“Ashley Quinn” from FemaleKicks.com

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Sammy Bee (not the comedienne)
Sammy Bee (not the comedienne)
10 months ago

Bought Wonder Jane at FemaleKicks.com. Downloads failed repeatedly. E-mailed the company. Got a response with a good link in a couple of hours. I recommend doing business with these people. BTW, the movie is a lot of fun!

Squeezer avatar
10 months ago

Well, this one was my custom video and was based on one of my storylines about this character, Ashley is a cute and lovely girl and worked 2 custom videos for me as Harley Quinn and she did great work.
(Dra.) the abbreviation is the same (Dr.) = Doctor, physician, doc, etc. but I did apply Dra. as an abbreviation to a female doctor:
Dr. = male doctor, Dra= female doctor

Mr.Bleh avatar
10 months ago

Forgive my lack of sophistication, but what does the abbreviation “Dra.” mean?