“Alien vs Super Heroine 2: The Mothership” from Anastasia Pierce

Anastasia Pierce and Christina Carter star in Alien vs. Super Heroine Part 2: The Mothership.

Anastasia Pierce presents Alien vs. Super Heroine Part 2: The Mothership, co-starring Christina Carter.

NOW available – Explicit Content

a Super-Heroine/ Super Villainess Sci-Fi Parody

Available in the Following Formats:

HD 1920 – https://www.clips4sale.com/5196/18746925/cid2a9981fdf91e65affa4b4878e5
HD 1440 – https://www.clips4sale.com/5196/18746951/cid2a9981fdf91e65affa4b4878e5
HD 1280 – https://www.clips4sale.com/5196/18746945/cid2a9981fdf91e65affa4b4878e5

Starring: Christina Carter as Super Heroine Golden Avenger and Anastasia Pierce as Alien Purple Vixen

Synopsis: It’s a war of the worlds. Alien have been a threat to humans for months now. They are taking over our planet and one by one eliminating the only people who can protect and save us: the super heroines.

Recently (see episode 1), Golden Avenger (aka Christina Carter) was viciously attacked, neutralized and teleported to the Alien mothership by an Alien, a huntress of her kind.

Now the Super Heroine wakes up in a cold an empty space, the Alien Mothership. She has been subdued, tied up and is going to be subjected by the Aliens to different types of experimentations. Aliens are determined to test on her and solve some of the mysteries of humans that remains unsolved.

The Helpless Super Heroine is desperate to escape and doesn’t know how much longer she will be able to sustain the Alien scientific procedures that entails test of: fear, sensitivity, breathing, pleasure, orgasms control and even worse!

The Super Heroine has also been selected to be seeded and inseminated by an alien species ( a Facehugger) to carry a thousand alien life inside of her.

The Alien will be using our super heroine as a breeder for their species so they can colonize our planet soon.

Includes: Christina Carter as Super Heroine Golden Avenger, Anastasia Pierce as Alien Purple Vixen, Original Super Heroine Costume, Original Characters, Catsuit, Amazons, Bondage, Struggling, Spread Eagle, SHIP, Lesbian Domination, Pleasure Serum, Forced Orgasm, Experimentations, Electricity, Nipple Torment, Orgasms, Energy Draining, Fantasy, Cosplay, Sci-fi, Trap, Alien, Lots Special FX, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Helpless, Impregnation Fetish, Probe, Facehugger Alien, Stripping, Humiliation, Orgasms, Medical, Heroine in Distress and Peril. , Face Fucker, Peril, No Escape!

If you have missed part 1 here it is:

HD 1920 – https://www.clips4sale.com/5196/18660905

Special thanks to Rob – www.flyingsuperheroes.com for the extra help with the special fx


Creator of Heroine Movies. Director of Supra Girl, Wonderful Lady, Asami, Agent Alexis, Omega Girl, and others. Contact me at heroinemovies(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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Wow ! Christina look amazing in that silver catsuit and black boots !! Keep up the excellent work you do Anastasia !


any chance we can get a sequel where she has no choice but to birth the aliens even though she doesn’t want to?


I purchased this sequel last friday the first of December, personally I was hoping for a continuation from part one, where the gold avenger aka Christina Carter, having been drained of her powers, then her soul, leaving just a beautiful shell was transformed into something else by the victorious Alien (Anastasia) and in the final scenes of part one we saw Christina lose the final vestiges of her alter ego gold avenger, her gold knee high boots disappeared in the black alien transforming fog, to leave us with a transformed gorgeous Christina in a silver catsuit and raunchy black shiny thigh high boots, I wrongly hoped to see on board the alien mother-ship, Christina as a ‘zom-bot, fem-bot, basically a sex slave soldier of the alien superior race, But No, it is a completely different story with little bearing on part one, Christina has magically regained her soul and is just a prisoner of the aliens who for 22 minutes is sexually experimented on against her will, she struggles profusely etc,etc Why is she struggling, the gold avenger was defeated on Earth by Anastasia and transformed, instead some devilish, wicked, demeaning sexual commands from the alien black vixen would have complimented part two for the aliens soulless defeated and transformed former superheroine gold avenger, now a silver slave in black thigh boots, sorry but I was disappointed with part two, but the special effects were great, love Anastasia’s work and Christina’s, work, but the script for the part two sequel had no bearing on part one, Shame !!

Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia Pierce

Hello DymondChris
Shame ? Really? That seems …unnecessary!

I know I was clear and not misleading in my description of episode 2 and what takes place on the Mothership. There is no description of sex zombie. That is a completely different scenario.

Any types of scenario can be shot , anytime. Would you be interested in a custom video?
I can shoot part 2 in a different way with your take on it. It’s no problem at all.

But I believe I was the one directing part2 this time around and my take on it was that being a Super Heroine her metabolism “fixed” it self quickly and she regained consciousness by the time she woke up on the mothership. I showed her hybernating state at the beginning, who knows how long she was in that state…

Also experimentations and impregnating scenarios by Aliens are very popular and the face hugger is mighty popular character that I am asked all the type to bring back so I know many viewers have very much enjoyed part 2 just the way it was shot.

Once again anything can be shot if you would like a custom video to shoot your scenario, I would be happy to do so.

In any case, thanks for watching!! I am glad you enjoyed the performances and Special FX.
Have a great day!