“Catwoman Struggle” from Christina Carter

5 Responses

  1. Blas6ter9 says:

    This is fuckin hot. More Catwoman please. Struggle hard, touch yourself, enjoy it!

  2. Arch6 says:

    Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I usually prefer your more hardcore work but this is doing it for me perfectly. I love the simple scenario, and you look sexy as hell in that costume. PLEASE, PLEASE do more Catwoman in distress videos.

    Add a chloro scene, maybe have Batgirl involved, they keep tying each other up, some foreplay. Or maybe a sexy secretary.

    I usually don’t think much of simple tape gags but I love it here, it really adds to the old school, pulpy distress scenes you don’t see much anymore, hopefully you’ll bring more of those back.


  3. Kaizar says:

    Would you ever do a Catwoman video where she gets Batgirl right were she wants her, and milks her. It would be nice to have some lactation videos, like Wonder Woman being drain of her powers via her breast milk be drank by who she thought was a victom of a villainess that she could heal quickly with her Amazonian breast milk, but then she continues to have her tits being suck of its milk and fast, and thats when she realizes its a trap, but the villainess is has a strong grip over her tit now, and with both hands while getting stronger & stronger; while Wonder Woman is getting drained becoming weaker and weaker, the villainess then thinks she’s drinked enough and starts fighting Wonder Woman but they are now dead even in strength, eventually in the fight, the villainess drinks some more of her tits and then they fight some more but now the villainess amis a little more stronger and it keeps going back & fort like that until the villainess becomes significantly more stronger, and overpowers and rapes Wonder Woman, and then bound Wonder Woman with her own lasso and fucks her some more but now ask during the screwing if Wonder Woman feels any good pleasures during the sex with strap-on and Wonder Woman tries to resist but tells the truth and says yes while she’s being fucked, and she ask the villainess to please fuck her some more. The villainess can be played by someone short like Dillon Harper.

  4. Kaizar says:

    You use to do videos for kink.com as Wonder Woman on a couple of their different websites. You could do Kink website tspussyhunters.com as Wonder Woman. I mean the budget would be 100% on them and you could attract some new costumers to purchase your back catalogue of Wonder Woman videos from your site & your clips4sale site once more people see there’s such a perfect Wonder Woman look-a-like in the fetish industry. This way you can do a girl-on-dick-girl video and it once cost you anything. You’ll get all the benefits with non of the risk. And would you also ever do kink’s ultimatesurrender.com as Wonder Woman as well?

    It would also be hot to see you do real sex wrestling against someone like Darling/Grappler (Dee Williams), with you starting off in a Wonder Woman costume she would have to strip you of throughout the matches, and she can probably wear a Supergirl costume.

  5. LordSnot says:

    That girl is fine wine.