“Black FemmeKat” from Kick Ass Femmes

BlackFemmeKat, a new video from KickAssFemmes, is now available. Check out my review below!

Here’s a list of four things I did not see coming this weekend.

1. A brand new KickAssFemmes release. It has been a long and arduous wait for the return of my favorite ongoing series.

2. Diva, one of the biggest stars of the KAK/KAF universe playing the part of a super powered heroine dressed in a skin tight catsuit and mask.

3. The return of JJ, the thing I’m probably most happy about. I will shout to the heavens to anybody who will listen about JJ. In limited appearances, I believe her to be on the the same level as all of the big name Kandygirls. Kix, AJ, Diva, Vixen, Silver. You name them, JJ is every bit as good. I think she may flat out be the best actress working for the company right now. I should also mention how great she wears a gold dress with hundreds of holes in it. Where does one buy something like that?

4. I certainly did not expect the worst one-sided beating in KAF history.

This is not a hard film to review. It’s a slaughter. The likes of which we haven’t seen since the KAF premier episode. From the time Diva snags bullets out of the air, puts on her usual display of gymnastic flair, and takes JJ’s best shots without any problem, you know they way things are going to go down.

The early part of the fight takes place without Diva being masked. After the first of many times that Diva knocks out JJ, she suits up in gloves, boots, and a mask and the beatdown continues. You should know that it is a VERY cocky Diva that lays the beatdown on JJ. She is the physically superior one by a huge margin and acts like it throughout. Diva flips and cartwheels at will, lands all sorts of fancy kicks, and basically kicks JJ’s ass all over the place. Bottom line, it plays out like a KAK episode except the receiver of the beatdown is a really hot female instead of a dude.  It’s a real fun episode.  It’s packed with funny moments.  And the choreography is terrific.

Here’s one thing I did know as a KAF fan. I’ve learned that some of the films that appear to be most simple in nature are the best episodes. I bring this up because what I consider to be the best KAF episode also features JJ taking on Diva and was a custom commissioned by one of our readers. The Femmelist is an absolute steal at $9.99 or whatever the exchange rate price may be in a post “Brexit” world. In this one, JJ wins the battle in an absolutely stellar episode.

Last thing to know is that custom season is upon us. I have a spot reserved with JJ playing a major role. Reach out to Kandyman if you have any interest in doing the same.  Here’s a little trailer for the custom program:

Purchase this video at KickAssFemmes

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