“Blue Bird” from Secret Heroine Films

Here’s a new video from Secret Heroine Films called Blue Bird. Check out the details below.


Coming soon. Blue Bird is a legacy. Hey father, Blue Jay invented a super serum that would give its user amazing powers for up to an hour at a time. Using that serum, Blue Bird has been cleaning up the city, and making enemies along the way. Some mysterious villain lured Blue Bird out with a fake bomb threat. Hiring mercenaries to slow and weaken her. Including Komodo Dragon. Whose bite poisoned her and is burning through her entire stash of super serum. And then when she is completely broken, the mysterious villain makes her presence known and humiliates Blue Bird like she has never known. This video will be in two parts. The first focusing more on fighting and beatdowns and the second focusing on humiliation and sexual peril.

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  1. RobM says:

    I love this and part 2!! I was wondering if you could tell me who the actress is that plays Vixen?!?! Any chance she could be a heroine in an upcoming film??

  2. Sugarcoater says:

    Just wondering if there are any plans to bring back this model as Blue Bird in the near future.

  3. Rallo says:

    Not interested in the acting, it seems she can’t sell some blows, but the first bwlly punches (from the big guy) and the scene where she takes another serie of bp to the wall are good, well in the second one she did a great work, seld very well with sexy voice.

  4. Sugarcoater says:

    The acting was a major issue for me as the heroine was way too calm as some pretty bad stuff was happening to her. Loved the costume and look of the model, just want to see her improve her acting a bit by being more concerned and resist with greater intensity as she is both exposed and unmasked.

  5. Laundry says:

    I don’t get the complaints about the acting in this, the girl did fine. The only part that kinda fell flat was when the guy was using the force on her in the 2nd part or whatever he was doing. But that’s hard to sell from both ways. Shoulda just went hands on with that one and maybe a little less talking in some spots. But all in all this was pretty good, I’d def buy another vid featuring Amber. I’d like to see her get ko’d a little more in future videos. The camera work was pretty good by the way, good to see a cameraman not afraid to shoot dat ass.lol.

  6. Sugarcoater says:

    @ Mr. Hero
    I bought both parts of this video and was happy with the purchase but wanted to add a few comments.
    I would be interested in buying another video with the same actress in the same outfit, but I would want to see her acting be more intense. When faced with the dire circumstances she faces, she is way too calm in delivering her lines. If she were to just open her eyes wider and shout her lines, I think the impression of peril would be improved.
    I would also love to see more of the heroine taken. If she isn’t up for simulated action with a male villain, I would be fine with a female villain doing the work.
    Any chance of this?

  7. Mr. Hero says:

    @Ali Aligator
    Sorry for the delay. Her name is gonna be Amber B. for right now. This is the only peril video that she has done. And potentially more in the future!

  8. HM says:

    Sorry! Hopefully she has a modeling name that she or the producer can share.

  9. Ali Aligator says:

    ohhhh well excuse me for wanting to look for and purchase other work she has been in! SHF please continue to use this attractive actress and lets get her a pseudonym or something.

  10. LordSnot says:

    Yeah come on man, she is wearing a mask!

  11. HM says:

    @Ali Aligator – If the actress wants her name to be known publicly, either she or the producer (with her permission) is welcome to post it here. Otherwise, it probably wasn’t meant to be…

  12. Ali Aligator says:

    Anyone know this actresses name?

  13. Mike J says:

    @Paul – She gets knocked out and carried off, and then the end is a cliffhanger. You don’t know if she dies or not.

    @Mell – The controlling the poison, chloro KO & carry off happen in probably the first 5 mins or so of part 2, and then it’s sexual peril from then on out. The meat of the fighting is in Part I.

  14. Mell says:

    Since i’m not as into the sexual peril as much as the fighting/beatdown peril, can someone give me an idea of how much fighting i’m missing by holding off on part two? Like the part where he’s controlling the poison in her body. That sounds cool. Is it part 1 or 2? Thanks, all!

  15. Paul says:

    Does she get killed or is it just a KO w/ carry off?

  16. Sugarcoater says:

    Funny MikeJ, I felt the same way about those two Rye videos you mentioned. Loved “Never Say Never” and wasn’t overly excited about that Skyfire video (but I loved the Villains United ones).

  17. Mike J says:

    Yeah, you’re probably in the majority. Which is why I rarely review videos here. I’m just not into the same stuff as most people. A lot of people are into the humiliation, breaking the heroine down mentally etc. I really don’t care, just beat her down and knock her out.

    For example a lot of people didn’t like Never Say Never from Rye because she barely talked, didn’t act well. I was sitting there going 50 minutes of non stop beating, little wasted time on dialogue, story, this is awesome.

    Conversely, a lot of people liked Rye’s Skyfire. Liked how they showed her at home with her mom, and the ending scene with her mom. I’m fast forwarding through all that thinking can we just get to peril please lol.

    I hate it when the heroine sells the beating badly. Stiff as a board on backbreakers and bearhugs, shying away and flinching before the villain delivers a blow, stuff like that.

    So take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  18. Sugarcoater says:

    A fair point about the acting issue. (Ijust bought the package and am awaiting the download, so I don’t know yet how it is.)
    The reason I want a quality job–and I’m not saying I need an Oscar-worthy performance–is because when the line aren’t delivered well I can’t indulge in the whole heroine fantasy. It’s just a model hooking up with an actor, or a model pretending to be punched. I just need enough acting to allow my imagination to fill in the rest.
    Perhaps what can be done is to have th directors work with their talents’ strengths and limitations. If the physical side is good, reduce the dialogue or have the video narrated by the villain, recounting how he defeated the heroine. If the acting is good, let the heroine have more lines and stretch out the back-and-forth repartee with the villains.

  19. Mike J says:

    I thought the actress sold the peril well, it was voice over parts that I thought weren’t very believable. But that’s not really something that I care too much about, or how she delivers to spoken lines honestly.

    – Hot actress in a very nice heroine outfit.
    – Variety of peril methods, punches, knees, bear hugs, chloroform, low blows, chokes.
    – Heroine weakened and helpless, crawling, dizzy, etc
    – KO w/carry off

    I thought it was a great video, but like I said acting is pretty low on the things I look for in a heroine video. If you’re into the acting and getting immersed into the setting, then you probably won’t like this video.

  20. Bc says:

    Agree with the previous reviews: gorgeous actress with an amazing outfit but not very good acting on her part, some of the peril scenes dragged on and I found myself fast forwarding maybe because she didn’t sell very well. I thought the torture/peril writing was good especially how the dragon villain could controll the poison in the heroines body and the electric shock with the defibrillator were unique. I would give this actress another shot especially in that outfit and hope the acting improves

  21. HorseWithNoName says:

    Had high hopes for this one. Will wait what others have to say. But still, Mr. Hero has done some outstanding stuff in our little genre.

  22. Sugarcoater says:

    Maybe she can do voice overs on top of the acting. That way, multiple audio tracks can be made and the best could be added to the video. Seems like it might be more feasible and would reduce the concern over acting somewhat.

  23. Alucard says:

    I agree, kind of disappointed with this movie, the actress is gorgeous and really have the body , but in my opinion she can’t sell peril well at all and has bad acting. I hope she does improve though . Thank you for the release Mr Hero, looking forward for your future releases

  24. Kappa Pride says:

    Not the best film I’ve seen in a while but it’s decent. The actress does sale the peril elements quite well. And of course the open ended ending to leave space for potential sequel.

  25. Sugarcoater says:

    Any feedback on this one? Am definitely intrigued!

  26. Mr. Hero says:

    It’s live ya’ll

  27. Mr. Hero says:

    @ Alucard
    Yes very soon. Ill post when its up

  28. Alucard says:

    Still on track for late release Mr Hero?

  29. Sugarcoater says:

    Would LOVE to see Amber in the black Ms. Marvel outfit!
    But to be honest, I would love to see Amber as a superheroine being taken advantage of while she talks dirty.
    Perhaps have her as Ms. Marvel having to pole dance and do a strip tease due to being under the influence of a drug that removes inhibitions and makes a heroine lust. She is initially “forced” to do so (the reason could be anything from being drugged and then needing a fix to being blackmailed), then she takes to it as a natural as she is unleashing all her dark desires as nothing is holding her back.

  30. thevoice says:

    that actress was Amber and @Mr. Hero if there were anything to materialize with her as sunder it would my vote all day long ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Mr. Hero says:

    @ KKI
    I think so. Ill look into it. No promises tho

  32. KKI says:

    @Mr. Hero

    Yeah, I want it. Very awesome. lol. Is she Amber McAlester?

  33. Mr. Hero says:

    @ KKI
    Your talking about blonde Sunder from last years photos? I wasnt the one who took the photos nor have I ever personally worked with her. But it has been talked about. I take it you wanna see a video with her? ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. KKI says:

    @Mr. Hero

    Do you have a plan that make Sunder’s video in the powervixens.com? I want to know.

  35. Mr. Hero says:


    Wrapping up the final edit now, As early as tomorrow evening and as late a Saturday. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  36. GeraltWitcher says:

    @Mr. Hero Is there any timing for the release of the 2 parts of this video? I’m really excited to buy this.

  37. Seer says:

    Lookin’ Good. Her face with mask reminds me a little of Black Canary (on Arrow), but with a better body.

    Voice over could use some reverb to sound less close miked. Some compression too.

  38. joe c. says:

    Love your costumes and the models you work with. First rate.

    Who is she?

  39. Bc says:

    Agreed thank God no panty hose!

  40. Drink says:

    wow this girl and that costume look amazing. ty for no pantyhose. hurry up with the release so you can take my money

  41. Big Zee says:

    @Mike J
    Happy to make some suggestions

  42. Mike J says:

    I’m not really into the whole sexual peril, humiliation stuff, I just like beatdowns and KOs. So I can pay for an entire video of what I like for lower price than one video, probably half of which isn’t even what I like to see. I’m all for the two part video.

  43. Mr_tn says:

    And no pantyhose I see! That’s awesome! Finally!

  44. geno says:

    Blimey, that is one of the highest cut leotards I’ve ever seen, hot! Hot! Hot! Seriously need to have this one just for that

  45. ODILE says:

    It seems to be a good issue, with an unmasking scene as I like. I’m waiting.

  46. Mike3 says:

    Instant buy for me as well. Haven’t seen many instances where the heroine is weakened from a bite so I’m really looking forward to that. I kind of liked the voice-over and hope it’s actually used in the film. Loving the actress. Can’t wait!

  47. Bc says:

    Looks great! What’s the eta? Both parts will be an instant buy for me!

  48. Mr. Hero says:

    @ gyang333
    Sure. It depends on if Im working with a particular producer or not. If I am, it is Secret Identity and if not, Secret Heroine.

  49. gyang333 says:

    Not entirely relevant to this particular release, but Mr. Hero can you explain why your company is both known as Secret Identity and Secret Heroine Films?

  50. Judah says:

    Like my fellow bloggers. Looks good. Like the Costume and the actress. I’m in even if it is two parts.

  51. Decendingskulls says:

    This looks really good ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. rover says:

    thumbs up. looking forward to a release date.

  53. Logan says:

    I like this costume a lot — awesome job with that ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. ron says:

    National Geographic Channel : Bird-Eating Dragon

  55. LordSnot says:

    I rather get two separate vids with more content than one big edited vid. My personal preference.

  56. Sugarcoater says:

    Love the look of this one, but the voice-over makes it seem like the acting could use some work. Nonetheless, very interesting looking video!

  57. Mr. Hero says:

    @Kappa Pride
    I cant speak for any other people doing two part videos but in my situation, it just turned out that I had way more usable content then I intended. So instead of cutting out a third of my video to make it smaller I decided to break it in two. And give people the choice of buying two smaller videos or the larger video if they wanted. That make sense?

  58. Kappa Pride says:

    Whats with the 2-part videos?

  59. LordSnot says:

    Must have this.

  60. HorseWithNoName says:

    This looks great. Great girl, love the costume and the villains. Unmasking. Release this soon, please ๐Ÿ™‚