“Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust” from Christina Carter

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6 years ago

I’ll get this at some point because I get most of Christina’s stuff…….I’m a huge fan and it looks pretty cool. I’m still dying for her to play Batgirl in one of her videos tho…..

chucky avatar
6 years ago

Christina Carter as black cat is awesome if this goes will id live to see black cat vs marry Jane

Heroineburgh avatar
6 years ago

Melissa Jacobs? Kendra James? Any sexy red-haired goddess whom you could imagine as a model/actress in real life (since that’s MJ’s profession). It would be great if MJ was in the sexy Spinnerette costume from the alternate-timeline Renew Your Vows comic.
Black Cat vs Mary Jane for the love of Peter Parker is exactly the kind of high stakes we need!