“Batgirl 66” from Tropic City Heroines

Tropic City Heroines has released Batgirl 66 and the Forced Orgasm.

Batgirl has forced her way into a home, she is looking for the man that she suspects has plans to destroy Gotham City. She spots her prey (or she thinks she does), as she pulls away a curtain to confront him. Only to discover he has tricked her. As she turns around, she gets sprayed with a potion that disorients her. Her opponent gets the upper hand and puts her under. When Batgirl wakes up, she finds herself tied to a bed, a magic wand sex toy placed between her thighs. Batgirl looks around for rescue, but she’s alone in the room. The magic wand suddenly is turned on by itself. Batgirl is helpless, as she tries to resist, but in the end is forced to orgasm because of the perfectly placed vibrating toy. Later on Batgirl wakes up lying on the floor, all alone. As she gets up and leaves the room to find her opponent, she wonders if it was all a dream…

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Mike Evertone
Mike Evertone

Lucy Purr is the actress.


Who is the actress?