Anastasia Pierce’s “Got More Milk Power Girl?” vs. Catwoman

Anastasia Pierce and Samantha Grace star in “Got More Milk Power Girl?” vs. Catwoman, now available.

Anastasia Pierce's "Got More Milk Power Girl?" vs. Catwoman

GOT MORE MILK POWER GIRL? vs Catwoman (adults only)

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Starring: Samantha Grace as Catwoman and Anastasia Pierce as Power Girl

Summary: In a previous episode. Power Girl had been crossed by evil Supergirl who extracted some of her cryptonian milk to sell on the black market.

Since then, Catwoman bought some of that milk and she loves the way it makes her feel. Stronger and faster than ever. She loves the power it gives her.
Unfortunately for Catwoman, she has been over indulging milk martinis and all that milk is gone.

She needs to get her paws on more… but this time straight from the source itself – Power Girl!

Catwoman will lure the Super Heroine into her residence and use one of her many stollen gems. A cryptonite diamond to subdue Power Girl!
Soon enough, the Super Heroine will be weak and helpless. And Catwoma will humiliate her and extract her precious powerful milk one more time!

But Catwoman is very clever and she has done some research. She has found out, that when Power Girl orgasm she will be producing more powerful milk and a bigger quantity!
Catwoman being greedy wants it all, every drop she can get. So the Super Villain will be compromising the Super Heroine in such an evil way!!

Includes: Samantha Grace as Classic Catwoman, Anastasia Pierce as Power Girl, Trap, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, SHIP, kryptonite, Special FX, Bondage, Sleepy, Groping, Breast Pumping, Breast Milking, Damsel in Distress, Parody, Weak, Super Heroine in distress, Big Natural titts, boob bouncing, Super Villainess, girl-girl, lesbian domination, fucking machine, lots of moaning, multiple orgasms, humiliation, long hair fetish. Super heroine in Distress, Peril , NO Escape

Previous Episode:
GOT MILK POWER GIRL? vs Evil Supergirl
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“Look at these fabulous tits!” Yes indeed… let’s. This is a great little super heroine video, a sequel to Anastasia Pierce’s earlier ‘Power Girl got milk’. Catwoman’s (Samantha Grace) supply of super heroine super milk is running low, so she lures the statuesque Power Girl (Anastasia Pierce) into a trap. (Love Anastasia Pierce’s ‘power pose’ at the start, and her accent.) Power Girl is quickly rendered helpless via kryptonite and manacled to an ingenious fucking device. (Just like is always happening in the comics.) and pretty soon there’s breast milk splashing around all over the place. One slight drawback, almost too trivial to mention, is that, as we all know, both Samantha Grace and Anastasia Pierce have superb bodies and look great naked, but unfortunately you don’t get to see either of them stripped off in this video. That being said the two costumes are excellent, and look quite expensive. The Catwoman one has nice retro touches which harking back to the famous Julie Newmar outfit whilst Anastasia’s PVC Power Girl outfit has wonderfully sharp colours of red, blue and pristine white with gold ornaments. There’s nothing cheap or shoddy about either of these costumes. As a suggestion for a follow up it occurs to me that, having drained and consumed all of Power Girl’s powers via her breast milk, now Catwoman’s titty by-product must be equally loaded with super power enriching qualities. So maybe it’s time Catwoman fell victim and had her own equally impressive boobies milked dry. Oh and perusing her book shelf it seems Catwoman reads Eric Stanton… but that’s hardly a surprise is it.


And now for another release that’s makes me very happy in the same week! And also I know I said this before either earlier this week or late last week, I am head over heels in love <3 I say that because of my profound joy of seeing this release and ms Carter’s Wonder Woman release, and as soon I am able to I will purchase at least one now and the other at a later date. Also if I might mention, this movie does make me excited to see the previous episode with Supergirl and Powergirl, in which with the other than seeing both ladies and now ms Grace, in superb costumes, I really didn’t know what to think of that film. To me it was a new premise I have not really seen at all as well as this 2nd episode. Seeing these previews and the team up of ms Pierce and ms Grace was like the magic switch and now as I’ve said so, I really can’t wait to view both!! Thank you all so much!