“Batgirl Brainwashed” from Anastasia Pierce

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  1. Anastasia Pierce says:

    There is more to it!

    Hello everyone and thank you to anyone who has already watched this video. There is a part 2 coming this week.

    I am releasing them separately because the story has two parts:
    Part 1 – Batgirl Brainwashed
    Part 2 – Batgirl’s Revenge

    In the upcoming part 2 Batgirl will be getting her revenge on Catwoman by humiliating her. She is going to make this pussy cat purr and scream!
    There will be more strap-on. There is a bunch already in part 1! I can’t display images of it here. But I can promise you, it is included in the first movie. And more of course. Brainwashing and transforming Batgirl into her personal sex slave and Maid! Very sexy.

    As always I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who watch my adventures on a regular basis.

    I try to produce movies you will enjoy watching. I pick models I know you enjoy watching play different roles.
    Believe me, I keep track of all your requests, feedback and especially I keep an eye on your favorites, the ones that you want the most. And by this, produce and offer you more in the same style you want!

    Keep an eye out for Batgirl’s Revenge. Release date; Friday June 29th!


  2. ChaosBreaker says:

    I would have considered purchasing this video, but it is too short for my standards. This video should be at least 30 minutes long for a good strap-on sex scene.

  3. Kaizar says:

    Would like to see a strong actresses in your videos, for example: Goddess Rapture, Brandi Mae, Andrea Rosu, Kaligunz/Kali Gunz, Cory Chase, Charli Mckenna, Megan Avalon, Duchess Dani and/or Dani Andrews.

    For example; Anastasia Pierce can play Poisen Ivy, and Brandi Mae can play a female Bane, and Megan Avalon can play Batwoman (a female Batman specifically) and Charli Mckenna or Kaligunz/Kali Gunz playing a seduce Robin (seduce by Poisen Ivy). Scenario inspired by the crappy “Batman & Robin” movie. It would be hot to see Anastasia Pierce seduce one of the dynamic duo against the other while also having Bane to demolish them and any & all other sexy perils you can think of the video. Might have enough material to do a part 1, part 2 videos.
    Also which is a cheaper camera to use; a 2D 1920p camera or a 3D 1080p camera?

  4. C13 says:

    Carissa as a brainwashed Batgirl? Yes please.

  5. Highonfire says:

    I love good Batgirl vids…….I’m definitely getting this!!!!! How many Supergirl vids can you take???? Just my opinion…..More Batgirl!!