“Black Canary and Otto the Bear” from Lady2fight

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I want to say thank to Lora for this excellent work, this one was my custom video and is based in Otto”the bear” story, I did change some parts from the story to introduces to Black Canary, Lora worked every point of my script great! all fighting choreographic were excellent, also I added 2 peril scenes “chloroform and bear hug” where Lora performance wonderful, I loved more the bear hug because Lora did show a great facial expression of pain, I did select the male actor because according to my story, he looks like him. The Lora’s cameraman did a… Read more »


there is same strangle action to Lora?

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Lora is amazing! Head over to her new website for more action videos. Some feature low blow action!

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I dont see any videos that have low blows, could you point me in the right direction.

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Hi Don, this is really interesting. I purchased one last night from their other site https://fekistudio.com/
But visited again today and they have removed all the references to the fight moves, ‘low blow’ etc. The search engine returned three clip results last night. I purchased “Haha early bird” which was the first on the search results for “low blow”. I have not watched the clip yet. Really high quality production. Great action, camera work and lighting. “Haha early bird” is still available.

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Hi Don, disregard my earlier post re the production title. The correct title is “Who is the boss here: Jack or Lora”