“Boss Kickass” from Kick Ass Kandy

Kick Ass Kandy presents a new video called Boss Kickass featuring new Kandygirl Brooke.

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL BROOKE stars in BOSS KICKASS! When sex pest boss Dick Head tries it on with his new secretary, he gets more than he bargained for! The incredibly beautiful Brooke is an undercover operative, highly skilled in martial arts, she’s come to teach him a tough lesson. This high kicking, karate chopping, fast punching Agent works for the sex pest police and unleashes her brutal and devastating skills against this notorious dickhead, she even has time for an outfit change to step her assault! FREE PHOTOSET INCLUDED!

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  1. toshiki says:

    Who do I contact to commission a custom with members of the Kandy Krisis cast? I submitted a query through the customs form on the site but never got a response.

  2. Pulphead says:

    I bought this to welcome the new girl !! She is gorgeous, I hope we see her knocked out in the near future

  3. Mike3 says:

    The KAK videos aren’t my bag but I can’t deny how beautiful the actresses really are, and as mentioned above Brooke is incredibly beautiful. She has the look that simply does it for me, and I might end up buying this anyway because of her. If I knew she was going to be in peril and/or defeated in this one I’d have already bought it lol! Hopefully she’ll be in such a video soon.

  4. JadeOwl says:

    Brooke is a delightful addition to the roster of Kandygirls.

    This was a delightful video, and it has all the humor and excellent action that we’ve come to expect from Kandyman.

    My congratulations to him. 😀

  5. Absstar says:

    Another man hating, male beat down video! while heroine never eeeeever get’s hit herself!! Meh, I’ll pass! Hehehe, Lol! I know I know, theirs a a group of people interested in this, and not seeing heroine in peril actions, like me!! If only this company would make heroine in peril action for a change!

    • JadeOwl says:

      Some people do like both.

      And there are some KAK videos were the fighting is more even and the girls are on the receiving end. But if you want more, you can always put your money where your mouth is and commission a video of your own.

      Back in the day that is why I did when I wanted to see more F/F output from them.

      • Jacques says:

        I have bought some of their videos in the past. It is always refreshing to see the girls triumphant and for the most part not wearing super heroine costumes but rather sexy catsuits, thigh high boots and short skirts. I am not a big on Kandyman’s campy or even ‘cheeky (in a nice way)’ humour. Once you get past this, the women are absolutely gorgeous with awesome combat choreography skills. Their acrobatics are equally spectacular.
        @JadeOwl, can you please suggest some of their videos where there is more back and forth combat and the girls absorb some punishment.
        The F/F videos are fabulous.

    • FfejL says:

      “man hating?” Does that make all the peril vids “woman hating?”

      • Jacques says:

        So much for equality of the sexes. Use of the word hating in any situation is most inappropriate. If one does not like ‘girl power or women who dominate men in combat, why not just say so.

  6. Met says:

    This is a mixed competitive match right ? Doubt it .


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