“Black Canary Defeats Gangsters – Part 2” from Lady2fight

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Tony C
Tony C
3 years ago

Anyone know if any of the parts has a nice bearhug and backbreaker scene?

TheSqueezer avatar
3 years ago
Reply to  Tony C

Not, but my next video that Lora will make for me is going to include 2 bearhug scenes with the back creak, and this one will be a brand new superheroine, Lora’s outfit is ready…♥♥♥

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Ghost999 avatar
3 years ago

This is what we are talking about. A PG-13 heroine wearing high heels and fighting lots of villains with some peril elements. Lora’s studio is fantastic. She provides so much variety for her viewers and fans, with a good roster of heroines to kick butt and also to get their butts kicked.

Don’t be fulled with this image. Tha Black Canary saga on this website is three parts. All equally awesome. Part three has AOH scenes.

MAV avatar
3 years ago
Reply to  Ghost999

Lora is the hottest stuntwoman-model out there! She can take be bound any which way for torture or dish out the asswhooping with real-looking punches/kicks looking amazing all the while!