“Carbon Kickass” from Kick Ass Kandy

Kick Ass Kandy has released a new video starring Diva and Erica called Carbon Kickass.


DIVA AND ERICA STAR IN CARBON KICKASS! QT, MI55’s gadget man, has created his best work yet… invincible clothing! His Killer Heels, Titanium Dress and Kick Ass Boots will enhance Diva and Erica’s already considerable kickass abilities to those of epic proportions. When worn, these girls will be invincible as a gang of maniac prisoners from Manaicville Penn are about to find out. These female operatives can’t wait to kick ass! Diva’s kicks, punches and lethal chops will be more destructive than ever and Erica’s gymnastic, flexible and utterly brutal karate will devastate. But wait, QT has a little twist in store for them….

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Is There any chance to see the girl (with the same outfit) of “READY PLAYER KICKASS” in one Kickass Femmes movie?


It’s a very very very good idea! It would be soooo expensive that we’d need someone to commission or part-commission it though… any offers?

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So does that mean that commissions for this season of Kickass Femmes is now open?


It soon will be! We have started the Kickass Kandy custom season and as we near the end of that we’ll start the Kickass Femmes Season…. we’ll only have room for a few but they’ll all be very special. Are you thinking about one then?




Do they hit?