“Battle for the Planet of the Kickass” from Kick Ass Kandy

After a few Kick Ass Kandy releases that went heavy with the “girl power,” they’ve released Battle for the Planet of the Kickass which has more back and forth fighting than almost any KAK film on record.

It doesn’t start that way, however. Without going big into spoiler territory, Kix, Vixen, and Jade take out some sentries in easy fashion. Shortly thereafter, each heroine takes a 1 on 1 duel with a much tougher than normal opponent.

Vixen, in particular, takes more shots in this film than she does in any 5 normal KAK films. And I think it’s pretty well known around here how well Vixen sells. She fights the actor that plays Alaric over at NGC, and they just work together exceedingly well.

This was great fun to watch. Outside of the girls being challenged, it had the trademark KAK humor. Which, in my opinion, is something they do better than any other producer.

Of the recent run of films where KAK has made the goons more competitive, this is probably the best one. It’s just a well made action/comedy short.

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  1. Darkwrath016 says:

    So the one thing I love about Kickass is all the creative ways in which they come up with various permutations for their titles. ‘Battle for the planet of Kickass’ is the best one yet. If there ever is a sequel to this one, I think the title should be ‘Return to Planet Kickass’.