“Agenda Part 2” from The Superheroine Project + New Sale

The Superheroine Project has a new video called Agenda Part 2, which is scheduled for release very soon, and has announced an Independence Day sale. Check out the details below.

Continuing from Part 1. After Pink Pixie is captured, the costumed crime fighter started interrogate the villain, not telling the costumed crime fighter anything and after successfully turn the table on them, Pink Pixie brainwash Kara into fighting Tweedledee.

Would Pink Pixie plan succeed? Could the crime fighter do anything before it is too late?

Price: AUD $20.00


FF Beat down
Gloves Removal
Over The Shoulder (OTS) Carry
High Heels/Boots Removal
Forced Unmasking
Chloroform Knock Out
Belly Punch
Mind Control
Force Surrender

Buy Full HD: https://the-superhero-project.myshopify.com/products/episode-4-agenda-part-2-full-hd

Buy 4K: https://the-superhero-project.myshopify.com/products/episode-4-agenda-part-2-4kuhd



Independence Day Sale

Celebrate the independence day weekend from watching The Superhero Project superheroine video, from July 4 to July 8, all of The Superhero Project Video are 30% off using code REDWHITEANDBLUE. Capture this bargain and celebrate independence day with us.

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