Boxing Fantasies #6: Cheat and Destroy

Karlie Montana and Annie Cruz star in “Cheat and Destroy,” the new installment of Boxing Fantasies.


NEW! Boxing Fantasies Episode #6:

“Cheat and Destroy”

Starring Karlie Montana and Annie Cruz!

Karlie completely humiliated Annie in their last professional bout. Annie wants revenge SOOO bad, she will do anything to get it–so she challenges Karlie to a “private” fight, no audience, no rounds, just the two of them until one can’t fight any longer. Karlie, confident she can easily defeat Annie, accepts the challenge.

Little does Karlie know that Annie has NO intention of fighting fair! She douses her glove with chloroform, which ends up rendering Karlie completely defenseless during their fight!!

Soon Karlie is nothing more than Annie’s helpless punching bag, as Annie pounds Karlie’s face, pussy, and breasts! Then, to add insult to injury, Annie rubs her foot all over Karlie’s face, and then even sexually dominates her, bringing the weakened Karlie to orgasm twice!! Total domination and humiliation!!!

19.5 minutes! MP4 Format. $19.95.

Available in HD (1280×720) and HUGE HD (1920 x 1080)

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5 Responses

  1. Laundry says:

    Nice tights. I didn’t know Annie had all that back there maybe she should wear stuff like that more often lol. Karlie was great as always one of the best jobbers. Maybe she could get some revenge next ep before being destroyed again.

  2. Milena says:

    TERRIFIC VIDEO! I’ve been waiting for a boxing match like this in tights for ages! I hope we’ll see more!

  3. Crystal Clear says:

    Karlie looks ridiculously sexy in that outfit, including the robe.

    I’m not much for the boxing fetish alone. If I could have it my way šŸ™
    we would see an episode of super heroine world feature her as a villain in the red outfit.
    Starting with a super heroine receiving mail addressed by her sidekick, and inside the envelope/package are images of Karlie turning her sidekick into a punching bag, and finally with a strap on attached to her face.

    When the heroine arrives she first sees that Karlie has her sidekick tied up and Karlie next to her using the dildo on her face as a speed punching bag. The two fight and after some bragging Karlie easily wins, before the super heroine uses her time stopping power to tip the balance, only as she’s untying her sidekick Karlie pounds her in the back of the head, as she gets her wits about her Karlie reveals that her gloves absorb the power of the super heroine and that she’s helpless and on that Karlie breaks the super heroines ribs, ruins her shoulder, and clobbers her in the face, nearly closing her eye before she commands her to pull off her red pants. The heroine complies as she begs her not to do any more damage, and then she sits on her sidekicks face w/the dildo. And when she’s done and she’s smothered the sidekick in her ass… she grabs the super heroine who is practically laid out and crying, to drag her to her sidekick and force her mouth over the face strap on.

    …damn damnit I wish I could afford a custom… šŸ™

  4. kaka112 says:

    @ALEX Is there will be a part 2 of Raquel III ?