“Agent X: No Escape” from Sleepy Superheroines

Misty Lovelace stars in Agent X: No Escape, now available from Sleepy Superheroines.

Agent X (played by the stunning Misty Lovelace in a skintight wet look catsuit) is out to save a fellow agent who has been caught by the Trickster. Little does she realize that it’s actually an elaborate scheme set-up by the Trickster to lure and capture her. And capture her he does. What follows is a non-stop parade of knockouts for poor Agent X who seems way out of her league with Trickster’s sleepy tricks.

Video contains multiple chloroform KOs, sleeping gas KO, electric KO, sonic KO, rope bondage, butt spankings, over the shoulder carries, and a cradle carry.

Purchase this video at Sleepy Superheroines

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