“American Amazon: Falling Star” from UltraHeroix

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  1. mallaww says:

    I like this actress and her slim figure wearing ww type outfit. I like when she is bearhugged and lifted in cradle. I if she could defeat some easy rivals first and then she is defeated but a bigger and stronger villain (who has been hired and paid specially only to capture AA by some power criminals).
    I haven´t watch this video yet, but as per the trailer and pictures it looks like I have to.

  2. ARcher15 says:

    Great video. The actress and her outfit are very sexy. I love it when an powerful yet over-confident heroine is taken down a couple of notches.

    I think another good theme would be Panthera and Killer Joke teaming up against American Amazon.

    • UltraHeroix says:

      Thanks Archer15! That villainous team up actually sounds pretty cool. I already have ideas popping in my head.

      • ARcher15 says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        You could have American Amazon lured into an ambush by Killer Joke.

        She’ll force AA to deflect bullets and grenades and eventually makes her run into another ambush by Panthera.

        As they fight KJ reappears and they double team AA.

        Something like that. 🙂

  3. Mid2018 says:

    I love these black boots with these shiny pantyhose. What a refreshing and sexy look!

  4. Judah Distephano says:

    Da Jinx

    You still working with the actress that played Domentcia?

  5. ceej says:

    Things I’ll never get tired of. Superheroines snooping around where they don’t belong, and superheroines groggily stumbling down a hallway. Great stuff as always!