“Batgirl in Bat Traps” from Sleepy Superheroines

Misty Lovelace stars in Batgirl in Bat Traps from Sleepy Superheroines.

Batgirl is about to capture the Trickster and hand him over to the Gotham Police Department. Little does she realize that it’s a trap set-up by the Trickster to capture her. Once she’s caught, she is subjected to a countless number of sleepy bat traps inspired by the classic Batman TV show. Can Batgirl escape? Find out in this pulse-pounding episode, true believers!

The video contains peril elements including multiple chloroform KO’s, electric KO, sleeping gas KO, blackjack KO, butt spankings, and a cradle carry.

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5 Responses

  1. Laundry says:

    These are pretty good a spiderwoman episode would be good too.

  2. Jeff says:

    Well this is odd, every time I try the link here to go to the website it wont work, when I went through the email I recieved, as I am on the mailing list, I got through. It has happened with two other sites when I tried accessing through Heroine Movies page, I am not sure why this has happened or if anyone else is experiencing things like this, but I just wanted to let everyone know just in case

  3. Jeff says:

    Sadly I’ve not bought a film recently and I know that must change! I really love the costumes these beautiful ladies wear

    • Thanks, Jeff. The next one is going to be quite a challenge as it’s Catwoman from
      Batman animated.

      • Jeff says:

        Sadly I don’t know all that goes into making these costumes but I wish you guys all the best I am sure the finished product will look as amazing as these ones do!