Candle Boxxx as American Spirit from Heroine Peril

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Mr.Bleh avatar
4 years ago
Reply to  Valik

If no one’s mentioned it yet, thank you for creating a place where we can still access your videos.
You did some great work, man.

Coulumbia avatar
4 years ago

Wow… Is Candle Boxx back to starring in SHIP videos?? I thought she retired. She has always been a great role-playing talent and beautiful woman. Would be terrific to see her perform again.

Mr.Bleh avatar
4 years ago
Reply to  Coulumbia

Valik is re-releasing the footage he shot back when he was making Heroine Peril videos.
I didn’t know Candle Boxx retired, but now that I see this, I realize I haven’t seen her in anything recently.