“Black Bat Returns” from Sleepy Superheroines

Misty Lovelace returns as Black Bat with a costume upgrade which includes pantyhose and boots. She’s out to settle a score with the Trickster who humiliated her in their last meeting.

As usual, our cocky superheroine underestimates the well-prepared Trickster who has created a device that freezes the person wearing it for ten seconds (an homage to the Black Scorpion episode, Crime Time). After he places the device on Black Bat, he plays around with his prey, eventually knocking her out cold. Trickster then hypnotizes Black Bat and has her do his bidding when he says the trigger word “obey”. Needless to say, Black Bat is in for more humiliation in her second encounter with the Trickster.Can she turn the tables on the fiend? Find out in this action-packed episode.

The video contains peril elements including multiple chloroform KO’s including a push-up chloro KO, injection, hypnosis, butt spankings, an over the shoulder carry, and a cradle carry.

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I like your videos but the chloro scene must be longer and the heroine have to fight more in the chloro scene. More with hands and legs shacking. Maybe saying “no” when she gets chloroformed


Amy chance of peril version beat up for this actress ?