“Agenda Part 1” from The Superhero Project

The Superheroine Project has released a new video called Agenda Part 1.

Tweedledee is investigating a possible Biological Weapon factory and found Pink Pixie beating her to the punch. A fire fight broke out and Tweedledee subdued Pink Pixie

However, Pink Pixie never play fair and she manage to turn the table on Tweedledee, she manage to sneak up on Tweedledee and chloroform KO her. Pink Pixie then try to find out the power source of superpower. She then decided to kill Tweedledee

Kara, in the meantime and track Pink Pixie down and arrive at the same Biological Weapon Factory, but is she too late to help Tweedledee?


FF Beat down
Gloves Removal
High Heels/Boots Removal
Forced Unmasking
Chloroform Knock Out
Belly Punch
Gun Fight
Mind Control
Stolen Uniform
Force Surrender

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