“Batgurl vs. Catwoman II” from FightGirlz2000

Carmen Porta and Alexis Hart star in FightGirlz2000’s Batgurl vs. Catwoman II.

In this raucous, action-packed release, Batugurl once again tracks down Catwoman, who this time has secured the only remaining piece of Kryptonite left in the world, and is attempting to sell it to the highest bidder. As Catwoman attempts to fence the valuable rock, Batgurl arrives in an attempt to thwart Catwoman’s efforts to commit more feline follies, and bring her to justice.

We think you’ll enjoy this one as much as we did making it! Great fun! And this one includes something very special (in addition to our usual stunts and choreography): Alexis Hart asked us for, and was granted, the opportunity to attempt to set the FightGirlz all-time record for a real, full-body throatlift (held by Whitney Rose at 35 seconds). The result: Carmen was held aloft for over an ENTIRE MINUTE!!! An Incredible feat, Alexis! Congrats!!!

Starring Carmen Porta and Alexis Hart.

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Excellent movie! Terrific slugfest and catfight between a cute Batgurl and a vicious Catwoman, backed up by excellent dialogue and great use of the old Batman TV show background music used during the dynamic duo’s fights. A great buy.


Love these movies. If I had one bit of feedback is I think the Supergirl costume they use could maybe having an upgrade but the action in the movies is great.


(for the Supergurl series) slightly off topic I know


awesome i love this