“Batgirl, The Accomplice” from Christina Carter

Christina Carter and Emily Addison star in Batgirl, The Accomplice (Full Video) — now available.

Note that the video contains graphic images not depicted in the screen shots below.

Batgirl, The Accomplice (full movie) stars Emily Addison as Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl and Christina Carter as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman.

Selina stops by the Gordon mansion unannounced to find Barbara in the middle of her yoga practice. The two women had met earlier at a Gotham socialite event. Selina convinces Barbara to share a bottle of wine she’d brought along. The wine loosens up the conversation and exposes Barbara’s girl crush on Selina. Selina uses the opportunity to glean information about Commissioner Gordon’s diamond stash from a slightly intoxicated Barbara. Barbara Gordon is called away on official Batgirl business leaving Selina alone in the Gordon mansion. After a quick change Catwoman is on the hunt for the commissioner’s diamonds. Batgirl returns home later that night to discover Catwoman and not Selina in the mansion. The fight is on but Batgirl can’t help but notice Catwoman’s sexy ass. Catwoman manipulates Batgirl into helping steal the diamonds along with a little fireside fun before making off with the loot.

Clip Contains: Fondling, Kissing, yoga poses, clothing destruction, finger banging, breast and nipple play, groping, Hitachi vibrator, double ended dildo and a whole lot of sexy.

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  1. tim says:

    cc – have you ever considered doing one of the ww narratives from primal’s superheroine website? your ww character would be perfect for something like this (https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/53607/17529652/Wonder+Woman+Ragged+and+Ravaged+XXX+MP4+Optimum)
    thanks for your work..been a fan since you started a while back.

    • Kaizar says:

      Maybe she can do a lesbian version of that, and finally purchase that strap-on that shoots fake cum she’s been meaning to purchase to use in her videos. And maybe she can hire a muscular actress to play one of the 2 antagonist.

  2. Jeff says:

    Hello all, I have not purchased this one yet or the last one but I’m glad to say I believe I will be able to soon!! I’m glad because the last one that released after the first part of Catwoman vs Batgirl definitely has one or two of my favorite type of scenes and yes I was right, this one doesn’t but still utilizes the Batgirl costume and the acting combined with the radiant beauty both of these actresses have is why I will be buying this one. I dont mind whether it is only a part of the video or both parts, but to me it looks like it is the full release. From the looks of the previews so far I can definitely say it is not something I have really seen and I just may be surprised how much I like watching this video! The same thing happened with Anastasia Pierce’s video with Supergirl, Catwoman, Power Girl and Black Canary characters. There was a fetish I was introduced to, that I really haven’t seen much of. I really really loved it! Especially the second part with Power Girl! So I do expect to see some good things from this one. Thank you very much to Emily and Christina, always phenomenal <3

    • Christina Carter says:

      Hi Jeff!! Let me know when you finally do get the chance to see this one, I think you will really love it. Emily and I had so much fun shooting it. It actually took us two full days to get this one done, but I think it was worth it. :). I’m glad you are into the SH fetish and so glad you took a few minutes to write 🙂

      • Jeff says:

        Happy Monday ms Carter, I will for sure let you know when I buy these two, if not here then I will let you know on Twitter, I’m pretty sure you already know my name is about the same as here just ending in “rey” and has the Predator as an avatar from the AVP movies, I hope you don’t mind, please let me know if there is a better way to send message if that isn’t the best I can’t believe it took 2 days, wow, and yes regardless of how much I love the end film I will always say you both do an incredible job. I’m not sure but I think SH means SuperHeroine fetish lol but yes because of the talent you both have and some amazing characters I say it definitely worth purchasing <3

  3. Kaizar says:

    Also since all future TVs and computers will be 8K HD TVs and computers and every 5 yeara all future TVs and computers will upgrade the HD (i.e. 16K HD, 32k HD etc.) and all future TVs and Computers will be “glasses-free 3d” starting with 8K HD TVs in 2019, will you ever use 3D cameras?, it makes more sense to use 3D 1080p cameras then 8K HD cameras and their cheaper too. Plus since the HD arms race keeps going on-and-on with 8K HD TVs being release in 2019 and most countries having all their TV shows in 8K HD in 2020 (even Japan will have all their TV shows shot in 8K HD in 2020, technically filmed in 8K HD in 2019).

    • Christina Carter says:

      Hi Kaizar, Do you watch 3D vids? I tried it at AVN and I have seen it shot, but I’m not sure I want to stare doing it. Do you think it is more than a fad? I know editing is more difficult. That is what I am told from those who are doing it anyway. It cost more to have done. With all the piracy, I really am not seeing me putting more money into a project unless something changes.

      • Kaizar says:

        I believe with HDR for TVs and laser projecters for theaters, that it finally got over the same problems color TV use to have before NTSC was added to TVs. And with 3D going glasses-free, it will end up like movies and TV in Color ended up. All 8K HD TVs will be glasses-free 3D and all 8K HD cameras are 3D cameras only. So I see on track to being the new “in Color” in the next few years. The 2020 Olympics will be in 3D 8K HD and a lot of people will own a glasses-free 3D TV by 2020 (but not in America for several more years sadly). So I believe its not a fad, and it just needs glasses-free 3D to be everywhere as the new norm, like color before it. I know clips4sale already has 3D videos from other studios, so it seems profitable now, especially if you just use 1080p or 720p 3D cameras. It will only get more popular, but ot seems it is gradually gaining popularity for now, until glasses-free 3D makes it skyrocket in popularity with permanent increase. Right now 3D porn has double popularity under both 3D and VR (Virtual Reality). I’m sure plenty of people would watch for putting use to their VR headset they got to watch fetish videos in stereoscopic 3D in the first place. Even people’s Smartphones are use for VR. The love for Stereoscopic 3D in any form is gaining popularity, like 4DX & MX4D screenings of movies which are now stereoscopic 3D screenings only.

  4. ODILE says:

    I don’t have the time to make a long comment. Just few words to say that this movie is excellent. Very good storyline, and Christina and Emily are not only gorgeous models but also great actresses. The scenes are well buit and filmed, I love the unmasking of batgirl. For me, it’s perfect. Thank you for this captivating aventure of the misfortunated Batgirl, Christina…

  5. Kaizar says:

    Would you ever use “feeldoe” and/or strap-less dildo in any future videos?
    Even sometimes filled with fake cum; to shoot out at the end of a lesbian sex video.

    I hope Catwoman milks Batgirl in a future video, whether thats a sequel or a completely different video. It would be nice to have some lactation videos, like Wonder Woman being drain of her powers via her breast milk be drank by who she thought was a victom of a villainess that she could heal quickly with her Amazonian breast milk, but then she continues to have her tits being suck of its milk and fast, and thats when she realizes its a trap, but the villainess has a strong grip over her tit now, and with both hands while getting stronger & stronger; while Wonder Woman is getting drained becoming weaker and weaker, the villainess then thinks she’s drinked enough and starts fighting Wonder Woman but they are now dead even in strength, eventually in the fight, the villainess drinks some more of her tits and then they fight some more but now the villainess is a little more stronger and it keeps going back & fort like that until the villainess becomes significantly more stronger, and overpowers and rapes Wonder Woman, and then bound Wonder Woman with her own lasso and fucks her some more but now ask during the screwing if Wonder Woman feels any good pleasures during the sex with strap-on and Wonder Woman tries to resist but tells the truth and says yes while she’s being fucked, and she ask the villainess to please fuck her some more. The villainess can be played by someone short like Dillon Harper or Penny Pax (assuming these actresses are less then 5 foot 0 inches tall).
    If you don’t know how to do lactation scenes, Tanya Danielle has done them in her superheroine videos, I’m sure she probably tell you how she did such fictional scenes if you ask. Napali Videos also does fictional lactation in their porn videos.

    Would you ever film with Ava Koxxx ?
    She’s 6’3 (6 foot 3 inches) tall. She would make a great villainess. Or really any actress that’s at least 6 foot 3 inches tall.

    For instance Wonder Woman would over power the giant villainess because she is even stronger, as shown during a fight, but then during a test of strength, as Wonder Woman is overpowering her, she then kicks Wonder Woman in the crotch and discovers an exploit that she then takes advantage of; to defeat Wonder Woman in their on going fight, and then after defeat, she uses Wonder Woman’s lasso against the defeated heroine and ask what’s her greatest fear, and Wonder Woman reveals its to be taken sexual advantage of and being completely powerless to stop it. And then the tall villainess strap-on skull fuck her follow by tit fuck her follow by forcing Wonder Woman’s legs open and screwing her follow by anal fucking her while pulling on Wonder Woman’s hair, and then Wonder Woman is laying on the ground with the villainess shooting cum out of her strap-on onto Wonder Woman to disgrace her and Wonder Woman is crying/sobbing and then the villainess pulls Wonder Woman’s hair and says, now who’s my bitch, and Wonder Woman cries “I am”.

    • Christina Carter says:

      There is a lot of naughtiness going on in this message and I love it!! Eva Noxxx, I’m going to have to look her up. Milking, fucking..oh my!! There is a dildo that shoots cum that I keep meaning to order from Bad Dragon. I need to get on that asap. Kaizar, I love your ideas. I’m going to have to copy and paste them into an email so we can put some of these in the next vid I shoot on my own if you are not up for a custom. If you are, I’m always down and ready to hire anyone you want to be included in said video 🙂

      • Kaizar says:

        Its Ava Koxxx. She’s been in some Brazzers videos, and like i said; she’s 6 feet 3 inches tall. And thanks for reading my ideas.

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