“Battle For The Crown” from Action Cosplay

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  1. SGFan says:

    This was a fantastic video. I loved seeing Miracle Maiden back and loved the mix of action and chloroforming in this one. I really hope we can see her back in a new AC in the future.

  2. MassEffectman says:

    OMG!!! This is the best one EVER!!! I love Miracle Maiden, she is so awesome!! I love the actress, her reaction to chloroform is perfect. The acting and action as well is fantastic! Please do more of Miracle Maiden with the same actress. Can’t wait to see more of her! Keep up the great work.

  3. Mr. Freedom says:

    A;ways great production value with NGC videos, but I’d just like to point out that the photosets have been FANTASTIC of late. Keep ’em coming!!

  4. Next Global Crisis says:

    Really pleased people enjoyed this, actors did a really nice job and of course Miracle Maiden looks pretty good.

    • Steve says:

      “Looks pretty good”?! NGC, what an understatement!! She looks fantastic!!! Again, exceptional work all around!

  5. Steve says:

    It just doesn’t get any better than this release if you love great chloroform peril and fantastic acting by both heroine and villainess. What tremendous expressiveness by the woman who plays Miracle Maiden throughout the video. I have loved this actress as Lady Victory, but my God, she is assolutely incredible as Miracle Maiden! Gorgeous, heroic, graceful…she is just tremendous. I know I rave a lot about how much I enjoy NGC videos, but honestly, this one just blew me away! You MUST bring her back for another Miracle Maiden villainess encounter again SOON! Please?

  6. omglionsparks says:

    no eyerolls?

  7. Dr Mabuse says:

    Well, I do love the chloroform aspect of this genre, and this video is a superb study of that particular peril. I can’t add anything meaningful to Darkwrath016’s description of the scenes or the praise offered by JohnG. I’m not sure I’d put any of the individual scenes in this video clearly above Comet Girl’s from her recent fracas with Malicia, but the first one is right up there (and there are 3 more where that came from, with different positions, angles, and acted differently.)

    There’s a moment in that first chloro, after MM’s struggles have slowed and she’s just beginning to lose her battle for consciousness, when her eyes suddenly shoot open in a flash of desperation that’s really something. It’s as if she’d been fighting at first just to break free of Fausta’s hold, her mind so in the moment that it isn’t until that instant that she realizes that she’s not just becoming weaker (as in the gas attacks) but on the verge of being made “completely helpless” as Fausta put it. The hallmark of truly effective acting and direction (IMO) is that the viewer can glimpse the inner drama of the characters, not just what they do and say.

    All pretentiousness aside, it’s a fantastic performance by both actresses. MM’s struggles are executed very well, as are her gradual surrenders. If I can offer one quibble, it’s that I would’ve preferred if MM had struggled *less* in the final chloro. With 4 separate scenes, we’d seen her fight it and lose a few times (although in the third one her resistance is pretty feeble, which I took as a sign that she didn’t have much fight left) so a chloro where MM essentially submits to her new mistress (or visibly suppresses her impulse to resist, given her new status as a slave) would’ve added a bit of variety.

    The whole video is an overgenerous gift to anyone who enjoys a good chloroform scene. Moreover, as Darkwrath016 notes, Fausta and MM engage in some physical combat as well. I’m a chloro fan, but even I don’t want to watch a video where the only thing that happens is that a heroine gets knocked out with a cloth. Fausta does a fair share of manhandling and taunting the powerless former champion as well.

  8. Darkwrath016 says:

    This release is a good reminder (for me at least) that on default, NGC is a pretty good producer that can direct a quality film that can be appealing even if I may not be into the particular element/theme. This release is also a reminder that The Miracle Maiden/Lady Victory actress moving away from where NGC is stationed was one of the great tragedies of the 21st century and she needs to grace us with her presence more often.

    This release is all about chloroform and knockouts as the main course, with a little bit of poisonous gas element sprinkled on the top, a dash of physical peril and a helpful serving of submission holds. In this film, Miracle Maiden is challenged for her tiara and right out of the gate things don’t go well for her as her opponent, Fausta, hits her with gas that weakens her. From there her and Fausta lock hands to which the heroine is slowly but surely driven to the ground. Afterwards the momentum swings in Miracle Maiden’s favor and she pounds Fausta to her knees leading to Fausta seemingly submitting. However it turns out to be all a trick as that sets up the first of four chloroform sequences (yes you read that correctly. There are FOUR(!) chloroform moments in this). Now personally, I prefer physical peril. Punches, kicks, a submission hold or two, hair pulling, bearhugs. Things of that nature. Chloroform and poisonous gas? Acceptable as long as its not the primary element of the film. Yet it’s a testament really to the actress playing Miracle Maiden and NGC directing that I still found this really enjoyable. Take for instance the first chloroform sequence. It’s just in the way the actress initially portrays shock as the rag is placed over her face. How that shock then becomes a frantic struggle as she claws away at Fausta arm wrapped around her throat. Eventually that leads to her flailing about. Then there’s the muffled sound of her moans (which were pretty hot) over the rag while you see her beginning to lose consciousness. Then finally her hands go limp at her side, mouth agape, unconscious as she succumbs to the rag. And then my favorite moment in that entire sequence would be the way an unconscious Miracle Maiden slides down the leg of Fausta and the camera focuses on both Fausta and the unconscious Mircale Maiden at the leg of the villain while Fausta mocks Mircale Maiden. What a great sequence that was and truly one of the best chloroform sequence’s I’ve seen (though I’m still maintaining the Wonderstrike chloroform sequence in the Labyrinth release as the all-time best). There are three other chloroform sequences afterwards. The second one is when Lady Victory is crawling on the ground and Fausta takes her from behind, leading to another frantic struggle, this time with kicking legs and a pretty great high pitch muffled scream from our heroine before laying unconscious on the floor and on her stomach. She’s then pulled off the ground by her hair (which I liked) and then knocked back down to the floor on her back. That’s quickly followed up with Fausta wrapping her legs around the waist of Miracle Maiden and giving her the third dose of chloroform. I personally didn’t find this chloroform sequence as enticing as the as the first two mainly because it didn’t have that same sort of struggle element. Still a decent sequence none the less. Finally after Miracle Maiden is forced to hand over her tiara and gauntlets, Fausta places the rag over the heroine one last time, this time with Mircale Maiden standing up and Fausta in front of her until Miricale Maiden lays flat on her back defeated.

    All four chloroform sequences were unique in their own right but what kept this from feeling overwhelming with chloroform were the small peril moments in between each one. That comes in the form of Miracle Maiden being slapped to the floor which I liked, or Fausta stepping on the back of the heroine or wrapping her legs around Miracle Maiden. All of these moments were sold really well by the actress which is incredible given she hasn’t stared in anything for NGC in two years or so.

    I’ll say that personally, I liked this release which is a bit of a rare thing for me to say about a film who’s main focus in chloroform. A lot of me liking this has to do with the actress as she had some great reactions to just about everything and especially the chloroform (and ESPECIALLY the first one). If you like the chloroform aspect of the genre, you’ll love every minute of this one. If you prefer physical peril like me, I’d say give it a shot anyway. You may be surprised by how enjoyable it turns out.

  9. JohnG says:

    Got this ASAP as Miracle Maiden is a great character. In a word, wow. Very well done, excellent acting and peril

    • JohnG says:

      Just watched it again. Good Lord, what an excellent piece of chloroform acting. And chloroform isn’t my primary element of peril.

  10. Dr G says:

    Hell yeah !!!

  11. pbslater says:

    Great actress, my favorite ever.

  12. Next Global Crisis says:

    This is coming out on Friday, so not long to wait!

  13. Bob says:

    HI, ETA please!

  14. herogheto says:

    when will this be released?

  15. alucard says:

    cant wait for this release. hopefully many peril scene? cant really tell from the preview video