wow, that belly punch. Might buy it for that alone!

  17. Drzod says:

    WOW! You are just killing it! Don’t miss out on this one! Avengers Endgame tickets and now this. What a day of days!

    • Kaizar says:

      Already got my ticket for Premium Large Screens 3D showing of Avengers 4.

      They only do AMC prime in 2D, so I had to go with their competitor for Cinemark XD 3D.

      Don’t forget Star Wars Part 9/Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker. And Pokémon & Aladdin & Godzilla & Jumanji 3 & Artemis Fowl & Lion King & Spider-Man & a whole lot of other Live-Action 3D movies for the remainder of this year alone.

      2K20 will be even greater.


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